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Organic Chemistry I

by: Tierra Ernser

Organic Chemistry I CHEM 2311

Tierra Ernser

GPA 3.99

Charles Liotta

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About this Document

Charles Liotta
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tierra Ernser on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2311 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Charles Liotta in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/234315/chem-2311-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
m4 Chemistry 2311 Homework Problems Cha ter 2 Section 1 Circle the number which corresponds to the answer to each ofthe following questions There is only one correct answer for each question 4 a Which ofthe following bonds has the a test bond dissociation energy 1 cc 2 CCI 3 co F gum n Ir b Which of the following be has the greatest bond moment 1 0c 2 C Br 3 do 4 CN 5 AL l c Which of the following molecules will have the greatest dipole moment F130 CF3 Mme 1 00 H H 2 cc X H CF3 3 F3C CEC CF3 MAM M s 2A H 4 F C CF 4 3 can tl 0 0 2 K F30 CF3 d What are the functional groups to which the arrows are pointing SV AL 2G mu 011Ner ML oucp vel MA Km h m MIL speuRc ecl er if it i OH O rake 01ka qurbxs buL NLT MAm M Gloolm Orville e Which of the following structures is a tertiary amine suit 7quot CH3 C3H3 it 2 1 HgC N CH3 O H3C N H H CH3 WK 394 39n AW 3 l 4 H3CCNH2 I W s h Cr 393H3 gut h o 39 own ink 6 MW m New I f Which of the following molecules has the highest boiling point F5 M 4 L9M H3C CH3 H3C CH3 1 CC CC cordonth OlAK H CHZOH H COZH Oo shins 1 0 33 3 H30 CH3 H3C CH3 H C02CH3 H COCH3 my g Which of the following molecules has the greatest solubility in water 0 H OH ltWh 3935 la tussHJcs W20 1 2 4 OH Section II Indicate True T or FaISe F for each of the following statements 5 VT 5 M a Benzene is an equilibrium mixture of two constitutional isomers 36gt Q H C use MW two 1b Electronegativity is the ability of an element to attract electron that it is sharing in a covalent bond f c A dipole moment is a vector it has magnitude and direction udt 1 T d The melting point of a substance is the temperature at which an equilibrium exists between the wellordered crystalline state and the more random liquid state e Dipoledipole forces are strongerthan ion ion forces SVAts L b EL gq if A hydrogen bond is formed by hydrogen acting a bridge between two highly electronegative elements WW 139 T g Polarizability is a measure of ease of response of electrons in an atom or molecule to a change in electric field uA h The boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at which the vapor pressure ofthe liquid equals the pressure of the atmosphere above it 56 i Methanol CH3OH is more soluble in waterthan 1 pentanol CHgCHZCHZCHZCHZOH because the C5H11 unit attached to the OH in 1 pentanol is more hydrophilic than the CH3 unit in methanol 1 j The frequency of a given stretching vibration in an 1R spectrum can be related to 1 the mass of the bonded atoms and 2 the relative stiffness of the bond av ls 39lk In order for a vibration to occur with the adsorption of IR energy the dipole moment ofthe molecule must change as the vibration occurs lt Section III Identify the functional groups present in each of the following IR spectra Draw the U PTs functional group adjacent to the particular absorption band PM MWM CT 0 Sly104k F REQUENCV MMquot 4000 3500 3200 2800 2400 1800 600 14m 100 lOOO 800 900 400 s 1H 5er s77 Clt 395 WAVM 1 pk Look shrew S 39 quotV 8F D R my quot 3 95 a 2 C R Br N I d H2 72quot Q 33 39 r H H 39 For SubsM4bd 39 SN 2 S M 1 a6 39 19v 3 39 39 quotEr 39 I R C r t 5 C 395 i WWW d I Be t c El m oigh Reaclhm CSC 1 I f C i Eng v 28fquot C C x koPn mnm gt Lon E39xm na Q C l I CECquot 2I39im3 2 Br I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 3P or Pd 9131gt3 m quot39 7 a RC ENC C2 Gm QM 74 8 C43 cw w 34 39 39 39 3 quot 2 quotBr quot 3 4 3 V Owi Ow V V Cqu r r can 7 C 3 C32 377 QBBCH3CHZ Bar A V 397 C WE CH3 ED C CH r 3 quot39 C g 7 7210612 C g zc zB a 7 CH3 CVH Z HZ g 15 I x H 3397 CHECHc igr 03039 Cng I Q H I I 1 39 v 7 C 3C Caz C J 3 A Pvuhe 0 R arr Mea9nv4 CH3 CH C HZ V 39 V 39W 0 Cg V 2 NQBHq 1 Mb CH 3C 9 CH 3 A c rearrwv W gt o V R 39 3 2 A 0 4 i O 397 CA3 SH CH2 V 0 C cn 3 G CV3CH CRZP W 3 CM wwcw 3 x 139 Cabs 0 Loki Y l ug g v aXV inxe 0 quot0 1 CH504 m H N Z w CH Ti3quot 3quot 2 v I Ha H 0 O CH 3 CH quot CH39L 65 CH2 CH1 0H quotR mlm e M LEG14 9C E C 52 MOPWu 3223 C wags p 0 quot v A 5 3920 SN 2 Oh easl39 C CD CECz 1ch O n 43x V a gag L 3 HZQ V A oi D m3 NZer 7 ea 0 I 3939 AO A EL Isk gNi 9 10H Racks M39


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