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Intro Physics II

by: Kylie Bartoletti DVM

Intro Physics II PHYS 2212

Kylie Bartoletti DVM

GPA 3.67

Edwin Greco

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About this Document

Edwin Greco
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Bartoletti DVM on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2212 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Edwin Greco in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/234276/phys-2212-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Physics 2 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
161723 a Sun the rod IS posmvely charged much chunk of charge WK JIOdHCE aux electnv eld that pmnts to the right r a v v u L v we ongm to an ubm euy chunk o fame m L4 1 7 I Is the thtance from an arbitrary chunk to he obsemuon locauou Emch chunk produces 21 eld Afar 10 m 21 m C E ig m mtif mid a L u M 16P38 Using IE n vlth IUPJI I 39 L H EcuUR u 0 ummu Megan dmxgndmth Trml 0ch chunk u a pumclv qu talcumquot AP Tlu l UMlIl xs 1 R h A0vcw smlk E n1 um um rouxr mum Inwrud he um mMpuuA m menou hv wuuumry Fm mull wdum U n man H Um eld nppmwchm that of a punch M uxpecm 161342 a As he particle mm the legmn between my plates n mu de ect dmnlwald due b0 ms Interaction wth the eiectnc eld Upon leaving the pL es m trajectory mu m change at w and mu 12min me b At low speeds I a mm 01 a 18x m nus c 39 H Viquot 10 0 Tbs upper plm must be negauvely dxuged given Lhe dmmm of E 161348 0 F 713 E7 F F m m r E P A u A G x 10quot N i a a p 0008kgmm1bll lU mnl 161350 a V b There mu 39 y a wa be midtngch d e T119 net eiectuc ed mm the meLzl is mo so me rhnjge on Its mm sudsce musi be the opposxlze of am on me glass sphele f EF wm be unch a v v L 4 A 39 L thele balloon 1 zero 2 13 x107 Lquot 4 m 003 m gt14 0711 a lt0 7195x105 D NC Em 4 m 2x10 c Zulu moo m 002 21 0012 m z 125 x10UUgtNC a lt125 x 1037195 10gtUgt NC b 5 a 74 x M 1113 meiCl 125 1n 7 95 x 105 NC a 17 x M 111 5 1w 10 quot L 1 N 4 uh 11m LD 0 N 1 X 10 5 I LP GT a See pzu39t b b The protau is m equilibrium m m 11 10 cmm c 71 x w CmNC 1 x10 N a gtlt1E c d e Doubling Che poLanzablhty wuuld halv me spnug su hess 1 71146 Is negauve Thus E poms Lo che nghL Posmbly a E poms wwzu39dlcvwe potenmj B m at law patenhal smce V 442 Is uegahve md A 15 poamve 1f n 15 a cxtpacitcn b where s 7 01m and z A 7 472 3 7 AV 77141 V885 x 1U D W Eli x in m c ESQM7 1le m m then A 7 C V 2 Q mwm EJULORMmJ 273 y 104 C Mm 15 ampammr then 7 u 1 m QA 2w y 1 sud E 7273 x 107 c would produce the given potentan dl arence mxw me planes As long as R gt gt chem ynu can choose any R and solve for Q 171250 nvm n n Vu39nH HA Auchecemzalpmecbeu a AV 7E 1A4 V 472V 704 m m 7290 V If m as from he pm to pom B then AV E XAJN 7 itimlm m V m Tm 15 along a pm from A m B 50 V2 M Aquot gr in 4quot us V 205 V 3 Ali I V K U 5 1 u M AI39 n quotA1 I 1 10quot 7205 V 73 8 IU HJ 1 1m 0 m 13 than A must 1 at least 3128 1047 171362 A picture 139 the Lipolo IS shown in gure at 11 1 Flgm39e x Elecmr penennui m locatmn any due no a deub b Expand he demmmcozs 1 r2J2J39ay2 l Neglect am am since e a at small 5 y g L mn cuyhzs 3 as Note that I 1 7 F mtor out 111 the duuommator Use binomial appmmmiou 1 7 Note am it pomts on uppvsltely dmged pruhclea ALSO r c Along the x axls F0 and y A 13 So 7 i zli asexpected Also 4 39 4 L 14on E Is In 39 L