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Introduction, Water-- Animal Nutrition

by: Shauneen O'Neill

Introduction, Water-- Animal Nutrition ANSC 1111

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Animal Science and Zoology > ANSC 1111 > Introduction Water Animal Nutrition
Shauneen O'Neill
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Animal Nutrition
Dr. Safran

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About this Document

These are notes taken the first day of class.
Animal Nutrition
Dr. Safran
Class Notes
Animal Science




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shauneen O'Neill on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANSC 1111 at University of Connecticut taught by Dr. Safran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Animal Nutrition in Animal Science and Zoology at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 11/03/15
19 January 2015 Day One What is a nutrient A nutrient is basically a molecule that nourishes or makes your body better at doing what it needs to do in order to survive MOST IMPORTANT Water or H20 Plants and animals all need nutrients but each require different ones for different purposes Animal Requirements Animals require about 44 specific nutrients and these include the following 0 02 oxygen 0 H20 0 essential fatty acids 0 10 essential amino acids NOTE Animal Nutrition is important because it contributes to the wellbeing of livestock animals it is essential and vital to maintain this in order for them to be able to successfully grow finish and breed A This contributes to the successful production and economical state of agricultural industries LUXEMBOURG 1 consumer of meat in the world followed by the USA at a close 2 WATER THE NUTRITIOUS VALUE AND SUPERMAN PROPERTIES Q Cohesion Surface tension 0 Temperature moderation 0 Density ice is less dense than water 0 IT S A SOLVENT NOTE We consume water soluble vitamins it is vital that they are water soluble because we need to get them into our cells Water Requirements Each animal has a different water requirement some animals live in drier areas so they have evolved to not need as much water they conserve most of it in their bodies and excrete a minimal amount Example The Kangaroo Rat does not drink water and has no sweat glands this adaptation is useful because it conserves the water that the rat does have within its body and it obtains water through the food that it eats also nocturnal The Packrat consumes cactus as a source of its water Marine Mammals fish are their source of water An individual s personal water requirement is affected by High protein diet Ambient Temperature Dry matter intake Activity Physiological stateage m Drinking Feed Metabolic water Fat protein carbohydrates gt C02 H20 Water Absorption Regulation Osmosis gt Diffusion of water across a membrane high to low concentration and it is a passive process Areas of Net Absorption Secretion The large intestine is predominantly responsible for the reabsorption of water The small intestine is responsible for the secretion Kidnev Function Humans secrete urea while birds secrete uric acid dry part on top of feces and fish secrete ammonia NH3 from their gills Hormones Diuretics makes us pee gt tea coffee and alcohol are considered diuretic Water Toxicitv If we drink too much water without excreting it properly our cells could burst due to excessive osmosis and over absorption secretion of water from the intestines gt This happened to a 28year old woman in 2007


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