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Music 160 week 5

by: Delo Baker

Music 160 week 5 Music 160

Marketplace > Music > Music 160 > Music 160 week 5
Delo Baker
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Immigration to the US
Professor SUNARDI
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Delo Baker on Friday November 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music 160 at a university taught by Professor SUNARDI in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views.


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Date Created: 11/06/15
Music week 5 26 -29 th Main points historical presence of chinese Waves of Immigration 1840s- 1880s- first wave People from southern china (cantonese) laborers, rural areas, men fleeing flooding and natural disaster Heard about gold rush-took out big loans to migrate sojourners- stay a few years work on railroads of find gold Establishing communities first chinese opera groups to SF in the 1850s First chinese theater in SF in the 1850s Exclusionary laws 1790 Naturalization law changes in 1952 1850s-1880s- series of anti chinese legislation 1882 - chinese exclusion act (repealed in 1943) 1922 - cable act 1924 - national origins act Social impact Social and cultural isolation chinatown jobs chinese laundryman absence of women bachelor society Chinese americans establish community through music, including chinese opera Characteristics of chinese operas Emphasis on visual splendor- make up, costumes combine acting, dancing, singing Stories from legends, myths & historical narratives Different regional style Divided into sections percussion drums, gongs, cymbals, woodblocks Video percussion follows actors movement Movement is articulated Shau see Yuen accompaniment by strings vocal production associated with gender and age of a character 1940s-1950s -“intermittent Ripple” since 1965- second wave October 28th Video- "Big Drum” New Pieces for taiko Ex. “spirit sounds” Notice drums, type of koto and bamboo flute 1986 composition by Kenny Endo on 1994 album eternal energy Summarize from monday Conditions of migration and social experiences affect music making Japanese saw themselves as a different from the Chinese Voluntary vs. Involuntary migration Different relationships with “homelands” Different and similar roles that music plays Memory Of the homeland Of people left behind of traumatic experiences Think about Cambodian African Refugee’s experience Surviving the rein of the Khmer Rouge Many Cambodian refugees came to the us esp in the 1970s and 80s Documentary: the flute player October 29th Robert Johnson at the crossroads sold his soul to devil in exchange for musical talent Wrote several songs about devil “Me and the Devil Blues” "Crossroad blues” Tv show supernatural depicts Robert Johnson - s2 ep8 Crossroad Blues Released in 1937 AAB Form has more variations an the A line than some of the other examples we’ve listened to listen to the role of the guitar Salem witch trials 1692 Salem Mass 160 women accuse 24 died 20 executed, 4 died in prison Music of the trials “witches and war folks” “death of the goody Nurse” After the trials those persecuted were exonerated after their death Public repentance through fasting Girls were experiencing a form of food poisoning called ergot Women in puritan societies women were supposed to conform to certain puritan ideals Women in Horror Women are rarely the assailant in horror films unless witches often the victim Female sexuality is often punished in horror genre People in color are also first to be killed Horror in american music Thriller by michael jackson female victim being chased by zombies Disrupting Misogyny in Horror Exceptions to victims of women “zombie killer revisited” loosely include by thriller shows leslie hall and her female backup killing off zombies


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