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Chapter 13

by: Mora Lucero

Chapter 13 ADMJ 0600 - 1030

Mora Lucero
GPA 3.2
Intro to Criminology
Louis Gentile

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About this Document

Intro to Criminology
Louis Gentile
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mora Lucero on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADMJ 0600 - 1030 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Louis Gentile in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Intro to Criminology in Law and Legal Studies at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
Chapter 4 and 13 1 Rational Choice Theory everyone who commits crime makes a rational decision makes a choice evaluate the risks a Deterrent swiftness by which they would get caught b Roots of Beccaria s classical school of criminology i People make a choice between pain and pleasure 1 Utilitarian view c Death penalty i Still controversial more cost effective for tax payers ii Mandatory appellate process go through series of appeals 1 Over one million dollars iii More than 50 states do not have death penalty iv 1972 unconstitutional by furman vs Georgia due to subjectivity 1 African American in the south who killed a white person I put to death v 1976 gregg vs Georgia 1 issac ehlic wrote an article that for every one put to death nullified 810 murders a unscientific 2 looking for reason to bring back death penalty a nation was a mess i kent state shootings 3 no longer violated 8th amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment if there is a scientific process to determine whether or not someone is put to death a weighing in aggravating vs mitigating circumstances vi jury must decide if death penalty case 1 3 levels of homicide a 1St degree homicide with intent i premeditated b 2nd degree i without aggravating factors c 3rd degree i manslaughter 2 mitigating circumstances first time 3 aggravating circumstances highj ack a plane murder during rape 2 Public Order Crimes a Paraphilias in book i Autoerotic syndrome go until point of passing out which is the only way to satisfy sexual pleasure ii Prostitution most popular post World War II 1 red light district 2 bag man put cash in bag to pay off politicians 3 brothel I massage parlor a diminishing effect but will not give up 4 technology I adult bookstore a 7080 fingerprint of organized crime b sell movies videos instead of sex i pornographic legal ii obscenity know it if you see it illegal iii did the government have the right to censor 5 escort service nothing to do with organized crime a Elliot Spitzer former governor of New York i Busted for prostitution 6 1957 Roth V US a the government not only has the ability to enforce obscenity laws may even have an obligation to protect the morality of society protect the weak from the strong or from yourself 7 1973 Miller v California a set forth obscenity law b 3 criteria to be obscene i whether average joe applying contemporary community standards finds the work as a whole of appealing to prurient overwhelming desire for sex interest ii whether the work describes patently offensive way conduct or depictions specifically prohibited by law iii whether the work lacks serious literary scientific educational or medical value 8 1989 a connect organized crime to bookstores i problem contemporary community standards VARY community to community b films lead to violent acts i Nixton divison in 1970 1 No relationship between sexual material and a violent act ii Meese Report 1986 1 Yes relationship between sexual material and a violent act 2 Desensitization effect more exposure to violence the less offensive iii Jury entity that determines contemporary community standards iii Child pornography 1 Edit a child in a sexual film wasn t against the law until now 2 Save memorabilia 3 Chat rooms to engage in conversations and discover predators a Entrapment convincing someone to do something you were not predisposed to do 4 Two types of molesters a Situational molest anyone and anything no discretion b Preferential pedophile one who has a sexual relationship with a child not an adult because when they reach manhood one is turned off i Not on surface of violent act but betrayal of trust ii Will do anything to obtain the child iii Chicken hop male pedophile 1 Victim is referred to as chicken iv Lolita lover female pedophile 1 Victim is referred to as Lolita


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