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Unit 8: Early Medieval Islamic an dChristian Societies

by: Abbey Kaufman

Unit 8: Early Medieval Islamic an dChristian Societies HIST 101 001

Marketplace > University of South Carolina > History > HIST 101 001 > Unit 8 Early Medieval Islamic an dChristian Societies
Abbey Kaufman
GPA 3.2
European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century

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About this Document

European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abbey Kaufman on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 101 001 at University of South Carolina taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century in History at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 11/05/15
wettauu sawedH 0 960 1060 fiD History 101 Western Civilization to 1648 University of South Carolina Prof Adam M Schor Podcast Outline section 8 Early Medieval Islamic and Christian Societies Key Question How dark were the Dark Ages in various Christian and Islamic societies Podcast Ba Early Medieval Islamic Societies and Cultures The Early Medieval Dark Ages and the Early Islamic Caliphate Ngt enemiwmar u SiteV8th gm w meat mamlc ca Ifme weal mm Mede n nmmumj PWCW CF if l NJK GlCi tax MUSHWJ wizan 39 3K3 f3de Rivals for the of ce of caliph the Umayyads vs Ali and his Shiites weeco ie tot WW a H crawled 5521 men Cli W0 13 m Mum ammadigmh oafm WWW WS uP dm o Lam PW H l d WWW dc aqmwptwmm Mixlagged med Claw The Umayyad dynasty in Damascus and its policies taxed ktmm tout 750 m Damascw Mm ed at SwamiQ Amb MWSllmJ Mm Qt Sid fS Z dl QYQW overpmmsd N on misamkl agg oml enemas leader Ul m quot Q Q N JimB QKX YWOW Via O 13md2giple 9ghg 21mg gdlicies 6 gm i quotllquot milquott3 O i W opmggd lSKQm t0 CN no gapotm qqq K Aabde ldJ WOO 201 HW 3W3 Jamison amp iomygdnk m CbY QW 6 NY ice NUqu LQW rmoveci CCX Ol39tOU a S MQK gala quotL 535 Decline ofAbbasidd aliph jiau lg y Agirs lakishgeq33ng 1d Abbms d caxxpm39l 1 W 39 EC mu 1 c b WC mxevs W lmemxmsatxll Nva wam g mamas C56 Mme 0 W 3505 Arnme i W39l i CW5 d a f h Si m 39r m mguj h caxprs Mi Vextgmm authe tg t0 Smmcm toxxowm Gm Shiite Sunni political rivalry and the rise of multiple caliphs lb ilmmW8h1 wdrwx Eachng hum NWif ig leav m mmumi vd 3 we CCMWV 863M ow so van was mum Qw MSW p60 shiimlt Scattered EYWPS OWM i lt3 60d ho Wad Jeadm 43 ySuhrnS R OilQWQdc NC I h h mp Wait r quot U C ii Esarlgshgldlljlsim120n i llie an E3313 139 makg adg 3 S Qg h CCOWOMDS Ch gfd W 1m0 Q W CQDitmr Y 800 a wz wwhcg ri thdw 15mg landfiam f Oi39f OWGMS big mfddm om 5 Gender family and slavery in the early medieval Islamic world 39 wmma deNIQWhdl than Kama mm up you WIWJ Temdw Sega vegq nm he i WHEN ND v UQ W gpqw wa39 hOWJ J bride g j b q m mmonl GIOWJHLCS C V W115 now I WW llama Islamic Sages and disputes over Islamic law wma SCle l W39an WNB vafegl debd d clehmdzwu 39 I piicdied MVQSQJ md0q cm 860 O C WE i has Gimme Wm GODCNGV erm m ho Culture and learning in early medieval Islamic society mx tu bago nd mama ansVvj oroqur W MCI I mqu miifcixncest 23mm 39 l gem cm Q cm wl a Miami N m g g fau km m n 960th C3 Of WGX W9Cl Ami 39 Messed SonMan I 2 Online activity 8a Early Medieval