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Urban Legends Movie Notes

by: Lance Hawkins Jr.

Urban Legends Movie Notes ANTH 242 - C01

Lance Hawkins Jr.
GPA 3.0
Intro to Amer Folklore
Elizabeth MacDaniel

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About this Document

Notes on the movie Urban Legends from my Folklore class. The movie shows us some common Urban Legends across the country/world.
Intro to Amer Folklore
Elizabeth MacDaniel
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lance Hawkins Jr. on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 242 - C01 at Clarion University of Pennsylvania taught by Elizabeth MacDaniel in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Intro to Amer Folklore in ANTH at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 11/05/15
Urban Legends Movie Urban Legends ChangesVariations Killer in Backseat 0 Killer kills girl Boyfriends Deathhanging o woman39s action caused death of man Pop rocksDraino 0 mixed within movie original pop rocks and soda legend used but then pop rocks and Draino mixed legend Killer under car 0 Slices Achilles tendon of victim then gets from under and kills guy with car original story was about grabbing girls under cars and rapping them Death Screams over Radio 0 people heard woman screaming while she was being attackedkilled by killer at college radio station Bloody MarySupernatural Legend Colorectal Mouse Gang Initiation Kidney Heist 0 girl set up to be caught and tied up told the girl what she was going to do with her while she was tied up didn39t knock out victim to remove kidneys Roommates DeathAren39t you glad you didn39t turn on the lights Pet in microwave o No old lady or teenager on LSD in movie killer put dog in microwave Babysitter with Killer Upstairs o No babysitter Male victim killer called and told victim about his dog being in the microwave victim goes upstairs to throw up in bathroom and gets killed with pop rocks and Draino shoved down his throat Baby Aspirin instead of Birth Control Pills Conspiracy Theories Oral Sex Discussion on Radio 0 One girl and she believes one Frat Boy Not a whole football team and not cheerleader calling to see if something is wrong with her cause she39s not feeling well Tapped Soda Can 3 times before drinking Bubblegum with Spider Eggs People Stuck in Sexual positions Car smelling like Death Movie Stereotypes Creepy janitor and gas attendant 0 guys look creepy silent speech problem gt Stereotypes Blonde GirlCollege Radio Station host 0 PreOccupationalSex o Seemed to have not much upstairs College Students 0 Frat BoysJocks party animals class clowns trying to have sex they were all jerks Gothic PeopleRoommate 0 Super Goth 0 And mean StonerHippie type guyGuy at party talking about the girl screaming over the radio Smart studious type of guystudent o Kept to self 0 Career directed Campus Cop not any real power a joke 0 Cartoon character Cultural Gender role DeanUniversity Administrators 0 Care more for school then students 0 Jerks Professor 0 Seemed he felt above better than students 0 Don t waste his time attitude 0 Creepy sense 0 People in general population think Profacademics think they are better than regular people


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