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Week 10/11 Notes

by: Jacobi Johnson

Week 10/11 Notes HDF 213

Jacobi Johnson
GPA 3.7
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Angera, Jeffrey

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About this Document

Here's the information presented in class covering sexuality across the lifespan. Enjoy!
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Angera, Jeffrey
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacobi Johnson on Friday November 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDF 213 at Central Michigan University taught by Angera, Jeffrey in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Human Sexuality in Human Development at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 11/06/15
CHILDHOOD SEXUALITY 0 We don t know much except infants and children are capable of self stimulation and orgasm 0 Research related to childhood sexuality has sometimes been blocked 0 Mayo Clinic survey of parents 0 asked them questions about children s sexual activities 0 Parents reported extensive sexual behaviors among children 0 60 of 2 5 year old boys and 44 of girls touch their genitals at home 0 40 of 6 9 year old boys and 21 of girls were seen masturbating at home 0 When should we start sex ed 0 How do we become askable adults 0 Get comfortable with talking about sexuality 0 Be proactive open the lines of communication early and check in often 0 Don t wait for your child to ask questions 0 Be reassuring yes you are normal I 0 Don t assume or pretend you know everything use books 0 Other Considerations 0 Use teachable moments 0 Talk early and often 0 Anticipate events 0 Acknowledge diversity 0 Communicate your values 0 Give practical advice 0 Answering children39s questions 0 Make answers direct honest and at the child s level 0 Make child aware of physiological changes before they happen 0 young people prefer that their parents be the primary source of information about seX 0 Parents reports of sexual communication with children K 8 Byers et al 2008 0 Parents own seX ed positively related to the seX ed they provide 0 Still hard to discuss sensitive issues coercion assault STD s and is easier to talk about biology 0 Parents failure to talk to kids is related to their own barriers 0 Fears they have inadequate knowledge 0 Lack of comfort wdiscussions 0 Not about developmental age of child 0 Parent s perspectives on talking to pre teenage children about seX Wilson et al 2010 0 l6 focus groups from 3 different regions with 131 moms and dads with kids 10 12 years old 0 Parents believe it is important to talk to their children but most have not done so 0 Some reasons being the parents believe children to be unready not knowing how to talk parents lack of time or energy or not having thought about the need to have this talk Adolescent Sexual Behavior D Family In uences El DD 0 0 Teens who feel closely connected to their parents tend to delay sexual activity and other risky behavior Parent child communication can have mixed results Sexual Behavior During Adolescence 0 early coitus low socioeconomic status low parent education and supervision substance abuse low self esteem and hopelessness later coitus higher SES religious beliefs good school performance high parental expectations good relationship with pa rents Adolescent Pregnancy amp STI O The US has nearly the highest teen pregnancy rate in the Western world I About 750000 1419 year old women get pregnant each year I impacts teen mother39s and baby s physical health I impacts SES and education I impacts quality of parenting 1524 yr olds contract about 9 million STDs annually Other Countries 0 0000 Some do not have the problems we have so what do they do that is different from what we do 1 Easier access to birth control 2 Much better sexuality education amp public info 3 Much greater openness about sexuality 4 The media portrays explicit responsible sexual behavior We can learn from other countries httpwwwadvocatesforyouthorgstorageadvfydocumentsadolesc entsexualhealthineuropea ndtheunitedstatespdf Formal Sexuality Education How good is it 0 Most parents support such programs I Coming to agreement on curriculum is the challenge 0 MOST sex ed programs are very poorly conducted 0 Sex ed MUST be comprehensive to be effective I SIECUS org a very good source D Comprehensive Sex Ed must 0 provide medically accurate sexuality info 0 provide an opportunity to develop and understand their values attitudes and insights about sexuality 0 help develop relationships and interpersonal skills 0 help exercise responsibility regarding sexual relationships which includes encouraging abstinence pressures to become prematurely involved in sex and the use of contraception and other sexual health measures Sexuality Education Overview D Federal Policy over 15 billion allocated to abstinenceonly sexuality ed since 1996


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