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Capstone Design

by: Chloe Reilly
Chloe Reilly

GPA 3.62

Harvey Lipkin

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About this Document

Harvey Lipkin
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chloe Reilly on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 4182 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Harvey Lipkin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/234236/me-4182-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
Conceptual Designs January 31 2007 The ATeam Rohan Bansal Henry Bradford Michael Ragins David Ward Shawn Wick Ryan Willingham Presentation Outline Last Week s Deliverables This Week s Deliverable Next Week s Deliverables Last Week s Deliverables Emergency Portable AirRatchet Gun Problem Statement Design Partition Nitrogen Tank Tank Housing GasPowered Ratchet Wrench Trigger Task Assignments Project Plan This Week s Deliverables 5 Conceptual Designs Descriptive Name Brief Description Sentence Form Descriptive Sketches AdvantagesDisadvantages PMI Portable Air Ratchet Air Regulator Trigger 1 Classic air ratchet wrench P1 S Min S Interestng A A A A Little User Heavy Different Size ut111z1ng a portable air source Sm g axpansiva Seems 2 Air regulator used to ensure Requ1red components Available Easy Complex Tank Size gt COnStant pressure Operation esign Usage Time R ti Unk 3 Little strength required by user a 0 HOW Flanges Spring Rotor Housing Check Valves Release Valve Reservoir Portable Hydraulic Wrench 1 Modeled from basic principles of hydraulic jack 2 Lever is used to draw in and also pump oil through system 3 Rotor assembly uses pressure of pumped oil to generate torque 4 2 inch drive attached externally to both sides of rotor to facilitate looseningtightening Plus Minus Interesting High Mech Complex Working Advantage Design Dimensions Portable Components Required Design under high Input Force press Rolling Bolt Loosener The rolling bolt loosener is a tripod on Wheels that utilizes the torque from driving a car in reverse to loosen over torqued bolts on a Reverse Tire Roll Wheel Plus Minus Interesting Simple Mech Requires Car Design for all size Design 3 Motion 2 Wheels 1 Energy Supplied by Staying attached to Too complex 1 Car 3 Wheel 2 Collapsible for Travel 3 Traditional torque wrench With sliding extension bar When fully extended amount of torque delivered is nearly doubled for the same inputted force Plus Minus Interesting Simple Design minim Still requires a some um input power Self lockin g sliding mechanism Compact Requires strong material Easy to use Car Battery Powered Ratchet Wrench 1 The Car Battery 12V DC to 120V AC converter circuit Cigarette Lighter Plug Powered Wrench is a combination of a wall powered impact or ratchet wrench and a 12V DC to 120V converter circuit AC wrenches exist 2 Wall Powered Ratchet Wrench PM MimSH Ime39es39ing Power Supplied Electrical in Not limited to 39 lug nuts 1 Rechargeable May open more Solution 3 batte then one tire of lug nuts 1 E pensive Solution 72 M battery too fast 2 Next Week s Deliverables PatentProduct Search Each team member to participate Include the following Basic info Figure Brief Description No external links as references Emergency Portable Air Ratchet Gun The ATeam Flohan Bansal Henry Bradford Michael Ragins David Ward Shawn Wick Ryan Willingham Problem Statement Lug nuts tightened by impact wrenches are hard to loosen Tire iron is not always effective Need a portable way to effectively loosen the lug nuts Emergency Portable AirRatchet Gun Nitrogen Tank Contains all available gas Tank Housing Keeps constant pressure 70 psi output from Nitrogen tank Controlled by trigger mechanism GasPowered Ratchet Wrench Utilizes steady airflow to produce hightorque wrench function Can be used in conjunction with normal sockets for nut or bolt removal Tri e Controls devices use Includes safety mechanism to stop accidental use Possibjility of including a maximum operational time per activation 2 secon Task Assignments Ftohan Bansal maintenance of the group website development of drawings for the project layout Henry Bradford cost analysis and budgetin final report and presentation material Michael Ragins analyzing the prototype options develop the necessary calculations for product David Ward scheduling of the project focusing the efforts of the team to stay within development of drawings of the project layou Shawn Wick development of the conceptual designs develop the necessary calculations for product Ryan Willingham leading the patentproduct search develop the necessary calculations for product the schedule I Team LiftMyRide Seven Report w Post MidTerm Analysis amp Layout Drawings A 2 6 If A Iquot l 1 quot Kb Team Members