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by: Brent Hawn

Chapter10StudyGuide.pdf PSY 12000 - 042

Marketplace > Purdue University > Psychlogy > PSY 12000 - 042 > Chapter10StudyGuide pdf
Brent Hawn
Elementary Psychology
Erin Sparks Ward

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About this Document

Complete answers and notes from Chapter 10 in PSY 120 from Erin Sparks Ward
Elementary Psychology
Erin Sparks Ward
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brent Hawn on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 12000 - 042 at Purdue University taught by Erin Sparks Ward in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Elementary Psychology in Psychlogy at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 11/03/15
Chapter 10 1 What are some sample de nitions of intelligence lecture The ability to use inductive and deductive reasoning The cognitive capacity to reason plan solve problems and thing abstractly 2 What are psychometrics Who was the rst person to make an attempt at psychometrics booklecture A branch of psychology dedicated to improving the way psychologists measure constructs of interest 0 Galton 3 What is factor analysis Who developed factor analysis Spearman lecturebook A statistical procedure used to lump similar variables together in order to reduce the amount of data one has to deal with 4 What was Spearman39s perspective on intelligence What is the factor g and what are the factors quot5quot booklecture Factor g single factor 0 Factor 5 speci c abilities predict performance on subtests 5 What was Thurstone39s perspective on intelligence How did it differ from Spearman39s Did Thurstone support the existence of 9 What are the seven primary mental abilities booklecture There is no g c There are 7 primary mental abilities all independent and unrelated l verbal comprehension verbal uency numerical ability spatial ability memory perceptual speed reasoning 6 What is a hierarchical model of intelligence How does it represent a compromise between Spearman39s perspective and Thurstone39s perspective booklecture G exists and is meaningful but so are several subfactors Various levels can be assessed depending on predictive purposes 7 What is uid intelligence and crystallized intelligence booklecture Fluid intelligence Ability to solve problems reason and remember Crystalized intelligence Knowledge and abilities acquired as a result of expe ence 8 Describe Gardner39s case study approach to multiple intelligences How did his perspective differ from Spearman39s What are Gardner39s 8 distinct kinds of intelligence booklecture Gardner39s Study People sometimes show specialized skills or abilities that are not representative of a general ability 0 Musical bodilykinesthetic logicalmathematical linguistic spatial interpersonal intrapersonal naturalistic 9 What is Sternberg39s triarchic theory of intelligence Understand what is meant by analytical intelligence creative intelligence and practical intelligence Which is most like Spearman39s idea of g booklecture 0 Analytical intelligence process info frame problems effectively 0 Creative intelligence Cope with novel tasks apply what you39ve learned in new ways 0 Practical intelligence How well you t in your environment 10What is an achievement test and what is an aptitude test book Achievement test Psychological tests that measure that measure your current level of knowledge or competence in a particular subject Aptitude test Psychological tests that measure your ability to learn or acquire knowledge in a particular subject 11What is meant by reliability validity and standardization booklecture Reliability Consistency of tests results Validity How well test measure what is is supposed to be measured Standardization Everything the same across people 12Understand the components that make a test valid content predictive construct booklecture Content Test samples across domain of interest Predictive Test predicts future outcomes 0 Construct Tape into a theoretical construct 13What does IQ stand for and why did people rst start trying to develop a way to measure intelligence quotient booklecture IQ Intelligence quotient 14What is meant by mental age booklecture What a child s chronological age should be based on their scores on a test 15How did Binet and Simon rst compute IQ According to their original method what score would be quotaveragequot ie an average score would mean that mental age chronological age LECTUREBOOK IQ mental age chronological age 100 0 Average score 100 16What is deviation IQ book 0 An intelligence score that is derived from determining where your performance sits in an agebased distribution of test scores 17What does a distribution of intelligence scores look like lecturebook Standard Deviation 3 2 1 0 from the Mean I l I I I I l 39 I i m l l cl IQ Score 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 Percentile 01 2 16 50 84 98 99 O 18Know the de ning characteristics of the StanfordBinet scale Raven39s progressive matrices and the Wonderlic personnel test lecture StanfordBinet scale Uses verbal and nonverbal media 5 subscales Raven39s progressive matrices Nonverbal uses pictures only Wonderlic personnel test Used in personnel selection 19What is the de nition of intellectual disability formerly known as mental retardation approximately what percentage of the population is diagnosed with it what criteria must be ful lled to be diagnosed and what are some possible causes booklecture Mental retardation Scoring below 70 on a standard IQ test 0 Must be diagnosed prior to age 18 0 Many are able to live independently Genetic abnormalities 0 Environmental factors Teratogens 20What is the de nition of giftedness Do gifted children grow up to be happier more successful and more socially well adjusted booklecture Scoring gt 130 on a standard IQ test 0 Yes because more money more emotionally stable more socially skilled 21What is a savant booklecture Know the special abilities displayed by the two savants we watched in the two different video clips in class lecture Savant Have amazing abilities in only limited domains autism 0 Missing corpus callosum and damage to cerebellum 0 Had photographic memory 22What are labeling effects book 0 You take a test as a child your IQ is calculated by comparing your performance with that of other kids your age and the score becomes part of your continuing academic record Once the IQ label is applied you39re smart you39re below average and so on expectations are generated in those who have access to your score 23What is creativity book 0 The ability to generate ideas that are original novel and useful 24What is emotional intelligence book 0 The ability to perceive understand and express emotion in ways that are useful and adaptive 25What is tacit knowledge book Unspoken tactical knowledge about how to perform well on the job 26Is IQ stable Know the general pattern of IQ stability over the course of the lifespan Know at what age performance on IQ tests tends to decline and how young IQ can rst be measured in a way that tends to reliably predict IQ later in life booklecture Studies suggest IQ is fairly stable until about age 60 0 After age 60 some loss of IQ 27What is the Flynn effect booklecture IQ test performance in general seems to be rising over time about 3 points per decade 28Understand the nature vs nurture debate what it comes to intelligence booklecture How are twin studies used to tease apart the nature and nurture components of IQ Do twin studies indicate a strong genetic component to IQ booklecture 0 Nature heritability Nurture schooling 0 Results indicate substantial effects for nature and nurture o Twins regardless of how they were raised have extremely similar IQ 29What does the plant example demonstrate about the interaction between nature and nurture booklecture In the plant analogy all variation in plant height within one pot is due to genetics but the overall height difference between plants in one pot and plants in the other is attributable to the differing environments rich soi versus poor soil 0 Having the genes but not having the environment to express them as well as having the best environment but not having the genes


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