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November 3rd and November 5th

by: Jade Maynard

November 3rd and November 5th GWSS 357 A

Jade Maynard
GPA 3.93
Psychobiology of Women
Nancy Kenney

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About this Document

Covers hormones and the monthly cycle, the adrenal gland, and puberty and adolescence
Psychobiology of Women
Nancy Kenney
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jade Maynard on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GWSS 357 A at University of Washington taught by Nancy Kenney in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Psychobiology of Women in Women and Gender studies at University of Washington.


Reviews for November 3rd and November 5th


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Date Created: 11/05/15
Tuesday November 3 Hormones and the Monthly Cycle and the Adrenal Gland Hormone changes during the monthly cycle I Estrogen O O O 0 Levels start to increase on Day 1 and gradually rise throughout the pre ovulatory phase Surge 24 hours prior to ovulation Levels decrease through ovulation but rise during the postovulatory phase as the corpus luteum develops Drop off before menses as the corpus luteum dies 0 Progesterone OOOO Adrenal Gland Levels are low on Day 1 and stay low throughout the preovulatory phase Increase in the postovulatory phase with the development of the corpus luteum Drop off before menses with the death of the corpus luteum Levels begin to rise at the end of the postovulatory phase before Day 1 Decrease in the late preovulatory phase Surge at the time of ovulation Decrease after ovulation and stay low throughout most of the post ovulatory phase Begin to increase on Day 1 Rise slightly and stay steady for the rest of the preovulatory phase Surges the day of ovulation and declines right after Increases toward the end of the luteal phase and then declines again 0 Adrenal Medulla Produces adrenaline and noradrenaline in response to stress may or may not be an endocrine gland I Cortex Produces and releases hormones in response to stimulation from ACTH O O O Glucocorticoids Control glucose metabolism and food intake Mineralocorticoids Regulate levels of minerals and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium Sex Steroids estrogen progesterone androgens I Testosterone is the bestknown androgen most prevalent in men I Androstenedione is a less potent androgen prevalent in women that is converted into testosterone by a specific target tissue allowing a powerful localized androgen action without total masculinization of the body I Androgens stimulate growth of body hair acne and controls the sex drive I Cholesterol is a precursor of sex steroids General Categorizations of Hormones 0 Peptide Hormones 0 Large watersoluble molecules 0 Can t cross the bloodbrain barrier 0 EX ADH oxytocin and most releasing and tropic hormones I Steroid Hormones 0 Small fatsoluble molecules 0 Can easily cross the bloodbrain barrier 0 Ex Estrogens androgens progesterone glucocorticoids mineralocorticoids November 5 Puberty and Adolescence I Puberty Biological transition from reproductive immaturity to reproductive maturity I Adolescence Sociocultural transition from dependence to independence and the assumption of an adult role in society 0 Emotional Con ict and Puberty Blockers 0 Time of adjustment and changing bodies causing a severe con ict for people with gender dysphoria as unwanted secondary sex characteristics emerge O Puberty blockers are drugs that have been used in cases of precocious puberty and later in people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities to prevent growth and body maturation 0 The longterm consequences of puberty blockers are unknown 0 Suppressing drugs can be stopped and normal puberty will resume 0 Disparity between puberty and adolescence 0 Frisch and Tanner Age of menarche has decreased over time 0 This is based on historical data which may be unreliable 0 Frisch used USbased data some of which was from Denver where the altitude suppresses puberty to conclude that the age of menarche has fallen from 165 in 1835 to 129 in 1980 0 Tanner s Stages of Development Medical norms based on children in British orphanages 0 Start of adolescent growth spurt I Typically the first sign of puberty I Starts two years earlier in girls than in boys on average I Controlled by estrogens androgens and growth hormone 0 Thelarche budding of breasts I Areola increases in size I Increased fat deposition I Effect of estrogen and prolactin 0 Adrenarche and peak of growth spurt I Adrenarche Adrenal cortical hormone production starts creating androgens which increases body hair and sexual attraction 39 Growth Spurt Involves estrogen androgen and growth hormone O Underarm hair formation I Specifically after formation of other pubic hair I Effect of androgens O Menarche Coleman and Coleman Age of onset of puberty is declining but age of menarche is not Studies show that ethnic differences create differences in age of puberty Socioeconomic factors act as stressors result in poor nutrition and environmental hazards which impact puberty Frisch 0 Body fat level at menarche has stayed constant between 1840 and today 0 Obese girls experience menarche earlier 0 Intense athletic training that keeps body fat low delays puberty


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