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Word Dissector 7

by: Briana Jurado

Word Dissector 7 HPHY 211

Briana Jurado
Medical Terminology

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About this Document

Medical Terminology
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Briana Jurado on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HPHY 211 at University of Oregon taught by Hopkins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Medical Terminology in Human Physiology at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
Word Dissector 7 Briana J urado Robin Hopkins HPHY 211 Nervous System 1 Page 344354 a Central Nervous System consists of the brain and spinal cord b Peripheral Nervous System consists of cranial nerves spinal nerves plexuses amp peripheral nerves i Cranial nerves carry impulses bw the brain and headneck ii Plexus large network of nerves within the peripheral nervous system iii Spinal and cranial nerves nerves that help the body respond to changes from the outside world 1 Receptors eye hearing and balance smell and touch 2 Sensory afferent nerves carry messages toward the spinal cord and brain 3 Motor efferent nerves travel from the spinal cord and brain to muscles telling them how to respond c Autonomic nervous system carries impulses away from the CNS to the glands heart blood vessels and involuntary muscles found in the walls of tubes i Sympathetic nerves stimulate the body in times of stresscrisis ii Parasympathetic nerves act as a balance for sympathetic nerves Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous I System Cranial Spinal Autonom Nerves Nerve ic Nerves l l Parasympathet Sympatheti ic c nerves nerves 2 Neurons 1nd1v1dual nerve cells a Stimulus begins an impulse in the dendrites I impulses reaches the cell body contains cell nucleus I ganglia small collections of nerve cell bodies axon carries impulse away from the cell body I axon covered with myelin sheath to insulate the nerve fiber I impulse leaves cell via the terminal end fibers transfer of impulse across synapse depends on a neurotransmitter 3 Nerve macroscopic a Bundle of dendritesaxons I peripheral nerves afferent or sensory carry impulses from the CNS to organs which produce responses musclesglands efferent or motor 4 Glial cells make up the supportive framework and help fight infection can reproduce Word Dissector 7 Frontal lobe Occipit al lobe Medulla oblongata Temporal lobe Parietal lobe 6 Ventricles middle of the cerebrum containing spaces or canals a Cerebrospinal uid CSF protects the brainspinal cord from shock clear and colorless 7 HEm quot i quot 5quot 55 Rig JhiJ rlj it 554 A N g t gt Cerebrum iii Him 1 A Pituitarylt land Corpus g callosum 1 Thalamus Hypothalamus 8 Spinal Cord column of nervous tissue from medulla oblongata to the second lumbar vertebra win the vertebral column below the end is the cauda equina bundle of spinal nerves below the end of the spinal cord Word Dissector 7 9 Meninges three layers of connective tissue membranes that surround brainspinal cord a Outermost membrane dura mater contains channels that contain blood b Second layer arachnoid membrane is loosely attached to the other meninges by bers c Third layer pia mater contains connective tissue with blood vessels 10 Physical Therapist What is the most common type of injury that you treat What attracted you to becoming a physical therapist O39QJ Works Cited Brain and the Cranial Nerves Digital image Central Nervous System Np nd Web Chabner DaViEllen The Language of Medicine St Louis MO SaundersElsevier 2014 Print The Nervous System Digital image Interactive Biology Np nd Web


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