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Bio 106 November 6th Hormonew

by: JustAnotherStudent

Bio 106 November 6th Hormonew Biology 106- Organismal Biology

GPA 3.55
Biology 106
Dr. Cousins & Dr. Carloye

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About this Document

Technically a weeks worth of notes in the sense that we only took notes once this week since we had the exam canceled on Monday, and took the actual exam on Wednesday. Yellow highlighted = impor...
Biology 106
Dr. Cousins & Dr. Carloye
Class Notes
hormone, hormone regulation, biology 106, BIO 106, WSU
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by JustAnotherStudent on Friday November 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biology 106- Organismal Biology at Washington State University taught by Dr. Cousins & Dr. Carloye in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Biology 106 in Biology at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 11/06/15
November 6h Bio i06 Exam 4 The Endocrine SysTem Hormones Chemical signals beTween organ sysTems PrioriTizes and helps communicaTion CoordinaTe funcTions over long disTance and long Timeframe cells secreTe hormones Carried in blood Ad on any Tissues ThaT respond To ThaT specific hormone 0 Have recepTors ThaT fiT The hormone molecule 0 Hormone aTTaches anol TargeT cell responds Chemical Classes of Hormones The locaTion of The hormone s recepTors correlaTe wiTh iTs solubiliTy non solubiliTy proTeins anol pepTides 0 NOT lipid soluble can T pass Through cell membrane 0 PepTide released inTo blood 0 Binds To recepTor on surface of TargeT cell AcT from ouTside of cell AcT via second messengers inside cell 0 Change in recepTor acTivaTed 2nd messenger on inside of cell AcTivaTeinacTivaTe enzymes already presenT in The cyToplasm o FasTer response Than sTeroid hormones Lipid soluble cell membranes are lipid based Chemical released inTo blood Slips Through cell membrane of TargeT Tissue Binds To recepTor in nucleus or cyToplasm Hormone recepTor complex Triggers DNA To make a specific proTein AcTs as a TranscripTion facTor Trigger maker of proTein OOOOO Feedback RegulaTion and AnTagonisTic Hormones A loop inhibiTs a response by reducing The iniTial sTimulus prevenTs excessive paThway acTiviTy Two hormones who do The opposiTe of each oTher balance each oTher ouT Involved in homeosTasis Exomple conlrol blood sugar n involveL Focus on Whol slimuloles releose Whol Tissue releoses lhe hormone Whol is The lorgel Tissue Whol is The response I l eagerness uen39ieregluesee i 39 FA 39 Li39sEFL eelle ilri panelreeee eeh39m39etezll i5 IrElleeee ineullin iiriile llleeill e BleeEl glueese Bleed glueese levels re up levels ge ellurn r 1 thEF EEEiLLFiI39MHI39E gl Hrmeelsta sis Bleed ilueese levels e up I i r Piesegls quotlisrer hreellse L y Ll39s EFL Alpha eellls in neres ee riw39eired Ea relieese Glues en inle bleed Anolher exomple of negolive feedbock vio onlogonislic hormones Regulolion of colcium


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