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Week 1 Lecture notes - 493c

by: Gayle Landry

Week 1 Lecture notes - 493c Communications 493c

Marketplace > Communication > Communications 493c > Week 1 Lecture notes 493c
Gayle Landry

GPA 3.4
Countercultural Films
Bruce Geisler

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About this Document

These are the notes from the first class. I hope they help you!
Countercultural Films
Bruce Geisler
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gayle Landry on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Communications 493c at a university taught by Bruce Geisler in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 74 views.


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Date Created: 01/23/15
Comm 493C 12115 First Lecture Introduction created this course because he wanted to make a course that he would have wanted to take in college loves teaching himself History born in NYC lived in NJ 1967 graduated high school went to San Francisco after went to Brown Transferred out to Pomona College Went to a commune which was life changing dropped out of college to go to this commune 1975 left the commune 1979 went to UMass to finish school and then went to film school Screenwriting in Hollywood then became independant Syllabus Need the books 0 Strawberry Statement is on reserve Flashing on the Sixties Movie Content and Issues raised by the film parents were lying to their kids about what was important about life so they all broke free they wanted to leave the earth a place where they would want their children to be War on Drugs people already thought what they thought about drugs it didn39t change much most people don39t have power to control their own lives thats what the youth wanted to change people who want to be stoned all the time are people who feel powerless They wanted to get back to the earth where life is real freedom everyone should be able to work together its about raising young people who will take care of it and it makes them feel like they left the planet i39m good hands the priority is the balance of the earth they were about living your dream and doing what you believe in countercultural relevance or impact They changed the way people thought It went from a cookie cutter lying world to the truth Everyone was searching for the meaning of life through drugs Communes were like the family that they never had at home issues raised by the class Peter Fonda talks about how its hard to keep it sustained because people don39t know how to live that way Most of us are not meant to be farmers There was something that they were striving for rather than away from 0 get away from ideas that were not right or true 0 they wanted to build something different and they knew what they wanted I they wanted to remake society and it was doable I best of times and worst of times I civil rights movement and gay rights and woman39s right environmental movement all started to catch on communes becoming cults as an issue 0 some of them can definitely be argued as such 0 let everything be and don39t actually do anything and they did not last long what was a hippie o no one actually called themselves a hippie but other people called them that I tar them all with the same brush women not allowed to do the things that men can do 0 for a countercultural lifestyle where everything is fair it wasn39t fair 0 women were kept in a place in their traditional roles ideals were similar no matter where they were from 0 half of them were in the counterculture the other half were not 0 the ones that embraced it really embraced it 0 there was a sense of solidarity where they really had each others back where did it all go 0 people get into their mid twenties and they start having children and get responsible 0 there are not as many people and they got out of everyones faces and people forgot The Vietnam war was a huge catalyst and leaders emerged There is a distrust among us 0 You have to look behind you and worry about what people are going to do They plugged in to the energy of people and we plug in to the internet 0 the 60s were trying to connect with everyone 0 where we are individualized and separated o we are also really worried aboutjobs and our careers the lack of trust we have is making it impossible to collaborate o everyone else is worried about making a quick buck everyone was so angry in the movie 0 we instead of getting angry we get anxiety and depression it used to be spiritual and be happy within thy self rather than now people care about what other people think Think globally but act locally Writers own life experience marketing makes us need more two jobs more money need more marketing individualizes you FDA wants you to take drugs instead of preventative means of medicine money and school and debt


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