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Hamlet Notes Continued

by: Rebecca Staley

Hamlet Notes Continued ENG 412

Marketplace > Marshall University > Foreign Language > ENG 412 > Hamlet Notes Continued
Rebecca Staley
GPA 3.39
Shakespeares Histories and Tragedies
Dr. Edmund Taft

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About this Document

This weeks notes from Hamlet.
Shakespeares Histories and Tragedies
Dr. Edmund Taft
Class Notes
Hamlet, Shakespeare, To be or not to be
25 ?




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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Staley on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 412 at Marshall University taught by Dr. Edmund Taft in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Shakespeares Histories and Tragedies in Foreign Language at Marshall University.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
Hamlet Notes Cont Attendance Confession PP s Quizzes Returned End of 22 To be or not to be HamletOphelia Report QuizBreak The Mousetrap 10 33 11 34 opospwnesnwr Q Line 577 Who calls me villain He is saying that he doesn t know why he hasn t committed the act yet revenge He says he must be a coward Line 599 He isn t sure whether the King killed his father so he is going to find out He decided to do a play To be or not to be Hamlet is concerned about his soul but he does want to kill Claudius He does not like Claudius He is very disrespectful towards him even before he knows anything about his father s possible murder To be or not to be is not about whether or not to commit suicide but whether he shall commit the murder and die because of it or not Revenge recoils against the revenger At the end of the speech he decided not to act because if no one returns from death line 81 then his father s ghost cannot be his father but a devil This occurs after he decides to have a play because he may later decide to change his mind Line 91 Polonius has made Ophelia return Hamlets gifts Hamlet reacts to this in anger By using the term nunnery he could be telling her to leave in case of danger or he could be saying she deserves to be in a brothel He could also be saying both at the same time Polonius and Claudius are manipulating Ophelia but the ghost is also manipulating Hamlet The older generation is manipulating the younger generation to suit their purposes They are being sacrificed for the aims of the older generation Ophelia is torn between love for Hamlet and obedience to her father Hamlet is torn between his anger towards Ophelia and his love for her The MousetraD Claudius s reaction could either be Oh no this is a reenactment of the murder or he could be thinking Oh no Hamlet is going to kill me In the play the kings nephew kills him and marries his wife Hamlet could be revealing that he wants to have his mother Freudian approach Hamlet is still not sure after the play He determines the play could be interpreted in many ways Hamlet wants to test the ghost again M The ghost enters during Hamlet and the Queens argument If he is a good ghost he would do this to protect the queen but if the queen was about to confess her guilt and the ghost came to stop that he is a bad ghost


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