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Week of November 2nd Notes

by: Audrey West

Week of November 2nd Notes UAPP110

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Public Health > UAPP110 > Week of November 2nd Notes
Audrey West
GPA 3.08
Changing the World and Public Policy
Erin Knight

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About this Document

Notes from guest speaker November 2nd and November 4th
Changing the World and Public Policy
Erin Knight
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Audrey West on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UAPP110 at University of Delaware taught by Erin Knight in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Changing the World and Public Policy in Public Health at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 11/04/15
November 2 2015 Notes Energy Policy The Political Economy of Energy Systems Where do we get our energy from and how do we use it Solar nuclear hydro all different kinds of energy Some energy used for electricity residential amp commercial transportation Rejected energy thermal energy energy getting ejected as heat not even being used Issues with conventional energy Volatile and unsure supplies Climate What s wrong with the sustainable energy system Storage of renewable energy NIMBY not in my backyard Rare earth metal scarcity and geographic concentration Not everyone wants to change energy systems Energy change in policy could affect the interconnectedness of energy policy to other policy areas Economics fiscal 0 Fiscal policy taxing and spending Transport Industrial Health Foreign Rural urban development housing Environment Agriculture Education moving towards more and more technology Ivan Illich radical monopolyquot I speak about radical monopoly when one industrial production process exercise an exclusive control over the satisfaction of a pressing needquot Radical monopoly over development agriculture social media The Cloudquot Energy policies Subsidies tax credits military presence loan guarantees paying for negative externalities etc Taxes consumption tax carbon tax pollution fees etc Regulations CAFE standards emission standards etc Electricity feedintariffs FIT European model Electricity renewable portfolio standards RPS American model Delaware s electricity RPS is 10 by 2020 and 25 by 2050 Investments in energy technology RampD November 4 2015 Notes The Future of Social Security Supposed to give money usually older people Insurance program social insurance 0 Insurance that serves a social purpose 0 Serves 3 social purposes insurance assistance assistance to the families of older Americans if the person is deceased insurance for people with disabilities National federal program put in place by the federal government Put in place in 1935 In 1875 most Americans lived in rural areas 75 lived in rural areas 25 lived in cities In 1925 25 live in rural areas and 75 live in cities FICA federal insurance contributions act 124 of wages you earn cap is 1 17000 Take certain percent of everyone s wages Pay as long as you re working and earning WAGES Pay something in with the idea that you ll ultimately enjoy the benefits Something has to go in to come out Benefits money an actual check Goes to a trust fund between this time 1960s 5 people putting in 2013 28 people putting in 2035 19 When social security first started in 1935 you had to be 65 years old to qualify The average life expectancy was 65 years old In 2015 the earliest you can get social security is 66 years old The average life expectancy is 78 years old Benefits are a little less than 14000 a year


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