Islamic Quiz III Podcast 813 Early Medieval Christian Societies Byzantium II I 46561 mm lm endured mdlSS WQ lGSSE S OUT SUMNol m Ahdlnuo it ch are we Organ 236d 1 Rom Cm W burRa acme m lt3 0364 0 Com Giverr language 9W mudd QgIJII I IIIIII S Cnoxa A m C lmn m U PO gafftram Hail 5010 Romam Christian reactions to the git Islam the Iconoclast controversy UO Gm 39 Q 6W UU E l r 39 b h m mp boonEd COWS W resta Ed i bS xmlggfItf ismEm 0 donate Cilbl N 39 lP MRV KW QWCQ UP Omuamh 39ch w WS tQ YQ Byzantine stabilization politics trade Wealth and diplomacy APUU E50 ga mpW Q N03 Widamowe pouncle l tobltt j NW ot ozg open to o tdkmi 39 we q39mwa we ow QV QW cwe larvae rmW aka aiwjh i d dimomdw mill i p l idllzam Cs j IMecr iawal Byzantin frpansionism B an ignl as prigqe power center w 7 r Ih GkI 1 CWTWI lI IW HICG I byeV man reg 3 WW saga Wm ltljtal a I m 9 665 lame 039 39WWCMW 1 WWW C m e ChrisH on earlier WM 0 33 Gender class and slavery in early medieval Byzantium gm 2 Igonlg onemed more roan lI Ctm g 7 39 vast memm39 W Wk Cd mach ant moile CW9 v tomS W s W l vast For 3 mm39 H all Elar f rD Z b I I II a I II II I I IIII I II I I 3 39 I I I 39I I I II 39 u re an earning In ear 3 me leva yza 1n mule on meow nmq 5 2 mo st em lre Clan355i tall EQYNW m WM axuedI C we I erndmmgmbo in 39 caviar m l mm I I Immq 95am Wilogepw ms Keg WWW OldxllSU f39 m Wm z I 3 damnm wle W WW WWW Online Activity 8b Early Medieval Byzantium Quiz Podcast 8c Early Medieval Christian Societies The Frankish Realms lothm mm dn 5 mgle mtgw 9m k5 amp mammals W m cm waded Momi r dueeirddm lw g Hem mm swam mamex ambmms 0 bwld mm 39Wl p saw The Carolingian Frankisll dynasty and the Rise 0 Charlemagne OFmam clgnafm on cmsi wee m 752 When on Mia mas takoltleowed Lima QC Carma m C Emma Chm ema M his mnds39mle Cmq ie 0 N WQWI quotHogr m5 3 C3 dudth madam amqms i ivmw Omahng r MWKQYMQWEQ a mquot 0 I hi 1 we W Y wd c31l ehf i 1ph z rs anggvgfljgd I P pi 39 39 be WLQW 52 I I mew mwgavlam i WWW 94 Y mmd quot 2 49m wagan 5W6 5 4n KWW CWQQJ Within Med 5W0 levelsmn hmg Gender class and serfdomslavery in early medieval Latin Christendom Pmmgm muckquot Gillie mlth W 5 Pam g geme pewcine MN fir 2i CHE Weiss mg imamamgey gmm least W so We Well lawman Violence CAGE We 55 3900 LOWWI CW w a d 53W m dq d gnsmmmaAOKNmit VigilES W s KS V10 quot39 0mm Cdlture and learnin aing arljy39 memiil i gn 17h th 1e wag dtbaleci rcmwj 39Meoumx Lama Onvlitlani 90M 1655 WWWF ate hiqu wame 1 la anew12 WM On WOW Ml l gi NUQLOW agpp ClitQYWS E WiltMd lemming m CWYWHCM WWWlg Online activity 8c Early Medieval MiniQuiz Podcast 8d Early Medieval Cultures in Broader View Popular Images of the Early Medieval quotDark Ages DOV E GNSQC WQnganl Q39s wn e a u wipe om OgQ smrs bug mt oliwetnm 9cm QWT H39 o wimeoe meet I S OC i i39l l S Vll ed SON mQVAQ 153th Historians problems with Dark Ages stereotypes page mere samgillwwm m mm We won ech Ewemm was elemodd on Socml WNS39 Comparing early Medieval Western societies Questions and Sources Votmt Abw eeriech Wm avg unnedlwho held 39 390 WW Fe Wm am it gmmML use weaww w Oxpj ed JEN men 82 mm a a 2 whatquot W I 39vquot quot 39 I dew Diff V J 3 1 mm 0 35 4 vi low dams to 95


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