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Computer Operating System

by: Mona D'Amore

Computer Operating System CSC 350

Mona D'Amore

GPA 3.6


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mona D'Amore on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSC 350 at Concordia University Wisconsin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/234350/csc-350-concordia-university-wisconsin in ComputerScienence at Concordia University Wisconsin.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
18 October Day 16 CSC 350 Review OS Job OS Modules function structure CSC350 notes 1 Operating Systems Overview A Systems Software What is software define note great use for CSAO If you don t recall a term topic etc consult this text Three major components of systems sw booting software translation software OS Why is systems software different from application software or programming language Looks inward makes using the HW easier for users and other SW 3 Levelslayers of software built upon the hardware Application Package solve user problem Programming Language create application package Systems SW manage system First two levels look outward to the user Last level looks inward to the HW analogy stewardship vs evangelism B Operating System OS Definition Master control SW Goal Control and manage the HW and other SW of the system Operating system makes using the HW easier for users amp applications Three major jobs of an OS CSC 490 Course Notes and Outline Dr Gary Locklair Fall 2006 1 Command Interpreter Portion of OS which inputs interprets and executes user commands User Interface portion of the OS used for level 1 problem solving by user Different types of commands a OS commands Ex Windows Explorer one prime user if Delete a file etc b Executable eg Application file name Ex menu doubleclick file name run windows 2 Interface between HW and other SW Application packages can not work with hardware directly Operating system controls actual HW functions Why a makes programming easier cout ltlt Hello don t have to know about dotmatrix and pixels on CRT OS handles it b protects HW from accidental bugs programming error could cause hw to smoke rather than 1000s applications with possible mistakes OS protects hw use 3 Resource Manager Biggest job for a large computer system diagram large computer system processor and terminals IO Operating system must manage the use of resources Illustration 10 users on 10 terminals running 10 different applications One CPU can only service one user at a time Do not I fill heaven and earth declares the LORD Jeremiah 2324 Tricks a MultiTasking Scarce resource is CPU Trick which gives the appearance of multiple simultaneous users algorithm i OS gives each user a small portion of time time slice 50ms in which to use the CPU CSC 490 Course Notes and Outline Dr Gary Locklair Fall 2006 ii CPU executes the user s application during the time slice iii When time slice is over OS puts the application on hold iiii Process continues for each user in a Round Robin fashion b Virtual Memory Scarce resource is Memory Trick which gives the appearance of unlimited RAM memory What is an OS Potentate of the system supreme ruler Moving company We re the potentate of totin freight LW278 Crown Him with Many Crowns s5 Crown Him the Lord of years The potentate of time Creator of the rolling spheres ineffably sublime E Components of OS 1 kernel not a military rank but refers to fundamental managers a memory b process program static vs process dynamic running scheduler dispatcher c file d device 2 shell user lF portion many modern shells are graphical GUI shells often use a window metaphor 3 utilities part of OS or not internal resident vs external transient OS commands F Manager Preview Steps when user request an application package to be run user interacts with command interpreter portion of OS and runs application CSC 490 Course Notes and Outline Dr Gary Locklair Fall 2006 process manager long term or job scheduler ensures system can handle a new job file manager locates application object code on storage memory manager places application package into RAM address resolution process manager short term or process scheduler coordinates execution of job during execution instructions may invoke deVice manager for use of physical deVices keyboard CRT printer etc file manager for use of data files memory manager Virtual memory process manager multitasking 1st part of Giant Brains Video from Machine that changed the world series CSC 490 Course Notes and Outline Dr Gary Locklair Fall 2006


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