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November 4th notes

by: juan gomez

November 4th notes Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2

juan gomez
GPA 4.0
Middle Eastern Humanities
Yaseen Noorani

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About this Document

November 4th notes
Middle Eastern Humanities
Yaseen Noorani
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by juan gomez on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2 at University of Arizona taught by Yaseen Noorani in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Middle Eastern Humanities in Language at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 11/04/15
Enslavement and Egoism Novels social critique Attraction egoism enslavement Said s attraction to Nabawiyya Shariati critique of colonialism western domination Attraction to western consumerism Shariati big themes 0 Human values and capacities are spiritual not just material or natural 0 The repository of these values is civilization culture and religion Modernity is production and consumption for pro t not civilization or spiritual values Modernity civilization 0 Western domination modernity civilization Constitutional revolution in 1906 Riza Shah Came to power in 1926 with British support Ended the Qajar dynasty lran Background 0 Oil industry British petroleum British and Russian Control 0 1941 Riza Shah deposed by British and replaced by his son Muhammad Riza Shah 1940s rise of Tudeh party 0 1940s period of relative freedom from autocratic rule 0 19501953 movement t nationalize oil industry led by Mossadegh prime minister and head of nationalist party 0 1953 Coup CIA Shah returned Ali Shari39ati 19331977 Studied in Teacher39s Training College in Mashhad Shi i pilgrimage center Higher education in France in Sociology Activism against the Shah from 1953 and in France Taught in Mashhad jailed moved to Tehran Taught in religious institution in Tehran Lectures attended by thousands of people Jailed again in 1976 Allowed to emigrate died under mysterious circumstances in England Religiously oriented in thought but received nonclerical education Nature of humanity Man is quotindependent selfquot has volition is idealistic is valueoriented 2425 0 quothe is constantly engaged in making reality conform to his ideaquot 0 quothe determines the course of his own evolutionquot 26 0 Values are not material emanate from man 0 Therefore man is not material but spiritual quotMan is an idealistic being who strives to transform the actual into the true that is 39what is39 into 39what ought to be39 whether in the realm of nature society or the self This transformation provides for movement toward perfection within him He recreates both the world39s nature and his own He gives the material world what it lacksquot Human ideals quotThroughout history humanity has usually been sacri ced to the idea of its own deliverancequot 26 0 Human ideals quotfreedom from compulsion growth toward perfection justice truth human self awareness the precedence of society over the individual a common measure for value and achievement the banishment of force of war of exploitation of enslavement ignorance and weakness the elimination of con ict of racial familial or other collective forms of exclusion and of unfair social economic and moral distinctionsquot Basis of humanisms Modernization and Civilization 0 Civilization is the development of humanity towards perfection towards mastery over the natural world and self Modernization not civilization but industrial capitalism Modernity leads to alienation Alienation is loss of self one s own feelings desires and human values 0 Example worker in a factory becomes a machine Enslavement One39s self is not in charge Needs necessity in charge 0 Continuous production consumers necessary 0 Culture and civilization 0 the culture of one s nation is the source of spiritual values 0 quotwhen I feel my own religion literature emotion needs and pains through my own culture I feel my own self the very social and historical self not individual self the source from which this culture has originatedquot Modernity makes people consumers of western products Alienation loss of culture and true selves quotToday the most painful disorder possible sweeps non European countries the psychological disorder of nonEuropeans who possess a unique character and yet deny it They hold in mind something alien They conceive of someone else and imitate him blindlyquot Modernization and western Domination Modernity turns people in the West into producers who are enslaved to the laws of production 0 Turns people outside the west into consumers who are trained to want Western products 0 Western culture fashion movies TV music trains people to be producers and consumers Modernity ensures the wealth and domination of the west


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