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Intro Physics I

by: Kylie Bartoletti DVM

Intro Physics I PHYS 2211

Kylie Bartoletti DVM

GPA 3.67

Eric Murray

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About this Document

Eric Murray
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Bartoletti DVM on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 2211 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Eric Murray in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/234277/phys-2211-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Physics 2 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Ass gnmam 2mmsz HWO Concepts of Motion Due 11 395pm on Tuesday January 15 2011 um m mam hawpmms are mama read Wm nstmdm sm m m l Emu Conceptual Question 16 X 0 Pan A Daeymmem 5ng pusmve m negawe mum pusmun m the pamde m 012 gm AN SWER Pan 5 Daeymmem 5ng pusmve m negawe mum v2 ucny1uvthe pamde m the ame ANSWER 7 quot29mm Pns ive Correct PanC Daeymmem 5ng pusmve m negawe mum accebvauun m the pamde m 012 gm ANSWER quotNggmm Pa 2 Correct mp Seismnmxsunhgphyw Wm ng g x m m Ammm 2mmsz 5ng puSMwe m negawe uHha pusmun DY 012 pamde m m guve pamde m m ame accebvahun m the pamde m the gum mp Seismnmxsunhgphyw zmmyzxxss gm em g 2 m m Ammm 2mmsz 5ng pusl va m negawe mum pusmun my 012 pam da in mg guva pamde m the ame m We pamde m the gum mp Seismnmxsunhgphyw zmmyzxxss gm em g 2 m m Amng ZIISHXSSPM I Motion of Two Rockets 5 Man emeei Wu my inckeis ave iiavehng in me same mieeimn taken in Learning an Tu ieam in use W 32 in meiien in deteimme veiuci be 012 X m A may iy and aeeeieiauen ram is SHDWH e 3 mar Fan A AI Whai iimes u the iuckeis have We same v2iucny7 Hml A1 Hnw In determine ihe veineiiy n i i w m yuu can deteimme me aveiage veiucity beiween Wu iimee r and 11 quotmimei 7 1 39 eisianee beiween successive pusmuns uHhe iuckeis AN SWER mlime i 1 ime mlimel4 ime miimesiizmdi4 at same instant in lime hemeen r 1 and r 21 mi iime shnwn in ihe gure Correct mp liaisianmxsuriwphvsizs Wmming mama Assignments Part B At what times do the rockets have the same X position 21611 856 PM ANSWER r at time i 1 only 1 at time 4 only 3 at times 1 1 and i 4 f at some instant in time between t z 1 and r g 4 if at no time shown in the figure Correct Part C At what times do the two rockets have the same acceleration ANSWER The motion of the Hint 01 How to determine the acceleration Hint not displayed ANSWER 2 at time I 1 only 39 39 at time i z i only 13 at times a 1 and r 1 39j at some instant in time between t 1 and t 4 quotE at no time shown in the figure Correct Part D rocket labeled A is an example of motion with uniform ie constant i I aquot and nonzero acceleration velocity quot displacement Iquot it I time Correct Page 5 of 10 Aman 2mmsz Pan E The mmquot mm vucke abe ed a s an exampb mmutmn WNH uanvm 2 man ANSWEP and nnnzern zcceler E velarin Correct Pan F A wha Hms s vucke A ahead u yucke E7 Hm FV Use the diagram Him not displayed ANSWER j helnre11 nnly f a nu time s shnwn in the gure 0mm mp lilis anmxsunhgphvsks zmmyzxxss gm em hgesmxn Ammm 2mmsz cman make buugm sun m mum abnc haw much muney am he use Use um and 09144 In 1 mm ymd Hnwln zpprnzch the prnhlem d hnw much he paid duan make bunght 1 at a Bust Dunn mummquot mquot swmp e mumphcauun Wm awe Once yum nund We