Parag Gajarawala James Holland Matt Hunt M ari C h se n 6M A Overview Post MidTerm Analysis QuestionsConcerns Raised During Presentation General Written Questions amp Concerns General Comments amp Compliments Possible Design Modifications Project Plan Updated P re Prototype Des lg n Layout Drawings Website Current Plan of Action j Post MidTerm Analysis QuestionsConcerns Raised During Presentation 1 High end car owners don t perform their own service Many are car enthusiasts who enjoy working on their own car and don t allow others to work on it 2 How do you prevent damage to the tire Ball bearings or rollers may be implemented to reduce the friction Also the lifting tire braces can be adjustable in distance apart a vd question applies to any jack and the suspension sy t designed to accommodate this problem up b thgjkillowable lift height f39 Post MidTerm Analysis QuestionsConcerns Raised During Presentation 4 Will the scooper mechanism be locked while in operation Yes we intend to use a selflocking lifting device 5 Can this be marketed to other cars outside of lowprofile ones at Absolutely but it is aimed at lowprofile cars because mostratjtps 0 and jacks already on the market today provide adequate height to perform service on average vehicles 6 Isn t another jack needed for changing a tir39e9 The vehicle will be raised enough that another sg port such as a jack stand can be inserted once the front r reyend is raised This is a common practice for lifting man vehIL les today Post MidTerm Analysis QuestionsConcerns Raised During Presentation 7 Is this adjustable for wheel size Yes the scooper mechanism takes advantage of space in the wheel well that all cars have so it should be useful for all size wheels The lifting tire braces are also adjustable in separation distance 8 Isn t this the same level of safety as another jack Yes but it is much easier to raise it to a significant height and 1 then put a support underneath to sufficiently make it safeen u to perform service I 2 9 Could the pads holding the tire rotate some No because the pads holding the tires will berei quotrced to the lifting tire braces to prevent rotation A sig icanb mount of stress will be directed to this location so rotatiorny thfpads is not favorable and needs to be prevented Post MidTerm Analysis General Written Questions amp Concerns 1 It seems to be a pain to raise it and then put in a jack stand 1x Already addressed 2 I thought low profile jacks already exist 1x Not to the specification we are pursuing with jack mobility 3 If the tire is blown out will gripping the tire be easy Yes because rubber is flexible and provides good frictio 4 Is it worth it if you need to switch supports to39pe wheel rotations or tire changes 2x V5 if Yes because this is the only way to lift the ehigj s in the target market An easy to use jack stand can b7 secilm conjunction with the scooper 0quot 07 N Post MidTerm Analysis General Written Questions amp Concerns Drawingssketches in presentation seem unclear 1x They are preliminary designs and the layout drawings and part drawings will be more detailed The prototype was very clear Scoop will need to lock into place to hold the wheel 2x We will implement a locking mechanism Using a hand crank to raise scooper might bedi r Most jacks use them 9 Post MidTerm Analysis General Written Questions amp Concerns Will lifting each of four tires in succession make it harder for each one because of the angle of one raised corner of the car 1x When the vehicle is already raised lifting another tire will bring the vehicle closer to level Also the same weight will be lifted If one side of the low profile car is raised will other side of the car body hit the ground 2x Already addressed for the frontrear Not an issue for thgsidquot 6f the vehicle It doesn t seem as though friction especially addition of ball bearings would be enough tgghbld the tire f Iquot 1x 2 There will be a lock on the two braces Post MidTerm Analysis General Comments amp Compliments Very marketable Good design Very practical Elegant design Looks like a great product Great idea Post MidTerm Analysis Possible Design Modifications Utilization of peg for free rotating scooper pads Locking mechanism for scooper braces Ball bearings on scooper pads to reduce wear from tire friction Overall the design was received very39w the class understood the product bein presented As a result there are verny design modifications under consideration thatgresulte from the presentation Project Plan Updated PrePrototype Design Layout Drawings Front Layout Drawings Back Layout Drawings Top Layout Drawings Side Layout Drawings Angled Above Team LiftMy Ride s Website httpwwwprismgatechedugtg 91hIifthomehtm W L


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