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by: Pascale Swift I

ContemporaryArt ART4071

Pascale Swift I

GPA 3.7


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Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Pascale Swift I on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART4071 at California State University - East Bay taught by MarkLevy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/234366/art4071-california-state-university-east-bay in Art at California State University - East Bay.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Syllabus Contemporary Art 4071 Online Winter 2012 Professor Mark Levy General Description This course is an historical survey of the avant gardes and other paradigms of contemporary art following the World War II We will begin with Abstract Expressionism and end with Postmodernism Given that there are more contemporary artists than in any other time of world history the choice of artists will be highly selective although the instructor will attempt to cover those artists whom he considers to be most representative of the major tendencies Goals 0To introduce students to the major trends of contemporary art in their appropriate intellectual contexts 0To introduce students to the analytical tools of art history and the verbal discourses that are helpful in understanding and discussing works of art These verbal discourses are potential models that can help art students fashion verbal discourses about their own work and help nonart students speak intelligently about works of art Requirements Ten 500word papers each 8 for a total of 80 of final grade 20 of final grade for Discussion Board response Discussion Board responses will not be given an individual grade but students will receive a grade for the Discussion Board responses as a whole One paper as well as the Discussion Board responses will be submitted each week Add as a thread in the appropriate weekly Discussion Board Please copy your document and m it into the thread you can also Do not email the instructor the required assignments or attach a Word document to the threadThe deadline is Monday evening at 1159 PM for the previous week s paper and Discussion Board responses Along with the Discussion Board questions the paper topics are embedded in the text of the lesson or t at the end of the lesson Please note that Discussion Board questions are noted as Discussion Board Questions I often include other questions as way of getting you to think about the material but you are not required to answer them in writing It is necessary to carefully and thoroughly read the instructor s presentation to adequately respond to both the questions for the Discussion Board and paper It is often imperative to read the instructor s presentation more than once given the level of complexity of these subjects The instructor does NOT want to see quotes from encyclopedias or dictionaries in student responses For further information look at the Reader or obtain books andor articles from the library Please note that Discussion Board responses need to be more than yes or no agreements or disagreements with other students responses Students need to respond to at least two other student s responses The average work requirement is at least 12 hours per week The Instructor Dr Mark Levy is the senior Professor of Art History at California State University East Bay As a practicing art critic from 1979 1990 he wrote hundreds of reviews and articles for a wide variety of publications Since 1990 he written two books Technicians of Ecstasy Shamanism and the Modern Artistl993 and Void in Art 2006 His next book will be Axis Mundi Gateways to the Upper and Lower World in World Art Professor Levy lives in the Oakland hills with his cat Kali and his large collection of Asian Tribal and Contemporary Art Much of this collection has been obtained on many trips abroad In his quotsparequot time he leads ongoing meditation classes Required Reading The most important readings are the lectures prepared by the instructor and the articles in the Reader It is necessary to purchase the Reader in order to complete the assignments It is not possible to pass this course without the Reader Office Hours Tuesday Thursday 1011 22z30 by appointment only Room 1215 a email markleyycsueastbayedu Email the instructor Before sending an email post your question not personal in nature on Blackboard However when you do email the instructor make sure to add the course name in the subject line The email should be written in a professional manner and the instructor is to be referred to as Professor Levy or Dr Levy Identify yourself at the conclusion of the email by your full name Academic Integrity By enrolling in this class the student agrees to uphold the standards of academic integrity described in the catalog at httpwwwcsueastbayeduecatcurrenti1209radinghtmlsection12 guotations on Papers and Discussion Board responses must be referenced properly Syllabus First Week Abstract Expressionism Second Week Later Abstract Painting Third Week Pop Art Fourth Week Installation and Earth Art Fifth Week Conceptual Art Sixth Week Political Art Seventh Week Deconstruction and Postmodernism Eighth Week Performance and Body Art Ninth Week Contemporary Realism Tenth Week Outsider Art


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