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General Chemistry

by: Tierra Ernser

General Chemistry CHEM 1310

Tierra Ernser

GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tierra Ernser on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1310 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/234323/chem-1310-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Chapter 10 THERMOCHEMISTRY EXAMPLES 1 It takes 782 to raise the temperature of 456 g oflead by 133 What is the speci c heat capacity oflead h or II x L A L z N 1 if a 94 g7 42 5A r s 9 1 6 g j r39 c g MM em 5W9 CF a ac 57 Ech ggygaE Dz Egg 3 239 calculate the heat required to increase the te39r lli erature of a 1 kg block of granite from 20 C to lOUQC J a 5 iv2247quot 2 07 4 r 995 b2978 m ablg g 555 55 if cue 6 5 12939 556quot carafe 3 A 282 g sample of nickel is heated to 99 8 C and placed in a co ce cup calorimeter containing 1500 g of water at a temperature of 235 C After the metal cools the nal temperature of metal and water is 250 C Calculate the speci c heat capacity of nickel assuming that no heat is transferred to the surroundings or to the calorimeter i l a 5qu I l 1920 39 Z39Hze 39 aw w Crime 39 jmme 39 damt7 443 ggXxiaj QJJif Qmm 9351023 a 925 8 33 mem a WJX 95515 4 Given the following data 2 1 H 85 31202g gt 8033 39521d A bl g m 57 3mg 52 um EEm gt I Z 2502g 023 23033 AH 198 2 k 36 a 30339 yzfgg Lg Calculate AH for the reaction 39 3s 023 gt 8023 3 02 2 39 1 m 5 Given the following reactions N21140 02g gt Wg 2 H2013 AH 534 U gets 52 org mgt N205s an 43 n d Predict the heat of reaction for A H 2 quot 5 7 7 quotET sz 712 02g we Nzosl l ZHzOLg Page 1 of 1 httpwww chemistry gatecheduclass13 lOleigh13 10eg10pdf 1 1300 6 Given the following reactions a H Cgmphnu 95 gt C 2g AH 394 kJ 39 ix 3mmcg gtylt ltm AH 297 H 6497 4 m 5 Mums 1320 3 Mg w C02g2802g AH1075 k 3 a ggea z CS 1 f Predict heat of reac on for z 5 37 AEJ Cgmphi lg 2 Samba m C820 answer AW 7 The enthalpy of combustion of ethane gas C2H4g is 14 1 lemole at 298 K Given the following enthalpies of formation calculate AH for CzlMg 1023 3935 kJmole H200 4859 kJmole aW 302 gt 026702 31 4 0m 295 3 0 520394 gag 23 Kr quot Allm 6 At Jr 3m 254273 0 K3 5 X 3 5 40 quotE 394 8 Oxygen difluoride is a colorless poisionous gas that reacts with water vapor to give 02 amp HF Heat of reaction was measured at 318 k Calculate the heat of formation ofOFz 05253 7 26ch 033 Ag Ea 39 b Q77 rn 35 fg2 gxoj f x1 X quot 339 K V Ira 9 Calculate AH using appendices as necessary for the reaction SiChO 2H20l gt Si02s 4HClaq A 1 w 657 0255sz a W vfnf 7 344 f w 7 94amp 26557j 330 53quot 10 Hydrazinc Nib and Dimethylhydrazine N2H2CH32I both react with 02 and can be used as rocket fuel Which generates the most heat Nz a 023 3 Nzlg ZHICKE M a a a saw Mm EGHMMJEWW 53 N2H2CH321 4 02th gt 2 0013 4 20 28 gym 737 92 7 a wg y 4 41 9 3amp393 M12922 0 c mmg 6mm War 5327 3 7 9d 123 r rj httpwww chemistry gatech edu class 1 3 101eigh13 106g10pdf Page 1 of 1 11300


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