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11/5/15 Notes

by: Vincent Tran

11/5/15 Notes Engl 22

Vincent Tran
GPA 3.8
Fantasy and Science Fiction

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About this Document

Notes on To Serve Man- Damon Knight We Can Remember it for you Wholesale- Philip K Dick Driftglass- Samuel Delany Seed Stock- Frank Herbert
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vincent Tran on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Engl 22 at San Jose State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 11/05/15
11515 World of Science Fiction Lester Del Ray To Serve Man Damon Knight 0 Technology 0 Lie Detector 0 Television 0 Names 0 Kanamit foreign aliens Dr Leveque Russian delegate o Gregori O 0 Place 0 United Nations plenary session when all members must show up 0 Gifts Kanamit brought 1 Unlimited power 2 Unlimited food with nitrate in soil 3 Field that stops bombs from detonating Q SETI search for extraterrestrials We Can Remember it for you Wholesale Philip K Dick 0 Recall Incorporated company that places fake memories 0 Interplan he was member of interplanetary police 0 Names 0 Douglass Quail dreams to go to Mars as a secret agent was an assassin and killed on mars I his deepest desire was to stop alien invasion and save earth by being nice aliens were really small became most important person in the world Gave him 0 Kirsten wife of Quail o McCIane worked at Recall Incorporated Driftglass Samuel Delany 0 Names 0 Cal Svenson Tio Cal 0 Ariel mermaid has gills can see underwater Q Inductance can drive the sh away or an underwater volcano 0 South America Brazil 0 Slash deep trench underwater power line 0 Amphimen Q Tork one of the amphimen dies in the slash burned Seed Stock Frank Herbert 0 Purple Ocean 0 Body Burdens when body adjust to new environment gravity 0 Trodi tiny little shrimp 0 All plants and animals from earth died 0 The planet nature destroyed all of their plans 0 Kroudar 0 Food Chain 0 Scientists thinkers that failed 0 Technicians Honida his wife 0 Laborerers Kroudar Q Honida works in hydro gardens 0 Honida married Kroudar because he could adapt matters because if he survives then her chance of survival is greater 0 Kroudar not worried about sons because wife not worried the new generation can adapt to the new world easier 0 Honida served bread from growing it from a certain kind of maize Q Falcons only animals can survive Ghost Chapters 1 Setting 2 Character 3 or 4 3 Plot a Beginning b Middle c End 4 Theme title symbolic ironic last dialog minor detail


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