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Lecture 10: Dissonance and Maturity

by: Corrine Muccio

Lecture 10: Dissonance and Maturity Psyc 40 - Intro to Social Psychology

Corrine Muccio
Introduction to Social Psychology
Anthony Pratkanis

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About this Document

This lecture goes into details about maturity and immaturity, dealing with self-dissonance, the self as a totalitarian state, ways to avoid dissonance reduction.
Introduction to Social Psychology
Anthony Pratkanis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Corrine Muccio on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 40 - Intro to Social Psychology at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Anthony Pratkanis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Social Psychology in Psychlogy at University of California - Santa Cruz.

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Date Created: 11/05/15
Dissonance and Maturity I Maturitylmmaturity Maturity obedience to authority you will be put in a situation where you will experience cognitive dissonance and you will have to decide how to mmaturity dealing with dissonance in a way that harms other people and closes down your ability to learn 1 Self as a Totalitarian State Totalitarian Regime promote themselves as too good to be true the leaders in the state can do no wrong Hitler Nazi Germany people have the view of themselves as too good to be true and try to maintain this by 3 main processes 1 Beneffectance I m the causer of good I m the one that causes good in the world and I don t cause bad things 2 Egocentric thought I am the center of the universe 3 Cognitive Conservatism l maintainpreserve my selfconcept over time I try to verify who I am A Beneffectance Self Serving Bias tendency to claim that I am the causer of good things it you do something bad deny being the cause Symbolic Self Completion we use symbols to define ourselves and sometimes we have gaps in ourselves incomplete selves under stress don t pertorm adequately gt load on more symbols to complete ourselves Self Esteem Maintenance blasting and BlRGing blasting someone is to humiliate them you derogate the individual you blast when a person outperforms you Excuse Making when you tailgt you make an excuse yes BUT they deserved itthe teacher s an ass when you make excuses you don t learn once you ve made the excuse you won t learn Self Handicapping you make the excuse before you fail getting drunk the night before an exam so that I can blame the fact that I failed on being hungoven Low SelfEsteem it you fail it s no reflecting on you because you already knew you were a shmuck most sure way to cause tailure B EgoCentric Thought Everything revolves around me Can have positives C Cognitive Conservatism trying to maintain the view you have of yourself joining groups that define you magician gt joins group of magicians use prompts to define you ll Avoiding Immature Dissonance Reduction 1 Be aware that you blast others 2 Take the ability to learn I did something wrong how do not do that again 3 Do Penance Admit that you ve done something wrong apologize how can I make that up to you 4 Don t put all your selfesteem eggs in one basket if you derive your selfesteem from only one place and you have a bad day you have nothing else to do but blame that place 5 Zen Approach lower the importance of the issueattribute you can bounce back from any failure 6 Compete against yourself don t compete against others if you compete against others you most likely will never when if you win it will last for a short second then you will never reach that level of importance again 7 Avoid phoney symbols of competency 8 lnoculate Yourself imagine what would happen if I fail how will I recover what can I do differently so that will not happen 9 Remember Achievement is Hard Work Failure is Likely if achievement is easy everyone would be doing it will you respond to failure with immaturity or will you learn from that failure and try it again 10 Always think that you may be mistaken to help your judgment and make sure that you re right


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