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Mgt Hum Res

by: Jason Brekke
Jason Brekke

GPA 3.71

Charles Parsons

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About this Document

Charles Parsons
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jason Brekke on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 3102 at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus taught by Charles Parsons in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 112 views. For similar materials see /class/234331/mgt-3102-georgia-institute-of-technology-main-campus in Business, management at Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
MGT 3102 TSB 121 30 TTh Spring 2010 Exam 1 Form A Name Date For each of the 30 multiple choice questions indicate the best answer by using the scantron form 2 pts Each There are 7 choose 6 short answer questions to be answered on this test form 5 pts each There is 1 scenario analyses to be answered on this test form 10 pts There are 100 1 Which of the following decisions does NOT come under HRM A Whom to hire B What training to offer C How to evaluate employee performance D How to achieve sales targets 2 The prohibition of discrimination because of color is a Not included in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act The same as race discrimination Referring to lightness or darkness of skin pigmentation Provides some legal protection for individual who are colorblind sup97 None of the above 4 An employer has a requirement that all employees be at least 5 V2 feet tall If a 5 ft 2 inch female applicant challenges this practice as illegal discrimination what is the most likely charge a Disparate impact b Disparate treatment c Retaliation d Harassment 6 A harassment complaint procedure should have all of the following features except a Full disclosure of accused and complainer identity to all employees b Prompt investigation c Impartial investigation d Confidentiality e Corrective action 9 Human capital includes all of the following EXCEPT A training B profitability C relationships D intelligence 10 On average an organization has one HR staff person for about every employees served by the department A 605 B 51 C 2002 D 93 11 Evidencebased HR refers to A identifying the numbers and types of employees the organization will require in order to meet its objectives B demonstrating that human resource practices have a positive influence on the company39s profits C the process of ensuring that employees39 activities and outputs match the organization39s goals D a planned effort to enable employees to learn jobrelated knowledge skills and behavior 12Leadership skills for Human Resource Managers relate to A new selection techniques B helping the organization manage change C knowledge of the latest laws D use of new software and systems 13 Ethics is A one39s religious and political values and beliefs B what is required by law C what is acceptable to the company D the fundamental principles of right and wrong 14 People39s right of privacy is the A right to know the nature of the job they are being hired for B right to refuse to do what violates their moral beliefs C right to control what they reveal about their private life D right to a fair and impartial hearing 15 The primary and largest organization for HRM professionals is the 16 The Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1871 still play an active role in employment rights cases because they A cover age discrimination an employment category not covered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act B allow white citizens the right to enter into and enforce contracts C allow plaintiffs to recover both compensatory and punitive damages without statutory limit D not only covers race color religion age disability and national origin but sexual orientation as well 17 Why do complaints of age discrimination grow when the economy is slow Older employees provide a tremendous pool of potential Companies are forced to retain their best talent during times of recession Companies try to save labor costs by laying off older workers Companies try to provide more opportunities to younger workers porn 18 Which one of the following is NOT true of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 A The amount of punitive damages depends on the size of the organization charged with the discrimination B The act extended coverage to sexual harassment and sexual orientation C The act amends the CRA of 1866 the ADEA of 1967 and the ADA of 1990 D Punitive damages are awarded only in cases of intentional discrimination or with reckless indifference to the employee39s federally protected rights 19 The set of guidelines issued jointly by the EEOC and other government agencies involved in employment rights enforcement responsibilities are known as the A Uniform Commercial Code B Code of US Employment Practices C Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures D Procedural Guidelines for Title VII 20 How long after the alleged discriminatory incident does an individual have to file a discrimination complaint with the EOC A 30 days B 60 days C 90 days D 180 days 21 Assume you hired 15 out of 50 white applicants how many of the 100 black applicants must you hire in order to not have an adverse impact A 12 B 13 C 16 D 24 22 Under the Americans with Disabilities Act an undue hardship is an action A deemed by the employer to be an inconvenience B requiring significant dif culty or expense C which represents a cost greater than the employee39s firstyear salary D deemed to be too costly to the quotaveragequot business within the industry 23 When an individual is promised a positive outcome for submission to sex or threatened with a negative outcome for failure to submit to sex this is referred to as A disparate treatment B disparate impact C reverse discrimination D quid pro quo harassment 24 A male employee over the objections of his female colleagues continues to display a highly suggestive calendar within his office This is likely to result in a charge of A disparate treatment B disparate impact C reverse discrimination D sexual harassment 26 In explaining the concept of employer undue hardship under the 39 39 39 39 quot 39 of the Title VII and religious discrimination the key concept is A financial ability to pay B impact on operations C de minimis D de limitless 27 National origin discrimination under Title VII protects a all individuals regardless of employer size b all US citizens working for a covered employer c all employees working for a covered employer d all individuals whose ancestry is different than their supervisor e only individuals whose national origin is somewhere other than United States 28 The ADA Amendments Act ADAAA of 2008 had the following impact a Fewer individuals will qualify as disabled under the Americans with Disability Act b More individuals will qualify as disabled under the Americans with Disability Act c The law had no impact on how many individuals will qualify d The law concerned penalties for employers not qualifying e The law was consistent with recent Supreme Court rulings on the ADA 29 When an employer terminates an employee and includes a severance agreement that has the employee agree not to sue the employer for discrimination this agreement must include an in order to be enforceable a consideration b agreement c employee s lawyer s signature d quid pro quo e waiver 30 By signing a valid termination waiver that includes an agreement not to sue the employer the employee may still a file a discrimination charge with the EEOC b participate in an investigation conducted by the EEOC c testify in a proceedings conducted by the EEOC d seek another job with the employer e all of the above Short Answer Answer 6 of 7 5 points each 1 If an employer asks an employee to sign a llwaiver of right to suequot as part of an early termination agreement list 5 principles that will determine whether the waiver is valid or not 2 List and briefly describe 3 standards by which human resource practices will be considered ethical 3 In the Americans with Disability Act there are 3 ways that an individual can be in the llprotected class Name and briefly describe each of these ways In 4 List the 4 job characteristics that will be used in determining ifjobs are llequa Pay Act of 1963 under the Equal 5 Briefly describe the roles of the executive branch the legislative branch and the judicial branch of the US government in the regulation of equal employment opportunity in the United States 6 In protecting itself from liability for illegal harassment charges briefly describe the steps that an employer should take 7 Explain how caregiver discrimination could be considered sexplus discrimination under Title VII What would the employee have to show as primefade evidence to make the case for illegal discrimination under Title VII


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