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Special Topics

by: Alejandrin Jaskolski PhD
Alejandrin Jaskolski PhD

GPA 3.84

Juan Rogers

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About this Document

Juan Rogers
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandrin Jaskolski PhD on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PUBP 4803 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Juan Rogers in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/234328/pubp-4803-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Law Societies and Justice/ Political Science at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
INFORMATION POLICY AND MANAGEMENT PUBP 4803PUBP 6501 Spring 2011 INSTRUCTOR AND OFFICE HOURS Prof Juan D Rogers Office Hours MW 23pm or by appointment Office 9 D M Smith Tel 4048946697 Email jdrogers a gatechedu MEETING TIMES AND PLACE Time MW 305425pm Room DM Smith 208 COURSE REQUIRED BOOKS Should be available at both Ga Tech bookstore and Engineer s Bookstore The Knowing Organization How Organizations Use Information to Construct Meaning Create Knowledge anal Make Decisions TKO by Chun Wei Choo Oxford Oxford University Press 2nd edition 2005 Information and Organizations by Arthur Stinchcombe Berkeley University of California Press 1990 Annals of Cases in Information Technology ACIT Volume 6 by Mehdi KhosrowPour editor Idea Group Inc 2004 ISBN l59l40259X Public Information Technology anal E Governance Managing the Virtual State DITEG by David Garson Jones and Bartlett Publishers 2006 ISBN 0763734683 REQUIRED ARTICLES AND REPORTS The additional readings listed for each session are available from the course s homepage on T Square tsquare gatech edu COURSE DESCRIPTION The course is an introduction to the role of information and knowledge in modern private and public organizations It covers theoretical aspects of information seeking gathering and use in organizations as well as knowledge creation and its role in management The course also addresses the practical implementation of organization strategies on information using information technology The first part of the course introduces the issues of organization strategy and its relation to information The second part focuses on the notion of organizational learning The third part focuses on the applications of information technology in government both in the United States and across the world The final section focuses on the organization of information itself using contemporary information technologies especially in the form of digital libraries Case examples are used throughout the course to illustrate the concepts of each section GOALS OF THE COURSE The purpose of this course is to enable students to think conceptually about the modern organization both in the private and the public sector as a knowledge based information processing organization and to acquire analytical skills necessary to be a successful manager of a knowledgebased organization GRADES AND ASSIGNMENTS The course will be conducted under the presumption that all students are aware of the Academic Honor Code and have pledged to abide by it The full text is available from httpwwwgatecheduhonor Grading will follow the following scheme Case Reports 45 points Term Project 40 points Daily Class Participation and Critiques 15 points The same requirements apply for graduate and undergraduate students However the grading standards will be adjusted for each group a Written Assignments There are two types of written assignments to be completed as the course progresses l Critiques This written assignment requires that you select two topics or notions presented in the reading for a week and write critical re ection in a maximum of 2 pages due at the beginning of Wednesday s class every week from week 2 through week 14 except for week 10 which is Spring Break Undergrads are allowed to drop two critiques in the term so it s a total of 10 critiques for undergrads and 12 for graduate students 2 Case Reports Three written case reports are required from sections Ithrough 111 They must be selected from the Annals of Cases however cases scheduled for class discussion are not eligible for case reports There are more editions of the Annals of Cases in the library Cases from those are also eligible for case reports Case reports should a Present a synopsis of the case identifying the key decisions that the managers must make and the relevance of the case to the topic of the section The synopsis should not exceed a halfpage b Analyze key issues in the case by applying lessons from the assigned readings and when appropriate using standard analytical techniques The analysis should not exceed two pages c Finally you should either reach a conclusions or make a recommendationgs about the decisions the managers must make based on the preceding analysis The recommendations or conclusions should not exceed a half page Case reports are not to exceed a total of three double spaced printed pages with unlimited exhibits Cases are due in printed hardconv at the 39 39 39 of class I to the f quot 39 schedule Section I M0nday1 Februa1 y 215t Section 11 Monday March 14m Section 111 Monday April 18E No late papers will be accepted b Class Participation The class will be conducted in a seminar format Therefore you the students are responsible for the class dynamics by being prepared to discuss the topics of the session Quality as well as quantity participation is graded c Term Project The class