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November 4th- the baby human video

by: Jacy Notetaker

November 4th- the baby human video HDFS 320

Marketplace > North Dakota State University > Human Development > HDFS 320 > November 4th the baby human video
Jacy Notetaker
GPA 3.2
Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development
Dr. Rebecca Woods

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About this Document

Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development
Dr. Rebecca Woods
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacy Notetaker on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 320 at North Dakota State University taught by Dr. Rebecca Woods in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development in Human Development at North Dakota State University.

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Date Created: 11/04/15
November 4th The Baby Human Video 1 Face Recognition 0 3 months of life 0 They don t recognize the features of the objects but they do recognize the contrast of the object light amp shadow 0 8 months New vision 0 2 months 9 Put together sight and sound Recognition of 3D dimension 0 3 months Distinguish and track objects 2 Obiect Permanence 0 Keeping the object in their minds remembering o 2 12 months The object continue to exist even if you don t see it 0 3 12 months Knows more about the previous experience from which they learned that tall objects cannot hide from shorter obj ects rules of logic 3 Hidden Object Multistep 0 It is a multistep task because the baby needs to remember where the object was hidden grasping movement to be able to reach the object therefore there are too many things to keep in mind for the baby to remember and perform all of them at once as they get older they start to master this abilities until they can do it in just one step 4 The Search 0 Actually retrieve the object and find it 0 What happens if the action is concealed the object hidden Both the action and object were hidden 5 Object properties 0 7 12 months They form categories for each one at a time under behind outside etc to start differentiate them 6 Double Occlusion 0 A solid object cannot pass through another solid object o If screen and barrier is used Thinks it will still come through because they focus on one thing focus on screen ignore barrier 7 Addition and Subtraction 0 More attention to impossible event stare longer 0 6 months Elementary sense of numbers Ratio 21 twice the size9 line for ice cream should be longer than the one to get popcorn November 4th 10 11 12 The Blanket Pull Tools 0 To get the toy they need to pool the blanket 9 to retrieve the object 0 Observation is the ke The Spoon Problem Solving o Alternating the orientation of the spoon 0 As they get older they can switch hands as hisher convenience but while they re younger they ll take it in either end The HandRail 0 Do they know when is needed 0 Deep understanding of objects soft hard and steady9 support to get the toy when they walk Intentions o How do they make sense of humans actions 0 They know how to judge other s preferencesintentions Other People s Mind 0 Understand that people have differences in opinions taste etc 0 Differences between likedislike o 4 months Understand other s preferences despite my own one 0 18 month olds understand that food she likeddisliked 0 Even though baby liked the cracker she gave her broccoli 0 Shows that they can understand other39s perspectives MUCH younger then Piaget thought


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