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by: Mrs. Noemy Hansen
Mrs. Noemy Hansen

GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Noemy Hansen on Monday November 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL3001 at California State University - East Bay taught by MarinaSapozhnikov in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/234391/engl3001-california-state-university-east-bay in Foreign Language at California State University - East Bay.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
ENGLISH 3001 Hybrid Advanced Writing for NonNative Speakers of English Winter Quarter 2012 Instructor Marina Sapozhnikov English 3001 02 Office Music amp Business Rm 2125 MoWe 1200 150 PM AampE Rm 0137 Office Hours also partially online MoWe 900950 AM amp 600650 PM Telephone office 8853382 or MoWe 1200150 PM Emergency only 5108853151 English Dept see announcements biweekly Email amerabest1hotmailcom amp marinasapozhnikovcsueastbayedu Course Description English 3001 is a course designed to help students meet the University Writing Skills Requirement which is required by the California State University for graduation for both undergraduate and graduate students Students who have taken the Writing Skills Test W ST and have received Limited Competence must take this course Other students may choose this class and perhaps a second tier course as well as an alternative to the WST and those students do not ever have to take the WST The course culminates in a portfolio which is evaluated by faculty from across the curriculum As a result of this evaluation a student may be required to repeat the firsttier course or enroll in a secondtier course or may be found to have met the entire writing skills requirement This course will be delivered in a hybrid fashion in that it will combine facetoface classroom instruction with online learning During facetoface class sessions students will receive instruction on important elements of essay writing and different rhetorical genres as well as detailed explanation of lst tier portfolio contents and requirements In addition all in class writing will be done in a computer lab on campus The rest of the work such as outofclass essay drafts vocabulary and grammar exercises and discussions of topics will be done online The 1 tier Final Portfolio will also be assembled and submitted online Please see Class Schedule soon to be posted in BlackboardCourse Documents for dates and further details Textbooks I Raimes A 2006 Keys for Writers 53911 edition New withdrawal policy Please remember that the only reason a student can withdraw from first tier is if he or she gets DC or CC on the WST Anyone who is eligible to withdraw needs to contact the Testing Office WA 400 See the full text of Section 6 of Executive Order 792 attached in BlackboardCourse Documents Course policies On the last day of class each student will submit a portfolio of writing to be evaluated by a university committee made up of faculty from across the disciplines Your 3001 teacher does not evaluate your portfolio and cannot tell the committee what score to give As a result of the score on this portfolio students will be placed into one of the following categories 1 CC Demonstrates Clear Competencestudent has completed all requirements for the University Writing Skills Requirement 2 DC Demonstrates Developing Competencestudent is required to take a secondtier writing course 3 LC Demonstrates Limited Competencestudent is required to repeat the firsttier course Every student s course result will be based on the completion of the required course work and on the student s portfolio If students do not complete 70 of the coursework they will not pass the course and their portfolios will not be accepted A student must both pass the course AND receive a DC Developing Competence on the portfolio to move to second tier Criteria for portfolios The following elements must be included in the portfolio or it will not be assessed r Table of contents This includes the following items in the order listed below Please note that this is important 19 Re ective introduction essay This is an essay that introduces the portfolio and argues that you should pass either this class or the entire University Writing Skills Requirement It is thesis driven and the evidence mentioned in it must be included in the portfolio although you may choose to include other information such as personal history You will not receive teacher input or comments on this essay except for an explanation of the requirement and a general discussion of this type of essay but you can go to the Student Center for Academic Achievement SCAA for workshop help This requirement will help maintain fairness for all students This essay is an important element of the portfolio and should be approximately 400500 words It must also include a Turnitin report of the final draft 9 One argument essay This is a textbased argument 1000 words minimum This threedraft minimum outofclass essay is a thesisdriven argument that strives to meet the standards detailed in the scoring guide the essence of which is described below under Evaluation of the Portfolio You must use and cite at least one source You must include ALL drafts minimum three one with teacher comments one with SCAA comments and a final clean draft without comments or grade You must also include a Turnitin report of the final draft a Be sure that the latest draft a clean copy with no instructor comments is placed first followed by earlier drafts and prewriting so that the evaluator looks from latest to earliest writing when opening that section of the portfolio b All sets of comments from SCAA tutors with the corresponding drafts must be included in the portfolio r e Three inclass writings with the earliest rst a A diagnostic inclass writing assignment is given in the first week of classes b Two additional inclass writings one from the first part of the quarter and one from the second half should be included as well These may be of any type but each must be a complete thesisdriven essay Because these essays will be written in the electronic classroom they will be typed but must have verification by the teacher that they were written in class V Additional outofclass writing sample A second outofclass essay is included in this section This essay may be developed in whatever way your teacher thinks appropriate and it must also be a minimum of 1000 words in MLA format with a Works Cited page and all drafts and prewriting included You must also include a Turnitin report of the final draft An optional written item Students may include at their own discretion an optional item but this item will only be considered if is referenced in the introduction Additional hardcopy item scan sheet Your teacher will give you a scan sheet at the end of the quarter and you will need to fill it in and submit it back Please note that if the scan sheet is not completely filled out