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F305 Week 2 Notes

by: Victoria Carr

F305 Week 2 Notes BUS-F 305

Marketplace > Indiana University > BUS-F 305 > F305 Week 2 Notes
Victoria Carr
GPA 3.2
Intermediate Corporate Finance
Jun Yang

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About this Document

Review of the Class Lecture and the Practice Problems
Intermediate Corporate Finance
Jun Yang
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Carr on Friday January 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS-F 305 at Indiana University taught by Jun Yang in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views.


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Date Created: 01/23/15
Mass 2 Pmohw Romam iEyaMPke 39ReAH39Ed OWquot M Fer 12301 3 5000 ch 1 39 H 3912 x 29000 1100 7 91 CC GDJQUU ICJQOOO ix xl 112 U 839 E N JX Q Q 0 K d 1 VI 39U lt J I J 1 3 a I AL 3 C IOOO K quot 2073 91 2 2399 000 8W M 80000 2U h H w Exam38 m Wow w pmeA 3 b Pkg1 JOOD L wagow J l r 39 ct 9000y9 U 117 g5 Ow 0300 1 1G 000 153000 x 4 n K 3 3000 L x L PVMaWaazwu 1 h b 2 39 k 11 1 0000 at I v 1 g quot 291000 SE 3 HO E hf rgquot 39f m P a VI N iZI J L My 7 t quot x x 1031 mid mam A e 5670 vtyv t39QW j 6 m VanVf C f quot5 vv i H A t 000 v W M w Maw9 zoo y ji V3 933 3 ffO W2quot 53 a ODD f V A glooo r l H 1 E l quot77 J W g 101 Q X LHO3M6 v r a r O KL 7 39l 39 w 1392 i vamp f iW 13972 TO 9 39 6 y 39i39 rl H L dim y W W Y quott a f TEEr WJ ifquot 1 4 7 quotif 1 E N H i 1 1 ZDW 0 rs F W 39quot W W 39 quot iLE Jgto777 xl 7 A e 7 7 F 17 T p TOW a 9 5 g 28 53 1 Q wtvv V m v 4viftq f ta 39 i Q I V gt 7 A gt l O Y A quotx F 7 t i j 39 Iquot 139 quotv 1 3 I 4 If 2 A r39 r p my k Ui x J V 39 v i y 598 H 2 59 E Nd t A fquot 39 r i 39 l 1 v vr I V 1 A Hquot WV x I I i 1 h n y I39 A quot J J V 39 I 23661 N F A quot r 4 I R 39r v N f 77 001 I v 1 in Wraq 1 1 lt I w d1 gt4 I quotx39n 39 r a 1quot 3 3 A a ll NW 39 v 1 J 39 7 j 1 I 0 83 H3 OKW1 139 quotan P Wjovdam C A Lo i C n quot5 lav J flquot 0 g Hg I t A H h 4 J 3 Tquot f l 1 I 3 a v r 39quotI f F a 33 j 3A 1 39 v quot39 quotquotquotquot 39 r 1 7 3 a 3960 003 VS 7 7 5 e 2quot quot Ic qr 5 quot I 39 9 4 W 39 R PIVYxl l a HO W a W w M 01 K 1 A I J 2 EV 39 DV 2 3 1 973 a i J i s 55372 a r A FV 3W2 37W 3 11n37f WV 330 IFv 1 Wall I 7 N 20 a w r L Lump Der OE ow J ag fi C O M f s Ou a 3500 239 i 5191 033 7 it A w 96590 C0 icuiafii Uquot 0 39I x 5 11 f 3 p 0 VS 3W Z sCgt77 FKr 77 255 z m a u Jlt 39 quotI 1rquot quot U v V J JJ 4 f r cg fur w T r e l w z A r 39 I l t A K 1 39 3971 39 quot 39 39 a r R H I V I x quotH h E e A I Writhw o Pvt 130 3 7 T quot1 N F 5a r U Wu 3 3 H7 Sig a 5 j LitSEW H i 1 TN 1ng i c s v WOW biz W f 09 Wi Wli lal E Wham ti10 page Pa10mi i ig 3 gtSDQC0 w w 4 7 A MW 273 WWW WNW m Px wwmxl We m az 0 W i u 3 goquot 31 1 w F305 Week 2 Class Notes Intermediate Corporate Finance Class 3 Ian 20 Slide 3 0 PV is always calculated for 1 year prior to 1St payment Slide 5 0 Solutions to all the examples shown in separate PDF Slide 9 0 Must always be for the same goods when you are calculating In ation 0 In ation 1 1 11 10 Slide 11 0 In ation E 11 100 0 Nominal Rate 112 100 112 1 x 11 1 x 1018 x 01818 0 Real Rate 182 Slide 13 In ation 1 3 0 Convert 1990 to 1908 Sales 90 2 39 15384615 1 1 3 l 0 Convert 1980 to 1990 100000 13 130000 0 Going back Going Forward Class 4 Ian 23 using Class 3 Lecture slides Slide 17 Sales COGS Depr SGampA Interest Expense Taxes Net Income 0 Commercial Paper Short term borrowing from banks or top firms Slide 18 NWC CA CL CA Current Assets CL Current Liabilities Slide 19 o The more Accounts Receivable you have the worse it is on your cash ows because you don t have it in your possession F305 Week 2 Class Notes Intermediate Corporate Finance 0 Accounts Payable more of it is better because you have more cash on hand Slide 20 0 Change in NWC NWC ending NWC beg 0 Change in NWC Change in CA Change in CL I Either way will get the same answer just different ways to do them When making adjustments if you cant remember the sign think of AR and how it would affect that Slide 22 0 First Bullet Investment for Operations 0 Second Bullet Financing Slide 23 o Dividends is a trick 9 don t use it 0 Work shown in different PDF 0 When trying to figure out if you should use a number given or not ask yourself 1 Production or Financing 2 Is it in the Net Income Calculation


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