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Notes Nov. 4 and 6

by: Josephine maclean

Notes Nov. 4 and 6 Adv 319

Josephine maclean
GPA 3.5
Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum

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About this Document

Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josephine maclean on Friday November 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Adv 319 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Close-Schienbaum in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Psychology of advertising in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 11/06/15
Psychology of Advertising In Class Nov 4th Household and Social Class Influences 0 Note credit to Jacob Doherty l was absent from class i if 7 mil 6 Si 1 JM39EME WE if firm IlsaEit t fr 1 El L1 w it lit3 whats Eaten1 liqu 1K5 i w wff i mff ij it atware itswe at m g af m3 if tt 136mi g lf w I ff f j m lquotFiri WEEquot f gut93913 i ri39ji FHL H5 gt we 4441 thisquot mirmmg HI fitmgr t 39H39er f w ii itsta her I g whl39z I Hi UT 55 slim WEEfir 39539 r foh aEf H39 il fg lr iQ39f teath w my saggy fig if ag 55th 39Fasw m away may ml was 39ll i zmlit mirequot in tutti i f 39i F lii 1mg awake MIKE quota t i quotll Egg 39T 2 a g in m Wittyi Elm I 1 in rm janit g fi39 t f 39ti iii if nite my w lam liar H r 139m E35 3991 In r I rquot i malty9 n TI army live 3 ad a I39 up an quot ei n1 V I 1quot 51W t r u as Era g r I a i t 1 39 quotFIE quot ur a 3inng iim iqn rg 39 i F w 7 D ElILF39 quot 39Vlrl39aj Fquot I 39u39 4 lillu uquot 5 Ram 31 I EE39 I Ii 1 55 f 39 hI39 L w Emapr J i Pr 539 39i warj 15quot u r47quot 39EAMII39FIWH I Hil awquot REF 3 r5 a quot F 39H39F i 39 fil rF Ji39dr39r Ih39 U n Equot 1 quotHI r F i 39u 35 I 1 an 1 H d J u 39 5quot M ifquot E i 39ui 3quot 3 Hquot 3939 ay52 if v 2 quotasquot J a LI39I39 quotL LI 39 n ma a 1 ljl h hu 39nf39J 39 v u Fr h fe H 5w a u u my my awnquot4M1 1 xi n l a J 1 w a a mm W a quota39 39a FiJapquot IE 7 39iglar EuFF r 9 q ENE 15 ii J F EHII39EI i 1 7 r nui39dcw ran 391 f w rquot F I iquot a padquot 9 LIFE HJI Hill F fa f alasJan damn a r 1 39 7quotquot quot quot 7777 7 3 iiquot 39339 fd sr A fly 1 E g g39 rfjj Vii5 in la l39lnj Fi fawry Lquot39m r J M Li gigEM 5E Elgarwt In Eng3 23933 f mi quot5quot MHZ Mamiequota 4s M m n 5 L V 391 39 v 71 39 M3 l7 439 Mrjfd iyydligiry ipI 351 3 y F 39I39 lil 41 I Inn 73 I a n39 K r n 3 V E E 5 HEW has E L I ELIE iquot gapm FEMr a ggsim igifiiar i39dn39ii f i 39 f 1 quot anal laugh slim illlili 39l u 3 531 Fara W441 L HF 15 Edl 7 39H W SJ Mtg hawW 5539quot v I gun ng 31 quotr was E39r ELLI93quot Ii F133 a Frfu a i39 F i 339quot Fl I39m V w a Eh39 m r w 39r39quot mesan if Err 639 A A I E lwi rhiigif wings 39 LIh39iquot n quot 33 5 2 f i 951 yaw jaw and 5392F39nz it FPWEF E39 a 39i39 v1 aie M 5quot 39 WJVH 39 i i 39 39 39 J 1 V grr quot r WEI quotBruinL1H L a i pf quotIquot LIFEquot LI 1 JE39Equot quot it 539 t 1 39 39 quota 39 Tl 39F I ll Ear I31 5 TIEHr Lid h hf r La TEE W Equot 9 armquot 39539 i Psychology of Advertising Nov 6th Psychographics values personality and lifestyles Objectives Highlighted Values abstract enduring beliefs about what is rightwrong important or goodbad Value system our total set of values and their relative importnace influence the way we behave indiv learns values through exposure to institutions people in the same group have similiar values Types Global values strongest Terminal values desired end states ex pleasure and societal respect Instrumental Values values needed to achieve end state Domain specific values only apply to a particular area 1 Materialism Ex from book prada 2 Home lkea 3 work and play time use royal ahold 4 individualism 5 family and children 6 hea h 7 hedonism 8 youth 9 authenticity 10 the environment nissan leaf toyota prius 11 technology Influential factors on values Culture Geert Hofstede study cultures have 4 dimension individual v collective uncertainty avoidance masculinity v femininity power distance Ethnic gourp subculture social class age Measuring value segmentation grouping consumers by common values consumption patterns gt consumers buy use dispose in a manner consistent w values inferring values from the cultural milieu ads show us what values are Rokeach Value Survey measures instrumental and terminal values List of Values measures 9 principal values in CB 1 self respect 2 warm relationships with others 3 sense of accomplishment 4 self fulfillment 5 fun and enjoyment 6 excitement 7 sense of belonging 8 being well respected 9 security Interpersonal Personal Nonpersonal fulfillment LOV is better predictor of CB than RVS Personality Characteristics and Behavior Patterns Personality internal characteristic that determines how individuals behave in various situations Research approaches Psychoanalytic Trait theories Big 5 agreeableness conscientiousness emotional stability openness extraversion Exhibit 1410 Phenomenological approaches locus of control how ppl interpret why things happen lnternal v external internal more responsibility on self Socialpsychological theories Horney 3 major orientations gt compliant aggressive detached Behavioral Approaches personality differences reflect past rewards punishments How these affect CB To find optimal stimulation level Dogmatism resistant to change need for uniqueness NFU need for cognition NFC Susceptibility to influence Consumers are more susceptible w lower social and informational processing frugality selfmonitoring behavior national character personality of a country competitiveness lifestyle ppls patterns of behaviors Activities interests and opinions AIDS and Demographics voluntary simplicity Application Segmenting and targeting specific markets Ex Services products for college students VALS gt strategic business insights types of consumers figure 1414 futures company39s mind base


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