will be divided into teams and each team will conduct a study of an organization of their choice assessing the organization s information strategy and its implementation The assessment must draw on specific lessons from the course The results of the study should be 1 Written up in a report of no more than 20 pages including an executive summary You may use as many exhibits as you wish 2 Presented to the class at the end of the term You are to provide copies either paper or electronic to all class members in advance of your presentation The term project is due on the last day of class Wednesday April 27th at 3pm STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations please contact me as soon as possible WEEKLY SCHEDULE Section I Information and Information Technology in Business Organizations WEEK 1 Wednesday January 19th Introduction to the course Stinchcombe Chapters 3 through 6 pp 73236 WEEK 2 Monday Monday January 24th Wednesday January 26th Information and Organization Strategy Required Readings Stinchcombe Chapters 1 through 4 pp 1151 Case A DSS Model that Aligns Business Strategy and Business Structure with Advanced Information Technology KhosrowPour pp 157176 WEEK 3 Monday January 31St Wednesday February 2quot 1 Information and Organization Strategy Stinchcombe Chapters 5 through 7 pp 152 7 273 and 10 pp 341362 WEEK 4 Monday February 7th Wednesday February 9th The Productivity Paradox Required Readings Brynjolfsson E 1993 quotThe Productivity Paradox of Information Technology Review and Assessmentquot Communications oftheACM December 77 1996 quotParadox Lost FirmLevel Evidence on the Returns to Information Systems SpendingquotManagement Science 42 No 4 541758 77 and Loring Hitt 1998 quotBeyond the Productivity Paradoxquot Communications of the ACM August Kraemer and Dedrik 2001 The Productivity Paradox Is it Resolved Is There a New One What Does it All Mean for Managers Case Challenges in the Adoption of Information Technology at Sunrise Industries The Case of an Indian Firm in KhosrowPour pp 457479 WEEK 5 Monday February 14Lh Wednesday February 16 11 IT and the Achievement of Strategic Goals Required Readings Tallon and Kraemer 1998 A Process Oriented Assessment of the Alignment of Information Systems and Business Strategy Implications for IT Business Value Fourth AIS Conference Baltimore Tallon P and K Kraemer 2003 Investigating the Relationship between Strategic Alignment and IT Business Value The Discovery of a Paradox in Creating Business Value with Information Technology Challenges anal Solutions edited by Namchul Shin Idea Group Publisher Chaper 1 pp 122 Melville N K Kraemer and V Gurbaxani 2004 Information Technology and Organizational Performance An Integrative Model of IT Business Value MIS Quarterly vol 28 No 2 pp 283322 Case Enterprise Information Portals Efficacy in the Information Intensive Small to Medium Sized Business KhosrowPour pp 90103 Section 11 Introduction to Organizational Learning WEEK 6 Monday February 21St Wednesday February 23ml K owledge and Learning in 0 Required Readings Choo Chapters 1 through 4 pp 1154 WEEK 7 Monday February 28th Wednesday March 2quot 1 ofthe Knowing O 39 quot Required Readings Choo Chapters 5 trough 7 pp 155273 Case Towards a Knowledge Sharing Organization Some Challenges Faced on the Infosys Journey KhosrowPour pp 244258 WEEK 8 Monday March 7 11 Wednesday March 9th Knowledge Management Required Readings Gray Paul 2000 Knowledge Management Overview CRITO University of California Irvine Spender JC 2004 A note on Making Use of Knowledge Management MITUCI Knowledge and Organizations Conference Laguna Beach CA Chua A 2004 Knowledge Management System Architecture A Bridge Between KM Consultants and Technologists International Journal of Information Management Vol 24 pp 8798 Case Deutsche Bank Leveraging Human Capital with the Knowledge Management System HRBase KhosrowPour pp 114127 Section 111 IT in Public Organizations EGovernment WEEK 9 Monday March 14 11 Wednesday March 16th History Policy and Politics of EGovemment Required Readings Garson Chapters 1 through 5 pp ll49 Case Toward CitizenCentered Local EGovernment 7 The Case of the City of Tempere KhosrowPour pp 370386 WEEK 10 Monday March 21St Wednesday March 23ml NO CLASS Spring Break WEEK 11 Monday March 28th Wednesday March 30th Public of EGovemment Required Readings Garson Chapters 9 through 12 pp 259 382 Case Eliciting the Requirements for Intelligent Systems in Law Enforcement KhosrowPour pp 418439 WEEK 12 Monday April 4th Wednesday April 6th EGovemment 39 39 quot and Impacts Required Readings Garson Chapters 13 through 15 pp 383475 Case An Application Within the Plan for EGovemment The Workfair Portal Khosrow Pour pp 5989 WEEK 13 Monday April 11 h Wednesday April 13th EGovemment Across the World Required Readings Note These are long reports so you must be selective in your focus and not try to capture all the details Bertucci G 2008United Nations e Government Survey 2008 From e Government to Connected Governance United Nations Division for Public Economics and Public Administration Rohleder S and V Jupp 2004 E Government Leadership High Performance Maximum Value The Government Executive Series Accenture Co Case Technological Modernization of Peru s Public Registries KhosrowPour pp 259277 Section IV IT and the Organization of Knowledge Digital Libraries WEEK 14 Monday April 18 h Wednesday April 20th Digital Librarv 39 inn and Required Readings


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