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by: Samuel Gozinsky

COM 107 NOTES WEEK OF 10/23 COM 107

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Communication > COM 107 > COM 107 NOTES WEEK OF 10 23
Samuel Gozinsky
Communications and Society
Prof. Chock

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About this Document

Communications and Society
Prof. Chock
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Samuel Gozinsky on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 107 at Syracuse University taught by Prof. Chock in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Communications and Society in Communication at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 11/04/15
IV COM 107 101915 SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY BUT DON39T SAY What is regulated A Equal time rule equal opportunity provision of the communications act a Radio tv and cable systems that originate their own programming must treat legally quali ed political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time We don39t have to give equal coverage to people like deez nuts etc 1 Doesn t mean free time 2 Doesn39t apply to news stories 3 For example the NBC SNL skits that involve candidates are being challenged by some candidates because they aren39t considered talk shows evening shows etc They39re not news time or anything like that theyre comedy shows What else is regulated A Speech that poses a clear and present danger if you post threatening things on social media you could be in trouble B Copyright C Fraudulent advertising making false claims about a product could be illegal there are ways around this by saying its exaggerating but there can sometimes be forced recalls or things like that quotpufferyquot could be claiming that it39s the quotbest of the yearquot or etc which is ok D Libel print version of slander making false statements about people E Slander vocal version of libel F Child porn creating it distributing it and owning it are all illegal G Obscenity Ownership A Copyright a Legal protection of rights of authors and producers to their published or unpublished writing music and lyrics tv programs and movies or graphic art designs Bssues a Fileswapping b Parody SNL uses copyrighted logos etc c Youtube there is so much alreardy copyrighted content posted to youtube that it Is hard for them to police it all Things can be posted but if someone puts in a claim for copyright violation they will freeze it and investigate if they are the actual owner 1 Most times people will be ok if posters use their content but if they know about it they are legally required to request that it is taken down 2 This relates to fancovered songs etc 3 They can lose copyright if they knew about the violation and didn39t le a copyright violation claim Libel and slander A Private individuals VI VII O39QJ Must prove that the public statement was false That damages actually incurred such as loss of a job harm to reputation public humiliation or mental anguish c That the publisher or broadcaster was negligent d e If all of these aren39t demonstrated there is no case for libel This could also happen with true information that is private and published but serves no bene t for the public B For public gures must also demonstrate malice Private gures vs public gures A Right to privacy not guaranteed in the constitution a 4th amendment trespass property etc B Privacy torts public disclosure of private facts a A reporter or media entity may be held legally liable for giving publicity to truthful but otherwise private and embarrassing info about an individual if the publication of that info would be highly offensive to a reasonable person Example Richard Jewell security guard who found bomb at ATL Olympics then was accused as the bomber and sued against really bad publicity there was debate about whether he was a public gure or a private gure He would be treated differently in court each way after he started doing interviews he was considered a public gure and he began to lose cases because he needed to prove malice If you are a public gure and sue for libel and slander about a rumour there is the opportunity for media to cite the law suit and use that to help the rumours along 1 Example tom cruise and the inquirer De ning obscenity Miller V California 1973 Whether the average person applying contemporary community standards would nd that the work taken as a whole appeals to the prurient interest whether the work depicts or describes in a patently offensive way sexual conduct speci cally de ned by the applicable state law and whether the work taken as a whole lacks serious literary artistic political or scienti c value Telecommunication act of 1996 Deregulation of ownership regulation of content Forcing self regulation Age and content regulations A B A B C 110 a b Age appropriate Content labels Identi cation or censorship Rating systems a b c MPAA lm ESRB interactive software FTC applies pressure to published materials DVD CD Game cartridges VI VII VIII COM 107 102115 Advertising What is a brand A A name term sign symbol or any other symbol that differentiates a product B Branding what it is what it stands for personality what it means to consumers we attach expectations to brands How do we create brands the marketing mix A Product the label the content the characteristics of the product B Promotion how we advertise things C Price what is the reasonable price that it is sold at D Place where it is sold Positioning A We think of things differently because they are positioned differently Why do we create brands A