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Handout 6, Pt. 1 - Isozymes & Statins

by: Evan Roberts

Handout 6, Pt. 1 - Isozymes & Statins CH 405/505

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Chemistry > CH 405/505 > Handout 6 Pt 1 Isozymes Statins
Evan Roberts
GPA 3.57
Medicinal Chemistry
Timothy Snowden

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About this Document

This is the first few pages of the handout that covers COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors, plus a few extra pages of notes from class discussion that include the dose-response curve, Dixon plot, and defini...
Medicinal Chemistry
Timothy Snowden
One Day of Notes
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This 6 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Evan Roberts on Friday January 23, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to CH 405/505 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Timothy Snowden in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 143 views. For similar materials see Medicinal Chemistry in Chemistry at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
43 cm F2805 CIA if Cell re Q13 FZEI l J Inhib rxiu x C ier 19 cm 3 c2 bse WA VAlUC 61 CDV LCJLT 33113 Mo m a K1 I3 Md dayNd quot 5 dglztc39jgrxf JHLL lquot hr3 L16 JFK t 5 1 I r 4 C OGCJZI VMC HOA C Fnln sly rJK J39ZUIIPr39j 39jd O39GCJ 6 3 en Eymo 01de57 ila i 5 5073 i9 BEHCK quot Smchv r q K AaPendeM 5n cfPr39 wk n 39q c ondr39 1bn3 39 J More agarvor whf uzid T cr 39 Pr ob r n JPKL g igag vf Eric 239 URL Iii Hg EMUJY r I T A f I k 39 I 7 Hquot0 USQJ t rr39wof4 J If an d It JH iCleia Cs 3 l L J i 7 A I h f 1 LI I 1 f x H W mixW nil301 t 3 1 i quot39 E H 2 1 quot I di 0 9 I J Lift VLLJIJEJ 531 f 2 I 1 11315 a w 77 w 7 hf W i i i i W g NM Q r i m J I I H hEE yt mm anti USy L Q gw Erna quotviwar if I i E COX and a g g a J 7 a i h 7 LJ 7gA an 1 1 i I M W if l V hcwaod l H l I o If l f E i A L DY quot Cg513939a n 331quot a I I 3 J r g f 39 r39 M I rt I 1 I L i J ii39 L39JZLLId p VI r r K 13 seledrx uc 34 MP39iaqula reoW 5 97 r3030er 39 2 30 963 C55 b ct6W and f tdnisf Jovmy quotHI amt quot23 P hkia 0 PM mc P C kGJt Sha x me Ls quotRam 17 C gt GA iTuLg rlu 5451 A L ilul Lquot f quot 39 P S quot Eli NEE1431 5quot Rm 393 f 4 cm a 393 4 quotquot 1 w 1 I Af vquot CBA C i gifaechcb I L I 7 I 39 IJL 2 l C l I I39M l H V Or 0 4 Lei quotHag nil LT quot JI39 Tab 39eroq39 quotq U cam 0415 C GEM F 13 0 3 do if quot E If f U afi m Kc MAQA 50m 1POPFCi Cfl fj I Chokgkrol 654 J CFCt TBCD J a C if Ch ommmm Cm 032 mg Sin he W P SLMJx injidtc AC3 Elnora 39I Viiifrir w kl 0 UL Jtwiphug and CCL quotl f i WW I I 2 QC39Lj we 39 39Il39rO prr fquot 19036 w w 34143 339JECL ID TP 9 Cf 40 NM 0 795ng Jar3734 II i39 EF EQ MCEDL1 1 bCCUrlMEFH 7 K D 7 739 a J 39 4 7 P J LOL 50 r ICL M iic ltquot cl 3 11 quotr ri 39 mam Curirr 1 if 39 wry 3J rw 3 0 r10 r I J I g mi de D i 1 J L I quotlpl f 1 M C 40 Manes diudmrg amp A lw t f ImpoIIM3 WW JrWU i quot39 I a r I 39 39 WNW fquot w quot397r39 39 i Patrick An IntrOduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5e lndometacln Valdecoxlb Rofecoxlb Celecoxib Bextraquot Vioxx Celebrex Cyclooxygenase enzymes COX catalyze biosynthesis of prostaglandins Inhibitors control rheumatoid arthritis pain in ammation fever and reduce cancer risks 0 Do not bind ConSH cquL COX 1 mgr 4 selective for ope row Law COX2 isoform 0 Reduced GI bleeding and kidney damage with daily use Hydrophobic Pocket Aromatic Wall 1 i H yd r0 ph i I in ll u l l a Pocket ELLEl 523 PE Ymm llylropl 10bic Va S2 I 523 Pockel I 3977 SUBHGU M hr quot9 Z Co crystal structure ofArachidonic acid and COX1 COX 2 VAL509 replaces lLE523 Wellski M G et al Science 2000 289 1933i am Qg holes for detail of fHh s 0 24ij CM Chylomicron CMR Chylomicron Remnants TAG Triacylglycerol a a C Cholesterol Gall Bladder CE Cholesterol ester LPL Lipoprotein lipase 39Chuesteml 11d Lipnpmteins Notes a Liver packages cholesterol and lipids in As VLDLs lose lipids they become g g which continue to carry insoluble cholesterol and some triglycerides i in liver remove cholesterol Some LDLcholesterol can invade arterial walls get oxidized and attract macrophages to form 7 plaques that can cause atherosclerosis clot formation stroke and heart attack Liver creates that carry cholesterol removed from cell membranes or foam cells and transport antioxidant lipids that protect arterial walls from oxidizing LDLcholesterol Mortality is associated with high I l or low I ll


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