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by: Clyde McLaughlin II

AdvancedStatisticalInference STAT6304

Clyde McLaughlin II

GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clyde McLaughlin II on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT6304 at California State University - East Bay taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/234383/stat6304-california-state-university-east-bay in Statistics at California State University - East Bay.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
Stat 6304 Fall 2012 HW 2 Solutions 416 a 1 in 4 or 0125 b 1 in 106000 4114 60012000 12001051 4117 P A 4 231 P B 01 Yesy the events are mutually exclusive A manager cannot collect less than 80 and between 85 and 89 simultaneous y d Pmeets standard 2 1323 15231 5797 Squot 4141 a PWoman 014 Pman 17 PWoman 17 014 0161 b P2consecutive women PWoman1PWoman2 014 014 01161 Note that the rst is due to independence 4142 PA 0155 and PB1A gt 13 4144 a 30139 b1 21139 c1 Pnot Anglo 7 Australian 1 7 PAnglo 7 Australian 1 7 63139 761391 d1 Pclose contact U Asian Pclose contactPAsian 7 Pclose contact 1 Asian Egg 1 661391 e P littl t t A 37 139 Fame 01 no 60118011151311 a 3746 9 018043 f Plittle or no contact 1 Anglo 7 Australian PAnglo 7 Australian Plittle or no contactlAnglo 7 Australian 7 30139 7 63139 3063 2 04762 g Asians are most likely to have little or no contact With mentally ill people Note that this means that etnicity is Lot independent of little or no contact With mentally ill 1 4160 a 21 22 b1 P professor77 correct 1 7 822 14221 c P misspell Gandhi U Khaki Pmisspell Gandhi Pmisspell khaki 7 Pmisspell both 1922 522 7 322 21221 4174 Events A pregnant and B test positive and not pregnant are mutually exclusive Also events B and C test negative and pregnant are mutually exclusive Stat 6304 Fall 2012 HW 1 Solutions 111 a Quantitative bi Qualitative cl Qualitative di Quantitative ei Quantitative 113 a The experimental units are the properties there are 5 in the data set bi Leased fee value and lot size are quantitative neighborhood and location are qualitative 1110 a Population bi sample cl sample di population 1114 a The population is all men who father a child b The sample is the 50 men who recently fathered a child who were measured cl Is it exactly equal Probably not However it is a reasonable we will eventually call it unbiased in that on average such guesses will be correct estimatei 1125 a The population is all people who think that they can detect unseen staring The sample is the 12 volunteers who were measured bi Since this was a voluntary response sometimes called a selfselected sample it may be that these 12 individuals were not representative of the population We would want to investigate how these volunteers came about 1136 a 1 a quot 39 2 a quot 39 3 A 39 39 4 A 39 39 5 j 39 39 6i quot 39 7i qualitative 8 ordinal even though it was not one of the choices All of the skilled nursing facilities in California at the time Each skilled nursing facility is an experimental unit39 444 were measured Since measurements were not taken on all 1454 individuals it is a sampler No effectively the sample was selfselectedi Nonresponse bias thDFLOET 1149 Internet polling is more selfselected than phone pollingi At least with phone polling there is outreach to some somewhat random individuals397 with internet polling respondents come to the site themselves 211 a A 26 B 56 C 18i b and c See the graph les 216 ai 9i b 22 of 280612 is about 617351 c 30 22 52i 2121 a l 55 1 1 8 2 000001 2 2 2 55555 2 6 2 89 3 000 b See graphi Stat 6304 Fall 2012 HW 1 Solutions c In this case they pretty much give the same amount of information d The modes seem to be 20 and 25 3114 a i 1147121 median 1149 b The arithmetic average or balance point of the graph would be at 14712 Half of the values are at or below 1149 and half of the values are at or above 1149 3131 a The range 30 715 15 b The variance is 32 416022 x 211178 c s 416 1 di 23


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