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Word Dissector 6

by: Briana Jurado

Word Dissector 6 HPHY 211

Briana Jurado
Medical Terminology

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About this Document

Medical Terminology
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Briana Jurado on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HPHY 211 at University of Oregon taught by Hopkins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Medical Terminology in Human Physiology at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
Word Dissector 5 Briana J urado Dr Hopkins HPHY 21 l l 1 2 Ovarles 3 Fallopian tubes 3 4 4Uterus i 5 Urinary bladder 6 Urethra I Clitoris TVagina Perineum Bartholin glands Fallopian tubes 1 fimbriae Ovarian follicles f i I r Ovary j yometrium Corpus luteum ss uterus endomet 1um Uterine se osa Vagina Cervix Uteroovarlan llgament 2 TERMINOLOGY MEANING Amniocentesis Surgical puncture to remove uid in the amnion Amniotic uid Pertaining to the amnion uid Word Dissector 5 Bartholinitis In ammation of the bartholin glands Endocervicitis In ammation in the cervix Chorionic Pertaining to the chorion Colposcopy Visual examination of the vagina Culdocentesis Surgical puncture to remove uid of the culdesac Episiotomy Process of cutting the vulva Galactorrhea Discharge of milk Gynecomastia Pertaining to a woman s breast Hysterectomy Removal of the uterus Hysterectomy Removal of the uterus Hysteroscopy Visual examination of the uterus Lactation Process of milk Inframmary Pertaining to below the breast Mammoplasty Surgical repair of the breast Mastitis In ammation of the breast Mastectomy Removal of the breast Amenorrhea Discharge of the menses Dysmenorrhea Painful discharge of menses Oligomenorrhea Scanty discharge of menses Menorrhagia Bursting forth of the menses Metrorrhagia Bursting forth of measure Menometrorrhagia Bursting forth Myometrium Smooth muscle tissue of uterus Myomectomy Removal of the breast muscle Neonatal Pertaining to new birth Obstetrics Pertaining to pregnancy childbirth Oogenesis Producing an egg Oocyte Egg cell Oophorectomy Removal of bearing an egg Ovum Structure of the egg Ovarian Pertaining to the ovary Anovulatory No ovulation Perineorrhaphy Bursting forth of the perineum Oophoritis In ammation of egg bearing Salpingectomy Removal of the fallopian tube Uterine prolapse Pertaining to the uterus prolapse Vaginal orifice Pertaining to the vagina ori ce Vaginitis In ammation of the vagina Vulvovaginitis In ammation of the vagina vulva Vulyodynia Pain of the vulva Chabner 268273 a COMBINING MEANING COMBINING MEANING FORM FORM Word Dissector 5 Amnio Amnion Myomo Muscle tumor Bartholino Bartholin glands Nati Birth Cephalo Head Obstetro Pregnancy childbirth Cervico Neck cervix Oligo Scanty Chorio Choriono Chorion 00 egg Colpo Vagina Oophoro Ovary Culdo Culdesac Ovo egg Episio Vulva Ovario Ovary Galacto Milk Ovulo Egg Gyneco Woman female Perineo Perineum Hystero Uterus womb Phoro To bear Lacto Milk Pyo Pus Mammo Breast Salpingo Fallopian tube Masto Breast Utero Uterus Meno Menses Vagino Vagina Metro metrio Measure Vulvo Vulva Myo Muscle PREFIX MEANING PREFIX MEANING Bi Life Oxy Rapid sharp acid Dys Bad painful Peri Around dif cult abnormal Endo In within Pre Before in front of In In into not Primi First Intra Within into Pseudo False Multi Many Retro Behind again backward Nulli none Uni One SUFFIX MEANING SUFFIX MEANING arche Beginning plasty Surgical repair cyesis Pregnancy rrhagia Bursting forth dynia Pain rrhaphy Suture ectomy Removal resection rrhea Flow discharge flexion Bend salpinx Fallopian tube oviduct genesis Producing forming scopy Visual examination gravida Pregnant woman stenosis Tightening stricture itis In ammation stomy New opening pareunia Sexual intercourse tocia Labor birth parous To bear bring forth tomy Process of cutting plasia Development version Turning condition formation growth of Chabner 309310 Word Dissector 5 Prostate anti as deferens eminal vesicle jaculatory Glans dUCt penisquot I scrotu S f per1neum Bulbouret em1 1erous hral glands tubules epididymis Seminiferous tubules l testes epididymis l Vas deferens l Ejaculatory duct Seminal vesicles Urethra Prostate gland l Bulbourethral I glands pen1s Chabner 3 15 Word Dissector 5 TERMINOLOGY MEANING Androgen Substance that produces men Balanitis In ammation of the penis glands Cryogenic surgery Pertaining to producing cold Cryptorchidism Testes fall to scrotum Epididymitis In ammation of the epididymis Gonorrhea Discharge of a seed Hydrocele Hernia of water Orchiectomy Removal of the testis Orchitis In ammation of the testis Penile Pertaining to the penis Penoscrotal Pertaining to the penis Prostatitis In ammation of the prostate gland Prostatectomy Removal of the prostate gland Seminiferous tubules Pertaining to semen tubules Spermolytic Reducing spermatozoa Oligospermia Pertaining to scanty spermatozoa Aspermia Pertaining to no spermatozoa Teratoma Tumor monster Testicular Pertaining to the testis Varicocele Hernia of varicose veins Vasectomy Removal of vessel Azoospermia Pertaining to no animal spermatozoa Spermatogenesis Producing spermatozoa Testosterone Pertaining to testis Orchiopexy Fixation of the testis Vasovasostomy Process of cutting vessels Chabner 317319 a COMBINING MEANING COMBINING MEANING FORM FORM andro Male Peno Penis Balano Glans penis Prostato Prostate gland Cryo Cold Semini Semen seed Crypto Hidden Spermo Spermatozoa Epididymo Epididymis Spermato Spermatozoa Gono Seed Terato Monster Hydro Water Testo Testis Orcho Testis Varico Varicose veins Orchio Testis Vaso Vessel Orchido Testis Zoo Animal life SUFFIX MEANING SUFFIX MEANING cele Hernia one Hormone ectomy Removal pexy Fixation Word Dissector 5 gen Substance that plasia Development produces genesis Producing forming rrhea Flow discharge genic Produced by or in stomy New opening lysis Breakdown tomy Process of cutting separation lytic Reducing trophy Nourishment destroying Chabner 341 4 a How dif cult is it to branch off and start your own practice b Is it dif cult to balance your home life and work life Works Cited Chabner DaViEllen The Language of Medicine St Louis MO SaundersElsevier 2014 Print Female Reproductive System Digital image Np nd Web The Female Reproductive System Digital image Np nd Web Male Reproductive System and Organs Digital image Super Teacher Tools Np nd Web


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