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by: Allie Runolfsdottir

DevelopmentalPsychology PSYC4420

Allie Runolfsdottir

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie Runolfsdottir on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC4420 at California State University - East Bay taught by EmilyCleveland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/234380/psyc4420-california-state-university-east-bay in Psychlogy at California State University - East Bay.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Cognitive development in early childhood Ch7 o Piaget Preoperational Period 0 Makebelieve play amp Dual representation 0 Egocentrism amp Conservation 0 Vygotsky 0 Private speech amp Zone of proximal development Language development Theory of mind quot quot 39ampsocial 39 39 in earlv quot 39 Ch8 o Moral development Theories 0 Social learning behaviorist cognitivedevelopmental Punishment amp positive discipline Childrearing styles Aggression Gender stereotypes Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Ch 9 o Piaget s concrete operational stage 0 Intelligence gfactor savant syndrome amp multiple intelligences IQ testing quot quot quot 39 39l 39 in Middle Philrlhnnrl Ch 10 o Selfconcept o Selfesteem o Friendship amp peer acceptance Coqnitive l 39 in quot 39 39 Ch 11 o Piaget s formal operational stage 0 Abstract thought selfconsciousness idealism decision making 0 Brain development 0 Sex differences in mental abilities quot quot quot quotl 39 inquotquot Ch12 o Moodiness o Emotions Theories CM 0 The BIG questions 0 Research methods 0 The BIG theories 0 Locke Rousseau Freud Erikson Behaviorism Piaget Vygotsky Evolutionary Ecological Systems Biological amp environmental foundations Ch2 o NATURE amp NURTURE in development 0 The wild children 0 Behavior Genetics 0 Twin studies 0 Adoption studies 0 Genes 0 Gender Identity Prenatal development amp birth Ch 3 o eriods of prenatal development 0 Teratogens o Sensative periods 0 Fetal responding o Newborn preferences and reflexes The Newborn A tabula rasa CM 0 Brain plasticity 0 Governing rule 0 Hemispherectomy o Stimulation 0 Breast feeding 0 Process of maturation Cognitive development in infancytoddlerhood Ch5 o Piaget Sensorimotor Perio o Schemes assimilationaccommodation 0 Object permanence 0 Core knowledge 0 Deferred imitation 0 Language Development Theories o Behaviorsist Nativist amp lnteractionist theories 0 Language Development Process First words first sentences supports Emotional amp social development in infancy Ch6 o Categorical self 0 Emergence of basic and selfconscious emotions o Emotional selfregulation 0 Understanding others emotions o Temperament 0 Reactivity 0 Biological base 0 Attachment 0 Secure base 0 Types of attachment Ch 14 EmotionalSocial Development in Early Adulthood Emerging adulthood Social Clock Life partner selection Attachment Cohabitation amp Marriage Housework Parenthood h r U1 Cognitive development in middle adulthood 0 Effects of normal aging Intelligence Memory Ch 16 Emotional amp social development in middle adulthood o Midlife crisis 0 Gender identity 0 Personality o Friendship Ch 17 Cognitive development in late adulthood o Centenarians o Alzheimers Ch 18 Emotional amp social development in late adulthood 0 Successful aging


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