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Week 5 Notes

by: Claire

Week 5 Notes PS348

Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin

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About this Document

Notes on Liberal/Radical Feminism and Feminist of color Intersections.
Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS348 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Yamin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/07/15
Liberal and Radical Feminism Outline The Sixties Themes Civil Rights and New Left Hayden and King gender oppression Notions on Gender Oppression NOW and Redstockings 19605 Radical Feminism only lasted 7 years All forms of authority questioned JFK 1St Catholic president Brown v Board passed got rid ofJim Crow laws Start of Cold War fearhope of the foreign powers quotsilent majorityquot Shift to social and economic equality She39s Beautiful when She39s Angry 19661971 quotmarriage was successquot 60 s sense of momentum Feminine Mystique Mary Jean Collins Persident of Chicago NOW branch Main motivation jobs work discrimination Different model of quotbeing a womanquot Woman did the real work of organizing quotNew Leftquot men catcall at women eg quotrape her and get her off stagequot quotlet the men do the jobquot quotjust take notesquot wow You re such gentlemen You re soooo much better than everyone else 1968 Black Women39s Liberation Committee quotWhat would have been different if you were a boyquot 0 Everything up for question Personalness of politics 0 Societal problem Challenge white men39s canon 0 quotall women are beautifulquot slogan o quotOgle Dayquot D catcall men to show how women feel 0 quotDidn39t want a piece of the pie we wanted to change the piequot Casey Hayden and Mary King 0 Background 0 Memo to SNCC 1965 o SNCC student nonviolent coordination committee 0 Women39s equality and racial equality White supremacy to male power Questioning why it39s not possible for women to have positions of power 0 Caste system of gender Hierarchy feudalism D born into and much harder to change since it s so deeply entrenched Gender inequality exists in different various elds of life Notions of Gender Oppression DeBeauvoir Women as the Other Friedan Problem with No Name 0 Hayden and King Gender as Caste Two Branches Liberal 0 Older 0 NOW 1966 Radical o Younger o Redstockings 1969 Questions 0 Compare NOW to Redstockings 0 Name two striking differences between two documents Terms that are used Redstockings used quotoppressionquot while NOW talks of quotbringingquot D oppression suggests a complete overhaul while quotbringingquot is uplifting mainstream Restockings all men are the problem and bene t in some way from the existing system NOW says men are oppressed in the same system as well NOW discusses women but Redstockings bring in everyone specifying they represent everyone like different kinds of women 0 What are the implications of these differences for politics Changing institutions won t change what39s in place Redstockings Class problem NOW vs caste problem Redstockings Feminist of Color lecture Outline Intersectionality de nition Angela Davis slave women Combahee River Collective Gloria Anzaldua Feminist of Color Themes Types of Feminism Liberal white women Radical white women Feminists of Color Sexuality Politics and feminism Conservative women39s Movement How to determine notions of inequality How do we x points of inequality Divisions Critique of Betty Friedan the assumption that they CAN be in the home 0 Problem with no name 0 White middle class women were the main audience Friedan thought shew as talking of all women Erasure of other groups of women and their problems 0 importance of group power When and Where I enter By Paula Giddings where do the people of color come in 0 issues economic survival critique to white women can39t group all women into a single type of expedence o racist statements because don39t have to suffer through it Intersectionality political and analytical concepts 0 de nition 0 stems from black feminism to other areas 0 examine how discriminatory systems create inequalities interactions of 2 or more forms of subordination Audre Lorde quotthere39s no such thing as a singleissue struggle because we don39t live singleissue livesquot 0 Ex sojourner Truth lda B Wells Working class women Molly Schepp Maria Stewart Mill Both black movement and feminine movement wanted black women asking women to divide her identity Black men can focus on race because they have the male privilege White women can focus on gender because they have white privilege Contemporary example blacklivesmatter vs alllivesmatter Black women met with racism in women39s movement and exclusions 0 White women experience was considered the quotuniversalquot woman expedence Angela Davis lnverse of Betty Friedan part of the Black Panther Party 0 Women Race and Class legacies of slavery and new womanhood o Legacies of slavery Slave women weren39t women except for the method of oppression rape Breeders sexual violence 0 New Womanhood Equality in oppression Hard work selfreliance Home somewhere to get away from the oppression SAY HER NAME CAMPAIGN Black Feminist Organizations 0 What are the issues 0 Combahee River collective statement 1974 o Traits They embody the intersection vanguards Putting together class gender and race Black women free all systems of oppression will be lifted International perspective Economic justice Males are allies different from Redstockings Gloria Anzaldua What is borderlands o Literal border MexicoTexas told to be one or the other but also told that she isn39t either one Huge space of people who are quotambiguousquot and contradict the binary Space both mental and physical Binary pitting one against the other political spectrum a way of things we only have one or the other Mestiza consciousness 0 People can be more than one Accepting that there39s a much more open category that exists Her theoretical solution 0 quotpossibility of transnational feminismquot Feminist of Color Themes Intersections Role of family D important space of comfort and solace Role of men Role of workl already been working so doesn39t necessarily equate to power Mestiza consciousness Power Difference 0 New Womanhood o quotSisterhoodquot Critique of Western democracy 0 Singular perspectives are still a constant problem Eg view on the Muslim hijab


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