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by: Allie Runolfsdottir

SocialPsychology PSYC3500

Allie Runolfsdottir

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie Runolfsdottir on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC3500 at California State University - East Bay taught by JoannaFanos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/234378/psyc3500-california-state-university-east-bay in Psychlogy at California State University - East Bay.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Midterm Social Psychology Review Remember to bring a scantron and number 2 pencil to exam BE ON TIME Exam will be based on your book anal class lectures 50 multiple choice questions Chapters 1 6 Chapter 1 De nition of social psychology Methods ofresearch Case example Field experiment Survey Laboratory experiment Strengths and weaknesses of each Mundane realism Correlation hypothesis unrepresentative sample response options extraneous variables independent variables Chapters 2 anal 3 Charles Cooley re ected appraisal Learned helplessness Defensive pessimism Selfserving bias Egocentricity Cognitive conservatism Social comparison Downward comparison Public selfconsciousness Self monitoring Selfhandicapping Social cognition Priming Projection Availability bias underusing baserate information base rate fallacy saliency bias Retrospective distortion Overconf1dence bias Internal attribution External attribution defensive attribution Chapters 2 and 3 continued overcon dence bias fundamental attribution error correspondence bias schema illusion of control illusory correlation self ful lling prophecy expectancy effect Chapter 4 Heider s theory of balance Door in the face Foot in the door Low ball Socialization new role sets rites of passage isolation from former groups ignoring other status differences new conformity criteria role clarity role rehearsal committing activity ritual separation liminality incorporation cognitions cognitive dissonance cognitive consonance cognitive irrelevance effort justification Festinger and Carlsmith s 1959 experiment Chapter 5 Personal space pp 1634 Gender differences in mate preferences pp 1759 Individualistic amp collectivistic cultures National Human Genome Research Institute NIH Chapter 6 Milgram experiment on obedience results and factors affecting obedience Sherif studies of norm formation Asch studies of group pressure Good luck PSYC 3500 02 Social Psychology Fall 2011 Tues 630 1000 pm California State University East Bay Concord campus Academic Services Building Room 201 Joanna H Fanos PhD email JoannaFanoscsueastbayedu Office Hours Tues 530 to 630 pm amp by appointment Office Room LB248 Phone 9256026748 CATALOGUE COURSE DESCRIPTION Current theory and research on behavioral and cognitive processes arising in human social interaction Emphasis on experimental investigations of selfappraisal and attribution collective and group dynamics social conformity and con ict Prerequisite PSYC 1000 or 1001 or 1005 LEARNING OBJECTIVES l The understanding of the theories and research in social psychology and the application for issues confronted in one s own life 2 The development of theoretical and analytical skills for understanding research in the social sciences REQUIRED TEXT Myers David G 2010 Social Psychology 10th ed McGrawHill Companies Inc ISBN 9780073370665 COURSE REQUIREMENTS Midterm inclass multiple choice 13 Research Paper 13 Final Exam inclass multiple choice 13 Optional Oral Presentation Extra Credit 3 points added to overall grade EXAMS Questions on the exams will be taken from material covered in the textbook as well as material covered only in class Please bring a Scantron 882E and a 2 pencil to class on those days There will be no makeup exam for the Final RESEARCH PAPER One paper 5 total pages in length is required Title 1 page 3 pages of body References 1 page Students are to select one situation that falls within the field of Social Psychology that has personal meaning in their own lives amp critique relevant theory and literature I must approve all topics well in advance of the due date References MUST be in APA style I encourage showing me early outlines drafts etc Papers will have points deducted for each day late Fanos J Social Psychology PRESENTATIONS Extra Credit The oral presentation should be 56 minutes with an additional several minutes for response to questions from the class Once you sign up to do a presentation this is a commitment if you have signed up and do not present points will be deducted from your overall grade in the course COURSE GRADING A 97100 A 9396 A 9092 B 8789 B 8386 B 80 82 and so forth The optional oral presentation if satisfactory is worth 3 points added onto your overall grade COURSE SCHEDULE Week 1 Sept 27 Introducing Social Psychology Read Chapterl Week 2 Oct 4 The Selfin a Social World amp Social Beliefs and Judgments Read Chapter 2 amp 3 Week 3 Oct 11 Behavior and Attitudes Genes Culture amp Gender Read Chapter 4 amp 5 Week 4 Oct 18 Conformity and Obedience Read Chapter 6 Review for Midterm Week 5 Oct 25 MIDTERM Chapters 16 Week 6 Nov 1 Topics Due for Research Paper Persuasion amp Group In uence Read Chapter 7 amp 8 Week 7 Nov 8 Prejudice Disliking Others amp Aggression Hurting Others Read Chapter 9 amp 10 Fanos J Social Psychology Week 8 Nov 15 Attraction and Intimacy Liking and Loving Others Helping Con ict and Peacemaking Read Chapter 1112 amp 13 Week 9 Nov 22 PAPERS DUE Optional Oral Presentations Week 10 Nov 29 last class Review for Final Exam Tuesday Dec 6 Regular class time 630 pm FINAL EXAM Chapters 7 13 only


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