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France, England and Africa Nov 2-6

by: Kaytlyn Notetaker

France, England and Africa Nov 2-6 HIST 1010 - 001

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > HIST 1010 - 001 > France England and Africa Nov 2 6
Kaytlyn Notetaker
GPA 4.0
World History I
Donna Jean Bohanan

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About this Document

This set of notes goes over French absolutism, English limited monarchy and Africa before slavery. Enjoy!
World History I
Donna Jean Bohanan
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaytlyn Notetaker on Friday November 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1010 - 001 at Auburn University taught by Donna Jean Bohanan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see World History I in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 11/06/15
IV Charles II and the restoration A Return of monarch B Policies When Charles died James was the next in line for the throne and was catholic in an Aglican country When the monarchy was restored it was still very different from before V Glorious revolution A Succession ofJames II B birth of son C revolution They let him become king because his heirs Mary and Anne are both Protestants Parliament decides to hang on for one reign of a catholic King James II James did things that were very pro catholic and absolutist in nature so things are good 1688 his wife gives birth to a baby boy both catholic parents so parliament and country freaked because he is the next heir and what is bad is that his children will be catholic etc 1688 Parliament deposes him as King which started the Glorious or Bloodless revolution James contemplated ghting parliament militarily but Louis isn39t there to help so it39s a revolution without military con ict Next year parliament passed a bill of rights which guaranteed the role of parliament in government and they would be the law makers and would controI taxation When they deposed James the next monarch is William and wife James daughter Mary Parliamentary power is greater than monarch now and grows more in the 18th century where the king shrinks even more Africa before the transatlantic slave trade I Role of islam in Africa A Spread of isIam B Impact 1 Trade 2 Literacy 3 Statebuilding and political cohesion i Timbuktu ii bn Battuta Africa has a state system which allowed them to work with Europeans and make the rules when trading with Europeans The states are shaped by the arrival of Islam in Africa parts North Africa was incorportated into the Islamic world very early due to trading and they converted free and willingly This kept moving down and was basically all over the north There is also Islam on the east coast of Africa due to merchants Hugely important is the conversion to Islam and this mea 5 Africa is brought into a large Arab trading world which is basically global Salt and gold are huge trade goods in Africa and later slaves Some kingdoms git very wealthy in Africa Rising rates in literacy due to Islamic spread in Africa because there is a large emphasis on reading the quarran so schools were built for this Land owners and such convert and become very well educated Timbuktu west Africa is very legendary because it is an intellectual center lbn Battuta was an arab who traveled in Africa and kept a journal like Marco Polo in China and he was blown away by Timbuktu and how big the market was for literature Literacy is important because it contributes to better politics in Africa for there is a pool of educated talent to drawl upon Before arab kings ruled by feudal creates war lords like in china become unfaithful manners so literacy allowed them to become bureaucratic The shift is gnererally associated with statebuilding and a stronger state but you need educated and able individuals to drawl upon The arab world also promoted statebuilding by techniques like math to help with money from the arabs creating strongwre states 3 most important states from these developments Ghana lst due to wealth and gets rich off of gold and salt then slaves this will be conquered by Mali 2 which swallows Ghana and creates a larger empire and then it is consumed by Songhai 3 which is the largest This all surrounds Timbuktu ll African empires and kingdoms Sudanese is a term for Ghana Mali and Songhai Sundiata is an epic story in which a man travels and nds Mali and is the foundation of Mali and divided the people by occupation which shapes the social history of Mali Mansa Musa was a king a great administrator who was very skilled and famous Mansa Musa was seen as the most wealthy people on earth by the Europeans and he went on a hajj to mecca with a bunch of people and they had a ton of gold with them In Cairo they spent so much gold that it almost destoyed Cairo because it in ated everything so bad Songhai greatest emperor is Askia the Great because he was a patron of learning and literature and is one of the reasons for timbuktu39s reputation Kingdom of Kongo isn39t as strong or wealthy as the north west African kingdoms but it is signi cant in size and power of its ruler ln Almost South Africa is the Great Zimbabwe which is sort of a mystery and is almost over by the time Europeans arrive Zimbabwe was a city in the center of an empire and it was great economically and have beautiful leftovers and everything vanished nobody knows what happened The east coast is important because it is where arabs settles and this becomes a powerhouse for economic trade and it is known as the Zanj not an empire or kingdom which is a collection of citystates and is a permanent arab outpost Arabs intermarriage happens so it is a huge mix of the two cultures When the Europeans arrive there is a ring of kingdoms around Europe that are suf cienbt enough to control trade with europeans


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