Brands are worth more money than products B How much are you willing to pay for a bottle of water C How much are you willing to pay in a restaurant for a glass of water Apple is currently the biggest and most powerful brand in the world Here are some things that help determine that Market Stability Leadership lnternationality Trend Suppo Protection Brands have become more global Cultural faux pas Diversity issues in advertising A Do I have to see myself in the ad to buy the product Not really B Diversifying the workforce Public service advertisements PSA A simple business A Learn everything you can about your product and your consumer B Figure out what you are going to say C Figure out how you are going to say it mmmpowgt COM 107 102615 Advertising Why is advertising great A It is incredibly diverse there are people doing all sorts of things there are so many different jobs in advertising No two days are alike B There is a lot of money involved and there is a lot at stake a Lexus is spending about 600 million in advertising C Advertising is all about building the brand and justifying how advertising needs money from the budget There is the opportunity to make the brand extremely valuable D Creative people can be creative and noncreative people can be immersed in a creative environment E Only about 1820 of employees actually work on the creative product the ad There are so many other jobs out there in the ad agency and industry Where does advertising t in the marketing mix A Product B Promotion two aspects sales promotion and advertising a Advertising shows how something is worth more money b Sales show price advantage c One great ad has the power to transform business results with no additional investment C Price D Place Advertising can make us wonder A A clever idea can be extremely powerful B It can lead to debate and make us think about things in interesting ways C It can shape people39s perceptions but can sometimes be deceptive a There is usually a misrepresentation not a complete false ad What do ad agencies do A They work on the ad from strategy to execution a Consumer research 1 There is a problem to solve or opportunity to take advantage of or an objective of something that they want to accomplish b Strategic planning 1 Tells creative department quotyou need to create an ad that does c Creative development and production 1 The development of the ad so it is ready to be published d Media planning 1 How are we going to reach people with frequency and stay in the budget e Digital media development and production 1 Possible move to digital or online ads f Media buying VI VII 1 Buying the ad space negotiate with ABC NBC CBS facebook ads etc g New product naming and development h Hand holding non creative people are terri ed by new and interesting ideas 1 The biggest risk is to not take any risk and just put out the common ad The industry today is really 3 industries A Creative agencies a Traditional agencies that have been around for decades their key focus is on the creative product B Media agencies C Digital agencies a Have been born in the last 15 years help with digital and social media ads D All agencies actually do all 3 functions but do them with different levels of emphasis and specialization About 50 of all ad agencies in the world are owned by 4 companies A WPP the largest a Martin Soral b Headquartered in tax havens c Used to just make hangers and plastic products now has all of these in their portfolios Omnicom Publicis Interpublic The ad business and spending A There is hundreds of billions of dollars spent on advertising B Projected to continue growing well above GDP growth C Who is the biggest advettiser in the US PampG ATampT General motors Comcast Ford Verizon L39oreal Amex Toyota Chrysler Disney Chase Bank jampj Walmart 1 This tells us that cars are really important in the US economy 2 Cellphones are also really big business 3 Packaged goods are really important PampG jampj D What percentage of sales is spent on ads a Grocery stores 08 b Computers and peripherals 15 Dow PBTFT39T39P39EQ thFDPP39P F VIII Big A B C Wh A IX Where does the US c Footwear 3 d Beverages 39 e Amusement parks 6 f Liquor 139 g Perfume and cosmetics 211 rank worldwide expennditures What are the top 3 markets a We are number one followed by China and Japan b We are currently 387 larger than the second largest market in the world Which media gets the most expensive advertising a Television is still the largest area of spending but by 2019 digital will surpass television b Television isn39t getting smaller but digital is just growing faster c Outdoor ads have never been more relevant The growth of cell phones have made it so much easier for our phones to interact with outdoor advertising Data Has a big impact on the media function people still have to do real research not just data research but big data allows agencies to measure what people do onine and what their behaviors are Fresh creativity is still needed big data just shows where to put the creative content If we have big data without creativity it39s a waste at is controversial today Ad blocking terri es people in the ad industry today it is an existential threat a Apple39s iOS 9 allows it b This is an existential threat to free internet the reason that we can access things for free onine is because advertising pays for it in terms of advertising Native advertising a Is it safe 1 You can see it on buzzfeed 2 Things can look like content from one place but theyre sponsored by another place b It also happens on news sites


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