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Advanced Web App

by: Muhammad Afiq

Advanced Web App Information Technology

Muhammad Afiq
GPA 2.15

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About this Document

These are notes for Advanced Web Application for RP students. Currently consists of Week 1 and Week 2.
Class Notes
Web App
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Muhammad Afiq on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Information Technology at Republic Polytechnic taught by - in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see DIT in Art at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 11/05/15
P01 Tuesday 20 October 2015 706 PM Obiect Relational Mapping ORM Query and manipulate data from database using object oriented It is written in a speci c language 0 Use C Entity Framework EF Allows us to work with relational data using domain speci c objects Reduces the need for dataaccess code and CRUD commands CRUD codes replaced with using construct 0 Anti SQL injection DbContext Object using EF o It must rst be instantiated Use using construct eg using DBOlEntitiesl dbc new DBOlEntitiesl DbSet usino EF DbSetltPerformancegt dbs dbcPerformances ToListltTgt method using EF 0 The type of ToList must match the type of DbSet DbSetltPerformancegt dbs dbcPerformances GvPerformanceDataSource dbsToListltPerformancegt Data Binding using EF 0 Use ToListltTgt to produce result that supports data bind Assign the data to DataSource property GvPerformanceDataSource dbsToListltPerformancegt Call the DataBind method to display the data in the control GvPerformanceDataBind Insert using EF Instantiate an entity object eg Performance newPerformance new Performance 0 Populate the properties of the entity object eg newPerformancetitle TxtTitleText newPerformanceartist TxtArtistText newPerformancepdatetime UtilsConvertDateTimeTxtDateText TxtTimeText newPerformancepduration DoubleParseTxtDurationText newPerformanceprice DoubleParseTxtPriceText newPerformancecname DrpChamberSeectedVaue o Instantiate a DbContext object using construct eg using DBOlEntitiesl dbc new DBOlEntitiesl 0 Add the entity object eg dbcPerformancesAddnewPerformance Call the SaveChanges method to update eg int result dbcSaveChanges if result 1 LtMsgText quotPerformance Successfully createdquot else LtIMsgText quotUnexpected Database Errorquot P02 Tuesday 27 October 2015 538 PM Anonvmous TVpe Easier way of putting readonly together as an object No class de nition neaded Uses var as type declaration Egl Order orderl new Order Productld quotSTOOOlquot Price 1250 Qty 5 Becomes Var orderl new Productld quotSTOOOlquot price 1250 Qty 5 c There is also dynamic which is a special type for reference to Anonymous Type and it uses Listltdynamicgt 0 E92 ListltOrdergt orders new List ltOrdergt Becomes Listltdynamicgt orders new Listltdynamicgt LINQ Similar to SQL 0 SQL is SELECT FROM WHERE but LINQ is FROM WHERE SELECT 0 Eg ListltOrdergt Result new ListltOrdergt Foreach Order 0 in orders if oPricegt10 resultAddo Becomes ListltOrdergt result from o in orders where oPricegt10 select oToListltOrdergt Returnind List of Anonvmous TVDes usind LINQ Eg ListltOrdergt result new ListltOrdergt foreach Order 0 in orders if oPrice gt 10 resultAddo Becomes Listltdynamicgt result from o in orders where oPrice gt 10 select new ProductlD oProductld Subtotal oQty oPrice ToListltdynamicgt GvDataSource orders GvDataBind LINQ to Entities o For LINQ to Entities there is QueryabeltTgt to represent LINQ to Entities o qL39Jl39gri letrieve all entities from Publisher for SQL it is SELECTFROM Publisher but for LINQ to Entities it is DbSet dbs dbcPubisher QueryabeltPubishergt q from p in dbs select p GMDatasource q ToLi5tltPubli5hergt 0 G v DataBnd 39 DataBnd is used to display the result in the server control LINQ to Entities Projection with Anonymous Type o It is to choose which column to show 0 Uses dynamic class as the entity type to hold the result 0 Eg Queryabeltdynamicgt q from p in dbs select new Title ptitle Artist partist DateTime ppdatetime Duration ppduration Price pprice Name pcname ChamberpChamber GvPerformanceDataSource qToListltdynamicgt LINQ to Entities Filtering with Multiple Conditions ampamp is and H is or gt is more than or equals to lt is less than or equals to gt is more than lt is less than is equals Is not is not equals to E9 Qn Retrieve all publishers in USA but excluding those in Boston and New York DbSetltPublishergt dbs dbcPubishers l0ueryabelt Publishergt result from p in dbs Where p country quotUSAquot ampamp p city quotNew Yorkquot p city quotBostonquot select p GMDataSource q ToListltPublishergt


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