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GEOG Notes (For Exam!)

by: SophieSol

GEOG Notes (For Exam!) GEOG 1003

GPA 3.92
Society and Environment
Rain, D

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About this Document

Here are notes from today's class that are fair game for the exam! I also noted the things Prof. Rain said to know for the exam here.
Society and Environment
Rain, D
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by SophieSol on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1003 at George Washington University taught by Rain, D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see Society and Environment in Geography at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
15 MC 4 short answer 0 2 examples of 1 essay Fair game 0 Book chapters 58 5 0 Know basic system of earth 0 Don t need to know CSA climate 0 How energy is received and that it falls into tropics moves N and S Components of GHG and how long they stay in atmosphere 0 Residence time radiant potential 0 C02 and methane 0 Ice cores as a source of evidence for climate change Not a lot of C02 in atmosphere but is important to measure temperature changes Monoloa is observatory in Hawaii 0 Rising falling levels in atmosphere 0 Difference between artic and antartic in Greenland to raise sealevles Arctic is ocean water on top of awter Can be a lot of melting o Converts solid ice into ocean water not having a affect on ocean levels around world Antarctic in Greenland o If ice sheet melted water level would rise 7 meters because this is land 0 Understand how to draw a population pyramid What is x axis and y axis know how to draw Males and females age groups go up and down 0 Draw developing world population pyramid and developed world Broad base and narrow top developing countris Males on left females on right 0 Lots of births at bottom 0 Developing world pattern high mortality Us does not have broad base can see baby boom 0 For estimated 2025 0 Immigration will continue and there will be that broad base 0 Dates for mechanism of revolution 0 Domesticated crops and animals 0 Know what a Hadley cell is o TEMPERATURE AND PRECIPITATION determine climate 0 Know latitude and longitude Urbanization o Appealing to live in a city 0 Most of growth that will happen will be in developing world 0 Pull factors Separation from patriarchy 0 Push factors Lack in good soil 0 People migrate for economic opportunity hope to better their lives 0 The entire population of the world will be urban 0 We reached urban tipping point in 2007 Rural dwellers urban dwellers 0 Moving to city results in a lower fertility rate 0 Cities experience a population explosion Rural life styles are going into cities ie areas of goats Overview 0 Images of megacities are true but most of growth is happening in smaller lessdeveloped country LDCs cities 0 Niger 0 Mostly desert most people live in the south not desert o Urbanization rate is 47 Nairobi Kenya 0 In less developed countries there is a lot of segregation racial ethnic etc o Slums are very dense res tribal warfare o quotBleeding edge of urbanization are slum communitiesquot 0 More slum dwellers than nonslum dwellers Accra Ghana 0 Bad air pollution people stand in street selling things and they inhale it high rates of stroke 0 For satellite images rusted roofs are same color as dirt and this makes mapping difficult 0 Fuel and wood air pollution but there is a big need for it o Floods are a huge issue and a main killer of people Periurban growth 0 What is the best way to live in the least impactful way 0 High density area Fortest o Urbanization and resulting health issues Urbanization of poverty 0 Flood from rural areas these people have overwhelmed urban areas and there is stroke cholera malaria infectious outbreaks Big challenges for governments to address these sanitation systems clinics 0 Know that most urbanization takes place in Africa and developing countnes Focus is on developing world


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