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by: Demond Hoppe
Demond Hoppe

GPA 3.79

Dewey Hodges

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About this Document

Dewey Hodges
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Demond Hoppe on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AE 2220 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Dewey Hodges in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/234303/ae-2220-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
M 2710 HWM SOLUTION n lewlmilvlandtlwrlvxlhJu39vl39rn 2 11 524er v um V39mnlrmu395duL mh hr Lmwr 39 9m L Sh lexlliz InmmWWW W Wade Mulqu as rwr r r 3 3 5 v 70P g PDO39 7 0399 TM u s 2 T ii k lodF 73 Wk M3 5 0 95 Ag aw laziuu ibis maxi v 5 ca 70 gt I AD I agt W CIVGN f2 2 139 Mg ICst 3k12 4415 M A mm39lr 1L Innally vnn mg rnmlm nun 139 1ldm9quot qumdr m n u Mum I 1 h yy In I nd 0hr ilkplmumunl u Iln pmmr wt 55 rrluuvu m uIum u nun n 0 35 15 3 w w muh d m n m 1 h l u39lrrluuw m um v11 mum llmr um4 Wgt 1szqu 2 la lH Delo xzi 5 D39 22 ZcL b X QZl s 4l r 2l use ICS YMMV g6mz 7h 9H25 16 442 Cl 5 a is 3i0W 93 we S Ezg394f51Z e 13039 5 L50 ZR We m m MW mow aa Al was year a ARES aTM Mme Meal 74 1ol5 1 E m As1nFH10 Z3 7 quotLk W 50mm A 45 mm 5 31m 1 mm 40ml Asmc ray x 39rve K AA MVA W Sket nncz WWMA Swarm calyx We 41K1REKMKL as A 71i 2120th A 94 VAR R4 71 7wo39c a5 0 31 PJ 1399314 5g A I Xit 39FK39L 4 k 13099411 93 B 418X39 3I39K1 ifquot A 1311 K2 quot 739 Nu 1 wx H g 04 3 36m 43 TIM MQ Hx Lo Hut 1 rim Pugs md 00 My 7395 1 WMTL39 9 39 A5 omv thez dekuyd gawk LJ3L 7rn1llzznL 3 0 t volume zi i KL E Oiz thgb nx phkkmM5 m 2 1 5a 6 PM Inns q wagm4 MW W 0g 40 4457 MPWMJ w Fm woman at EAL a argeuxdwg a Imv al cum Lish lo K1470 ado 0 3 J 0 360 Splh 50 Ki ALEO Tm3wpsampwsa M I MM m awe w WP 10f Ms may ah cl1 w A Mia wk W5 HW L Z QMWm Ll e We 6 voidm 4 044013 was earL gmcmw 0w W 91 1 a5113odl E39 z rdz 755 2 25 gt 3 606sz2 1 W A U i M B S 1 W s A 0H v vkc 5 If M VaS v was mt w ws 60M 1 1452 The ends M the ngxd bar m Fxgun m n muu WW5 while maintaining unmtl Wm flour and u A 1 4 m5 avg PWV M5 WO K 1quot mm39os award IIquot m a m comm yatr lm u 2 What hrn culvmmmm m hvmsmnzuhen Ilt5hgtvi M we irum he wall 4A LM a 7w iaaf 239 P 4 35 1 g L L gamma 0 03WQ1393 10k 3 MM m aw Mk MW mm A AS a lo rgt 7641 15400 9 221Af20 A i awiqymw m ilx3 1 v o 5 quot if i WY Bwvv 3 3 A VA 2 QM 139 u z a 1 xgt fgtH 1 1g WLWM 3f 6 ALF 36 13 4E 11 a gt 1 3 Z a ii Dv g I M5L HWi 393 eoLUTON 454 The acculcmnnn of a pom xs given by gt J 1 gt j 1 a m m ii4 ms 5 quot 6 L 427k A A M s m 4 0 lb mlqm Cundmum are um v 2 m w and 1 7 3 7 rm igt3iQkxnutcnFindHmpuamun cvturufI d 17P 37E L 47 A 4 C 7 gt I v 3 Anddutum1mvhm JrPthn n rmvulhpmlhnn L 2L aH O I 1gtU zzzgt gt 1 g A Cam A ugtvp Lgt g5fg2t J J 9391 3 3t22 L 153 A 72 w i307 i3F Zia 3 7amp4 g7 Z 1EgtE g i x Zing g gt gt L9 Ropfogt I g 31 3 if a 3 AM is w nbda 5 e 33 P gt3Z x f Wy M Vim yg Q135 M v 1570433 7 1403 V33L212H81 932 w SOLU Al 4103 A pamcie mum on 1 curve L Ucd thc mnnmin 7 ulllemoulli39 Jr nvdbv39llcosllnl nmuvmlnng z 7 2 9 Mi 6I ez v3 9 6 am 9 a W l39rvlnLh ahuvxn m Figurvf39l 103 will IrnnK39N md L A l 39 r 39 h x e nmmum ma my Rim 2 wine 9 Z fL lu 9 4193 m s ugtnd A1 me you I nd rim luavnd andch w w n In pdlur u Fm 70 7 80 n1zwum3g mama 2nquotz394 s gta29 All 32 7 2n 29q 29 66607049 1 L 39g H J 9 7073 0 Vi gt VE 016 9 i use WMRJES 39 an gknme k n 2n gte A9 2 Ef w la a NEW We 3 BOLUTION lismw mm m velocny of a pmm P m pherical munhmm r 1 41 n given by 39 3 g gt rm M5 quotMum was E wa 9 yes 1339 Rik f a samewwtuaasqwguwy p679 ante Hove 934W 9M9 I e zmq SL444 Lg A 39 1 gt we cm L 24 M52 50 quru V1 125 HIMAmh mudmhvmpml hmn ea k6 C026 gmcf 3 A W gt T 5 gt3 39li whx muh CC 9MGWQLQ776Qh 3gt E r we Jwtl 39 gt quot gt d 5 g e a Mme s mug a 99 4 e 5quot 9 lhun di t rmxlmlr lhesunplo pmquot vulm M n5 1 9 94 449 a 3 4219 sate c6797 4 Q vane awy erewye f 2 0 91 ltecev 9 A gt A 1 400eng 3 m 1w 2 Rea 22 9 7 9 6n elt4446n9 7 w 72Q9w79 8 gt s 719 9em98mge t mgegj 39 W3Wm9lt4 ahe hceae 9 a 47 927 62232391 22195 7269122 mecmekg zmaMemecme2nze c 979S W


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