you may not receive proper credit for your portfolio 9 gt1 What qualities are the evaluators looking for The evaluators use a scoring guide Writing in portfolios showing Basic Competence will demonstrate the following qualities A ment Each essay presents the following Thesis gives focus to the writer s ideas Development supports thesis with a variety of strategies such as reasons details results anecdotes examples quotations paraphrases and questions to support positions Organization Each essay demonstrates the following Stru ture uses a clear organizational strategy Coherence makes use of a variety of transitions and other methods to ensure a smooth flow of ideas Management of Source Materials Each textbased essay includes the following Sources are used to in a supporting manner such that the writer s own ideas are discernible Documentation indicates clearly the source of quoted paraphrased or summarized material within and at the end of the essa Technical Command Each essay employs the following Language effective and precise standard English grammar and usage and varied sentence structure Mechanics standard English usage Note An outofclass essay is polished to meet standards and expectations of academic audiences Assignments Essays Outafclass essays there will be two outofclass essays assigned this quarter In both es says you will use text and you will be required to cite it properly Each essay will contain three drafts The first draft of each essay will receive comments from your instructor You will also bring a hard copy of the lst draft to an individual conference with instructor to receive more detailed feedback As for the second draft you will need to either take it to the Student Center for Academic Achievement located in L1 255 O or send it to the SCAA OWL online Writing Lab and work on the draft with a tutor You will prepare the final draft based on the feedback you receive and all three drafts as well as all other feedback will be included in your portfolio Please notice that you CANNOT include an essay that has not been seen by your instructor into your portfolio All outofclass writing assignments will be word processed using a 12 font such as Times Helvetica Geneva or New York with a 1inch margin and doublespaced Inclass essays there will be three inclass essays including one diagnostic essay assigned in the first week of the class Note Students are required to submit their outofclass essays and the re ective introduction essay to Turnitin and to include Turnitin reports into the portfolio Detailed instructions on how to use Turnitin will be provided later in the quarter Gramm arVocabularv Exercises and Quizzes After studying materials on grammar and words from the Glossary of Usage in Keys for Writers you will complete vocabulary and grammar exercises and take several online quizzes You will receive specific instructions before each quiz Discussion Board Throughout the quarter you will study various topics As you approach each topic discussion questions will be posted in Blackboard s Discussion Board It is extremely important that all of you participate in the discussion of these critical thinking questions as they will help you develop a better understanding of each topic and formulate your own opinion on it Note Even though grammarvocabulary exercises and quizzes as well as Discussion Board postings are not going to be included into your portfolios their completion is essential to your learning and progress in this class that is why points are going to be assigned for most of those assignments Attendance and Participation Please note that this is NOT an exclusively online course and even though the number of facetoface meetings will be smaller consistent attendance during those meetings is very important as the work done in class is directly related to your success in English 3001 A student who misses more than three face toface meetings will automatically fail the course Students who are more than 30 minutes late are considered absent Online element Throughout this quarter you will be required to use the online addition to this class The URL to login to Blackboard is httpbbcsueastbayedu Please note that you need to use a NETlD username and password to get access to Blackboard Students can obtain a NETID username and password by activating their NETID account at httpwwwcsueastbayedunetid If you have any questions contact the Blackboard Support Team by em ail at helpdesk csueastbayedu Academic dishonesty Cheating and plagiarism are not acceptable in the academic environment Cheating is defined as possessing unauthorized sources of information during a quiz or exam copying the work of another student or permitting copying by another student during a quiz or exam completing any assignment for another student submitting outofclass work for an inclass assignment altering graded work after instructor evaluation and resubmitting it for regrading retaining exams or other materials after they were supposed to be returned to an instructor or submitting the same paper in two different classes without approval of both instructors These actions may cause the students involved to be placed on probation be suspended or expelled Plagiarism is defined as taking the words or substance ideas of another and either copying or paraphrasing the work without giving credit to the source e g through footnotes quotation marks or reference citations this includes material from the Internet Any portfolio deemed to include the words or substance of another without proper credit will be evaluated as showing Limited Competence and you will be reported to the University for academic dishonesty In addition the university requires that students are informed of the following Students agree that by taking this course all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to Turnitinc0m for the detection of plagiarism All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitinc0m reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers Use of the Turnitinc0m service is subject to the terms of use agreement on t e Turnitinc0m site Grievance Policy If you think that you are being or have been treated unfairly you have a right to file a grievance According to the CSU39EB English Department policy the grievance must first be filed with the instructor with whom you have a complaint If you cannot find a resolution to your grievance then you and your instructor will meet with the head of the composition program or the Dean of the English Department Disability Accommodations If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations or if you would need assistance in the event of an emergency please contact me as soon as possible Final notes This syllabus is subject to change as needed I may also assign individualized homework to help you improve particular skills I hope this quarter will be of great benefit to you


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