we mien along the m of L dipole W a smce n m pxopoxmoml w r on in 15 case 1d Along my yams 7 n am Thu means um EV n along the yaxjs Thu 12 quot and Me not m sme HE has an It s alemmdm Hm x or z componzu 171365 11 can this Er It 1s positive and poims to the right as expected h 1 m1 2 1m mm c The path should start at B m1 end at C Thka quot nal miti quot d 2 AV 7 471Ade E r AT Le pnsit n so AV E negativa e NfCMJUOD m 7 b 1 8mm 307V J 11 716110 CJ31 7W m J AH A39 U AK 74139 u 47 10quot J 171168 Inside a m3fo ml y E x y a zn av E I 39 n 1 5 eIONegk11 a the helm then M u minds the spine A5 25m r Inside the sphere m cunsmnt mm mm cu m potenbml m we sm fm e mm 5 1 it 1 quot 1 An electron IS maved 1t comm speed om v39 1 391 t to v The belt docs work on like system R Apply me Energy Punclple to me electron and sphere T39hm is posmve as expected 17 a 1169 mule the sphere 17 15 due in duh EN 15 m the 39 duvcuuu From 1 m 2 Ah m ww dueczmu 1 171 mine the Sphm39t39 II All ms E posxuve n5 Expucted deueased c The maul splm39e becomes polsn39zed so chm n male the sphm Then AV 15 1910 11m AV 2 0mm me 81mm Che E eld ls due 0 the hsks and he polmized sphew AV Sum the negative charge on the thete mm toward me posmvely chmged p then mu potential M 2 and 3 w l be more negmve Since 15 AV M I r V M h 5 town pomts 2 and 3 maxed A e whic men the punenual vanes as me 5quot 2 12mm aha 5mm than V 1 Increased duem me palanzed sphere 111379 3 The dumle moment vectm 15 to the lefn rm Fng 2 A skmh of I h thx0 1 m E is in tho x directon Sim y 2 the 111ng of a proton A139 a A u fox 5 closed system 1 71395 E Lusde the sphere ls ouuwmd mm magmcude Flow 139 g to r39139z AV is r at the suz we R is the same as L point punch v 179100 E s 1 Ma As the same as w umwlmm nmidu LI xplwxm Tm m H hehvwn m m mum mm m when M v m cumum v m rat 1125 1 0 Asmle ulhal v39u3 7 K m use wind 15 KT 1 113106 3 Note that my Etield due u the dlpvb in tins mse Is m m 7y dilution bun the path from A to B is m the it duecm As a xesult Ar f E IT a Emcc E and AT m perpendquLax If you use mperposltmn m get u hen m fyau use spexpulhon than Likewise uamg the swle matheumucs VP a A T1115 agjees with L119 result obtamed by mcegraung A iambi h 1 131354 5 due superposxhcm of BM Him EK m m the 7 duec on and ha a msgmmde A 2 L2110 39T 2 uuflmx EM 5 in the 7 dJleCUDn and has a magmrude gm Hr 39rnu7121 10quot 391 nurwo 111139 Since the given 10mm 15 many mug Lhe am a the lung Etnang pieces then is due to my 1ng straight pxecea 15 H J 39 39 m V l hemxsphere anl f due 0 gt1 hmmsphete of mlm n w a nquot where H b the angle between F and IT mu m 1w 4 shown in Fxgmg Flgum o A sketch shuwmg Important voctozs fut ndmg E 11 Problem 131256 Sluce and I m L m1 sin 90quot 1 ld Ha I 74Fle B The lower hemisphere oreMes a magnetic eld The net mgnehr eld 15 1L5 mgmtude AS Its direcuon 15 B lt 0417 181150 me cum 1 E at L 39 v L A39 a The needle mu be de ected mwud and me lop vlew of the campass wm Appeal hke Fxgule W E Figme a A sketch of the compass in m Jam 18 so Assume n s 5 Lynn con At the cell s centex 181361 a Use the nghphwd rula apphed m esdx stlmght hue segmem 9m side 01le triangle In em use the mguehc eld dun to h side is m the 72 duecun east Thus the Cumpass mu be de ected esslzwaml and mu pom northeast b 3 X the only xeasomble my a mid ch mmng loop a Emdf Lhz lnagne c eld dm Ln one side ofthe criugulax mp Multply by K