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Psychology of Adolescence Week 8

by: Katerina Patrinos

Psychology of Adolescence Week 8 Psy 332

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Whitewater > Psychlogy > Psy 332 > Psychology of Adolescence Week 8
Katerina Patrinos
GPA 3.7
Psychology of Adolescence
Dr. Fruiht

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About this Document

Psychology of Adolescence
Dr. Fruiht
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katerina Patrinos on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 332 at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater taught by Dr. Fruiht in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Adolescence in Psychlogy at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
Psychology of Adolescence Psych 332 10272015 Adolescent Sexuality Research on Adolescent Sexuality Too taboo to study 0 Its very uncomfortable to talk about teens having sex 0 Focus on bad outcomes 0 Usually focus on what bad happens after teen pregnancy etc 0 Normal part of adolescence reality Occurs across cultures and eras Cognitive biological and social development Culturally embedded o Sexuality does look different in different cultures 0 Its going to be expressed differently in a culture where it is completely unacceptable to have sex 0 Related to social norms and expectations Difficult to research because of taboo nature of the topic 0 Teens are very concerned with what people think of them Some might lie or exaggerate responses to look cool or because they don t want to say 0 Boys tend to exaggerate experiences girls downplay experiences Why do teens have sex 0 Boys 0 Sexuality and sexual activity is more closely tied to pubertal timing and testosterone 0 Sexual activity and initiation is liked to popularity 0 Boys who go through puberty early are more likely to start having sex earlier and ones who go through puberty later usually have sex later Could be also because when you hit puberty you are more likely to look like an adult and girls are mostly likely going to want to have sex with someone who looks older instead of like a little boy 0 Girls 0 Sexual activity is linked with perceptions of behavior and peer behavior and attitudes Girls usually have sex when their friends are having sex 0 Cross culturally men are viewed as 39wanting it and women as the gatekeepers What do teens think about sex 0 Boys 0 Separate intimacy and sexuality 0 View sexual experiences as recreation Girls 0 Integrate sexual activity into capacity for intimacy 0 Associate sex with romance love friendship More likely going to want to have sex in a intimate relationship 0 Feel more con icted about sexual activity and consequences 0 Cross culturally norms for sex are different for men and women Prevalence of Sexual Behavior 0 Early adolescents report solo sexual behavior fantasies and masturbation In later adolescence sexuality begins to include others 0 In recent years less adolescents report sexual activity but those who do report it starting younger 0 Sexual activity in adolescence is actually on the decline 0 Cultural and ethnic differences in sexual timing demonstrates the ulturalexpectations component of sexuality Sexual behavior and culture 0 Oral sex is considered quotless riskyquot by most adolescents 0 Its not less risky but adolescents think it is and are more likely to engage in it 0 Prevalence rates are generally slightly higher 0 Generally people doing on are doing both Adolescent are most likely to lose their virginity during culturally relevant seasons prom graduation holidays Who is having sex 0 Characteristics 0 Relationship with parents 0 School connectedness keep from having sex 0 religion 0 o peers o appeal more likely to have sex 0 sensation seeking Demographic Correlates of Sexual Activity 0 Single parent households 0 Divorcing parents 0 Attention rebellion Sexually active peers Psychological Correlates of Sexual Activity Sexually active adolescents 16 are no worse off than nonactive adolescents Early sexual behavior before 16 is associated with o Experimentation with drugs and alcohol 0 Lower levels of religious involvement 0 Minor delinquency 0 Lower interest in academic achievement 0 Stronger orientation toward independence Perhaps these people have less parental guidance more sensation seeking etc Ahk How do we stop it Interventions are largely unsuccessful in stopping adolescent sexual activity including 0 Parenting Train parents on how to stop your kids from having sex 0 Virginity Pledges Promise to stay a virgin 0 Sex Education Parents and Sexuality Parentadolescent communication about sex 0 Adolescents with a stronger relationship with parents are less likely to have sex 0 Authoritative parents style 0 Sex high standards but are more likely to talk about problems are feelings o Is a predictor of having less risky sex Predicts less risky sexual behavior Virginity PactsPledges No effect on high school sexual activity 0 Doesn t work in quotwhole schoolquot pledges 0 Doesn t work in schools where its uncommon Effect of pledges 0 Less contraception use ie riskier behavior SexualEducann Sex education programs are increasingly quotabstinence onlyquot programs 0 Ineffective 0 Don t decrease prevalence of behavior 0 Don t make behavior less risky Comprehensive sexual education includes pregnancy prevention and STD prevention techniques and how to avoid unwantedunintended sex 0 Reduces risky sexual behavior increases quotsafe sexquot practices 0 Countries with the most comprehensive sexual education programs that start the earliest have the lowest teen pregnancy and STD infection rates Sexual Literacy Adolescents gain sexual knowledge for peers pornography and unreliable sources internet yahoo answers etc 0 Average American knows more about how their car works than how their body works Adolescents are Egocentric and Invincible o It wont happen to me I wont get pregnant 0 Even if they learn about it they don t think it will happen to them 0 Safe sex requires planned organized rational approach to problem solving 0 Acceptance of sexuality and emotionalcognitive maturity are better predictors of safe sex behaviors 40 of high school students didn t use a condom the last time they had sex adolescents report using the withdrawal or rhythm method to prevent pregnancy Consequences of Sexual Activity Birthrate is dropping abortion is becoming much more common and more acceptable More people are unmarried me me E et V g 7 f 9393 E ed quot irthlrate ee 32 m c m m use A at 39 39l g so an 3 4e EIll a 3 3D 33 n Ell I m 3 1 g 7 39 Percent unmarried m El V W W 77 W W V W quotl else i eee WW met 1 eee El iil E Overall 0 Talking about sex is taboo 0 But developing sexuality is normal in adolescence Sexual behavior is governed by culture 0 And boys and girls have different norms in almost every culture Adolescents are sexually active but illiterate 0 But comprehensive sex education and open conversations with parents can reduce risky behavior PElJJI39ELJiJ39LJI39l eIEiEJLiazued


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