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Legal Issues and Brain Disorders in Older Adults

by: KatieAlbritton

Legal Issues and Brain Disorders in Older Adults Psy 247

Marketplace > University of North Carolina - Wilmington > Psychlogy > Psy 247 > Legal Issues and Brain Disorders in Older Adults
GPA 3.7
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Clemens

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About this Document

These notes discuss legal issues in the mental health world, as well as different brain damage related disorders in older adults.
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Clemens
Class Notes
Legal Issues, mental health, Insanity Defense, Dementia, Alzherimer's
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieAlbritton on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 247 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Clemens in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 11/04/15
Legal Issues Katie Albritton Study Soup The Mental Hospital as a Therapeutic Community Milieu Therapy Incorporates ongoing activities of hospital into the program Socialleaming programs Uses techniques such as token economics to shape more socially accepted behaviors Aftercare Therapy programs Provide support for the transition from institutional to community life To What extent can you require someone to go to therapy Controversial Legal Issues and the Mentally Disordered Forensic Psychology gt Intersection of mental health and legal issues Definition of legal competence is legal not psychological Dominant Issues Right to treatment iffy Right to less restrictive treatment Yes Right to refuse treatment Yes unless legally incompetent Right to live in a community Yes Nimby Effect Not in my back yard Civil Commitment To be committed an individual must be Dangerous to themselves or others ANDOR Incapable of providing for their basic physical needs ANDOR Unable to make responsible decisions about hospitalization AND In need of treatment or care in a hospital Assessment of Dangerousness Practitioners are often asked to evaluate patient dangerousness Very difficult to predict Often overpredicted by mental health professionals Insanity defense rarely used When used rarely successful Prisoners don39t want it Tarasoff Decision Set precedent for therapists dutytowarn Some confusion exists about Which situations merit warning If suicidal or homicidal Access ideation plan lethality of plan look at intent The Insanity Defense Insanity plea for capital crimes Important issue in forensic psychology Not guilty by reason of insanity Usually plea guilty but mentally ill Forces the state to treat them The M39Naghten Rule 1843 Person unable to understand the quality of the act or that the act was wrong The Irresistible Urge Rule 1887 The Durham Rule 1954 Not criminally responsible The American Institute Standard 1962 Person lacks substantial capacity to understand the act The Federal Insanity Defense Reform Act 1984 U S Efforts for Mental Health Federal Agencies National Institute for Mental Health International Mental Health Leaders NAMI World Health Organization World Federation for Mental Health Challenges for the Future Much more progress in mental health must be made Related or underlying social problems need to be addressed More planning and collaboration at community national and international level is imperative Unresolved Issues Health Maintenance Organizations and mental health care Who should decide what kind of therapy and how long Is timelimited therapy effective In recent years HMOs have increasingly in uenced these decisions Should this continue Brain Impairment in Adults Clinical Signs of Brain Damage Damage or destruction of brain tissue may involve a wide range of outcomes depending on Nature location and extent of neural damage Premorbid competence and personality of the individual Individual39s life situation Most dementias early on won39t show on brain imaging Focal damage results in very specific damage Diffuse damage affects wide areas Delirium Clinical Picture Short term Disoriented hallucinating confused Usually caused by short term pathological condition Cognitive dysfunction Usually resolvable Can be hyper or hypo active Emergency that needs immediate medical attention Dementia Many different types of dementia Not rapidly uctuating condition Characterized by a decline from a level of function Slow onset and a deteriorating course Caused by over 50 different disorders Most often Alzheimer39s Aricept Medicine for Alzheimer39s Usefulness varies patient by patient Very expensive Nicotine Mild cognitive enhancer


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