cunvevHu duHavs Haw much am We dummy Find hnw much he paid in mpr Hm 115x1 5 mum Correct prlce n New ank knuwthanhe pvme mum am w New M 5 121 dollarsyum Thu yuu need un y u nd We pnce w New 71mm Mm Correct R NS E unnms 53mm 0mm mp lilis anmxsunhgphvsks zmmyzxxss gm em g 7 m m Amth zusmxssm sun Ihink ThaT unil euhversiuh isn t impn znl Th TBBET The Mars cTTmaTe oThTTeT pruhe erasheu mm The suTTaee uTMaTsT ThsTeau uTehTeTThg uThTT The TesuTTThg TWHEYEaS The ThThe uhTTeu QM m sT T hTTT use ST uhTTsT whereas mus1 EnngEEYS use The ETTTTshT uT TrhpeTTaTT sysTerh uT uhTTs ThTeTesTThgTyT ETTTTsh TuhTT EDWEYSTDHS aTe heeessaTy The uhTTuTTuTee Th The ST sysTerh Ts The hewTuh NTTtheh Ts ueTTheu Th TeTrhs uThasTe ST uhTTs as T The uhTT uTTuTee Th The BTTTTsh sysTerh Ts The puuhu TTTTTTtheh Ts ueTTheu Th Tehhs uT The 5mg ETTTTsh uhTT uTrhassTTTuuT TTTTahu seeuhu s as T HT TTTTTT TTsJ PaTT B FThu The vaTue uTTsn N Th puuhus Use The EDWEYSTDHS Lylm e H a ahd TIT r TT3TTTxTTT TTTTTT B T Hnw In zpprnzch The prnhlem ahu The uhTTs uu heeuTu hhTshWTTh Th ThTs pruhTerhTwe have The TuTTuWThg NuTTee ThaT huTh have seeuhus suuareu Th The uehurhThaTuT Vuu WTH uhTy have Tu eTTahge The uhTTs Th The hurheTaTuT MaTeTT up The uhTTs ThaT mEaSUYE The sarhe uuahTTTy e g T kTTEIgYamS ahu sTugs huTh mEaSUVE mass ohee yuu ve uuhe ThTs a ham Te g T TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTaT haseu uh CDWEYSTDYT TaeTuTs sueh ThaT The uTu uhTT Ts eaheeTeu uuT uTThe EXpTESSTEm ahu The hew uhTT appeavs Th The pusTTTuh Te T hurheTaTuT uT uehurhThaTuT uTThe uTu uhTT Th ThTs pruhTerhTTheTe aTe WEI paTTsWTThTh The sTahThg ahu TThaT uhTTs ThaT mus1 he EunvEHEd Th ThTs Way T e T kTTugTamssmgs ahu rheTeTsTeeT Hml l3 2 CaleuTaTe The nrsT euhve The hrsTsTep Ts Tu eTTrhThaTe hTTugTarhsTTurhThe EXpVESSTDnVDY TTewTuhs Th Tavuv uTsTuga WhaT Ts The vaTuE uTTs kg ru s Th Tuu Tu quot7 Express ynur answer in slugrmetels per seeuhu squared In lnur Sign39 eahT gures AN SWEP 1 MB Correct FaTTuw The sarhe prueeuure Tu TepTace rheTeTsWTTh TeeT Express ynur answer in pnunds Tu Three Slgnl cznl nuures ANSWER 15D V 337 u some mp HSUSTarTnTISuVTVTgPWSTU murmuth nge a a Tu mew 2mm new me me NASA nawgamvs behaved lhaHheyweve emeymg a wee va ue e115 N a 37 xnmey wave amuaHy emeyme a va ue neany em and a haWHmes mgher 15 1h Thuugh 01252 enms W212 un y m lmy cuuvse eeneeuene they added up dunng me mp e1 many mHhuns e1 k ume evs m 012 am We meme rm We uss uhhe WZSVmHhunrduHav pvube was p aced my me ack m Nune he ess s smvy makes appavem haw mpunam u s m eayemuy abe me unns used m measuve a numbev Consistency of Units m physms evevyphyswcmquanmyws measuvedwmh respecHu e um Tune e measuved m secunds Eng h e m m N m m y y yuu su ve pvub ems m physms Pan A equatmn Wham p e We magmmde uHhe gvawlauunaW amammn un 210121 budy m and M 312012 masses uHhe bumes e We emanee bexween them and u e We gmvuanuna cuns am m sx me me um s uHuvce ave kg meHhe um s m mass ave kg and We um s m emanee ave H mm equanunm have cuns smm me We um s em mus1 be wmch uHhe VuHqug7 Hml A Hnwln zppmzch me prnhlem Tu su ve W5 pvub em We Stan Wm me equauun r Fuvzach symbu whuse unmswe knuw we vep ace We symbu Wm muse um s Fm exampb we vep ace w W We nuw su ve W5 equauun m 1 AN SWER mv Hemmmmevm mmwmmm 7199 m m


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