m Eat E aha mumply by u get Em due m the mil 1 X mg Tm o m m A A 0021111 I J m n24 mu unisz 205 x1lquot j 615 xnrmr E u 3615 A m G T 134 A 10 T The comp de ection hou um th is H HUIl Wquot Bush I 181352 he cml em ows N m the 3 macaw B Eh can 2 x 1 1 5 ILauli 389 x 10b T I N V mu nos m V AX The magnemc uld M 1mm A is LE 5w 417 y 7 L 7 Hr7 Mpmm A U 28 m 410 x W7 T rlxen Now hm Nince I lt L In ho t cam an can more w kly solve Hm praan mth Mina Sinre If x Amwkumm 13 LMHT1 MGAMFTT olvmg m m current 15 not uecessm Since pumt A m 9 me further than the wmpm um BA n 75 he magnetic eld 5 due 0 the wire at he munpass 181374 La mom e 1 H quot b The almco magnet 11 he Mm expenmem kit has n was of appxoxmmtely 13 g or 00m kg Assume the Emmet is 39 m 39 the numbez of mm mm m the umgnel emu m 139 x10 atoms So the megueve cowl mame moment can be emmeced W n e 1 x 1D An11raron11xg x 10quot Mam F 11Am2 T1115 15 Jessomble ageemeul gtven the crude measuxamems 18915 5 ThnN e r e M m T T uwnmm I 18916 n Tluh 139gt s end ls timer m my cumpns The N rrml would 1m Meeml m wmo 1n the otlm mm 1 Al C E pom m wont m mm ix mm A B m D 13 yum mm of um 0 NE 6 w W n 1 5 X104 139 m 1H mJJ ID 1877 a The eldfzom 39 u A 50 B r n r a 1 th bar s s end 15 closer to the compass b Stalmmms 1 and 5 are me c K quot 11 amquot to nd me mll39s q mmm mum Now we a sum fax cm numle of mm x n 35 131219 m A m39uplz proyam 15 Shawn hem mm visuul hupon x Solutmn using H mm sceuevwidlh1024 w x W ace Irnglh a mmmuz m mum rnrhus n snlcnmd m mm mull4m at cunvuntianul cumquot Nnumwn w numb of m m salrnmd 1 Numb5m numb u hm tLyvn M m turn n Jsmllu rum nulr furtm fur B m mmm F runxll39uqt a xulumwl an 4 u curuc a A Ntuxnstclts xx u quotMA2 mm dxx 2 one 7 2p1NcnruaL salmwld curvuxxx y m nmegu Lvausxxnoung may 7m nulms0 ll F mm a m n m In nrmu s a nhscrrnhnn Intuition en 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Paint an Llw 39 v n v r v 4 L V n 7 w mu m mm u u Mlur 151271 m m m umrmm Mm yell mu 7 dimmu n magnum x Madam point Wm mum JinnnlcxmAuktmc mum 13mm m mu m mm u u Mlur me r5 5 an m um mm m 11mm as a mum Things you must know Relationship between electric eld and electric force Conservation of charge Electric eld of a point charge The Superposition Principle Relationship between magnetic eld and magnetic force Magnetic eld of a moving point charge Other Fundamental Concepts d dl id d Fnet and pzmd ifvltltc AUelq V AV 2E1AmEyAyEzAz ltIgtelfE dA QmagfB dA fE dAM fE dA0 60 n a 1391 lemfl fENC dl f3 I dl MOZIinsidepath a s d a A fB39dlM0Zhnsidepath l oafE39ndA Speci c Results a 1 2 s c d 5 Edipoleyams m 4 eor qg on ans 7 gtgt 8 Edipolei m 47T 0 3 on 1 ax1s 7 gtgt 8 s 1 a Emd 7 1 from center electric dipole moment p 15 77 or Eapplied N 1 2QL d 7 1 IZ Emd N 47T OT if 7 lt L Ermg 7 m z2 R232 z along ax1s 7 214 Z 1 N A z N QA lEdwk 2 60 1 Z mg a N 260 ll El 260 lt1 lt R Q A 1 Q A s i i Ecapacitor and Q dlsks Efrmge 60 Just outside capacitor 4 AZ A a a s AB EA short Wire AF Al X B 47139 7 2 7 7 M0 L N 0 21 7 7 wae 7 7 lt L szre 7 Bearth tanO a 7 M0 2177132 N 1L0 2177132 7 7 2 Bleep iEWNE Z3 on ax1szgtgtR 71147le a 2 7 Bdipole mis on mm 7 gtgt 8 Bdipol m on 1 ax1s 7 gtgt 5 a 1 7 A A A n Erad E Nld 4 12 i v E Hld X Brad Brad 713960 c 7 c inAv IlqlnAv vuE I L E a lql nu J A a 0A E 7 1 1 Edielectric M AV q due to a point charge K 47T 0 7 f 7 i


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