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Week 1 of Typography: Timeline of fonts

by: Hailey Boileau

Week 1 of Typography: Timeline of fonts DSGN:3120:0002

Marketplace > University of Iowa > DSGN:3120:0002 > Week 1 of Typography Timeline of fonts
Hailey Boileau
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

This pdf is a highly detailed account of the first week of Typography 1. Enjoy!
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hailey Boileau on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DSGN:3120:0002 at University of Iowa taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 91 views.

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Date Created: 01/23/15
Week 1 Lecture 1 and 2 Tuesolay1anuary 20 2015 1026 AM The introduction to designing with Typography I Rosetta Stone II Pictograph a An image that tells a story or visualizes a noun b Glasglow cave a very early very famous pictograph i A literal representation of people hunting animals ii 25000 years ago III Ideograph a 5000 BC b Instead of representing the literal meaning of a quothunterquot and a quotcowquot it represents something more of an idea like food health abundance community c Began to rep emotions d This was a slow evolution from one culture to the next IV Phonograms a Conveying a sound v 5 i A 1 The evolution ofquotAquot V Phoenician a Gained their independence from Egypt in 1200 BC b Business minded needed a ledger c Hard to communicate language without vowels A T 7 R Ph E Ch lt3 B WY v C 0 G AYK ltP Q a 8 4D C L lt1 R x Th 3 H quot7 M w Sh I z Y w v N Phoenician Alphabet I GreekAlphabet a Upper case and lower case comeawhile later he alpha Na nu B 3 beta E 5 Hal ET jg gamma Dav emieren a B delta Fl 3911 pi E a ep eilan LP 1 rlha quotat zeta an sigma II I eta T t tau BIB theta r a upeilan I 1 leta INS Phi it Is kappa a1 ehi a It lambda Film pal My mu 31m emaga EFFI39ll rm raga Elba Winquotr Raina quotairacU M de ant II Roman Alphabet a Regular shit but missing some letters only had 23 characters upper case b OurJ is an alternate I U is alternate V as well as the W is just two Vs Typography Page 1 III Letters into Type a Lettering is writing each letter is unique Typing is a physical led type and copied onto computer where it39s all the same b In Type you cast the letter you want and make a bunch of copies of the same one c quotMind your quotpsquot and quotqsquot because the letters are cast backwards on the led thing IV Font or Typeface a Type Family Type Style Typeface Size Font i From least specific to most specific b Family i Eg Helvetica the umbrella c Style i Italic bold regular any stylistic change or variant of type d Together Type family and style create the Typeface i Bold Helvetica Helvetica bold italic e Type Size f Font the most specific i 12 pt quotHelveticaquot bold italic V Upper case and lower case a In the old times the big letters were kept in the upper half of the desk and the little letters were kept in the lower part of the desk VI Body a Cap Height X height baseline overhang rounded letter forms drop slightly below the baseline and slightly above the X height VII Fancy upper case a Stem quotFquot bowl quota and oquot serif the little thing that sticks off a n decender y drops below baseline VIII Fresh lower case a Terminal quotfquot where the letterform ends b Spine quotsquot the owing portion that connects the letterform like in s and g c Ascender quothquot opposite the descender This does not include the overhang IX Office a Counter quot0quot the inside of a circle letterform b Legiture like in o fice where the ff and I are all connected to save space and create legibility of type or to be used for decorative purposes often seen in formal announcements and invitations c Finial the end of a letter not a terminal but close X Small capital a Developed to help the reading process because reading a bunch of large capitals in a text can be jarring to the eyes b Not as small as the lower case letters just a bit taller XI Two different kinds of numerals a Lining Figures 1 123 ii Every number is as tall as a capital easy to follow Gamml nd PRIDE Pr 23 quot 27 b Old style figure a i Small goes below the baseline 7701727374363 3933quot Ulli FSUTFE XII Serif irting HEM luff Uiriquotii39r391ia Farm 1 a Old style i Claude Garamond 14901561 Paris France ii Thick and heavy rounded iii Produced by the technology that was available 1 Crude tech so the fine detail of the type was done by hand b Transitional i Baskerville 1737 designed by John Baskerville in Burmingham England ii More rigid becoming less uid 0 Modern Typography Page 2 i Bodoni 1798 Giannbastista Bodini Slab i Clarendon 1845 Robert Bensley London ii Thick to thin Rockwell i Geometric Sansserif i Without serif ii Akzidenz grotesk 1896 Gunter Gehard Lange Berlin Germany iii Grandfather of helvetica Geometric i Futura 1927 Paul Remer Berlin Frankfurt Germany ii Simplifying iii This is the year of a famous design born in Germany iV Trying to eliminate all of the excess Humanist i Gill Sans 1926 Eric Gi11 ii Tried to give the robotic letterform of sans serif a quirky touch 39 Neo grotesk i Helvetica 1957 Max Medinger and Eduard Hofman in Swisserland ii Peak of swiss design iii Vertical and horizontal access Typography Page 3


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