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Week 6 Notes

by: Claire

Week 6 Notes PS348

Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin

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About this Document

Notes on Conservative Women/ERA and Sexuality Politics
Women in Politics
Dr. Yamin
Class Notes
Women in Politics
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS348 at University of Oregon taught by Dr. Yamin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Women in Politics in Political Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 11/07/15
Conservative Women and ERA Outline Conservative Women Scha y quotPositive Womanquot Equal Rights Amendment ERA 0 Theme substance vs rights 0 History Mansbridge argument ERA today Counter Revolution 1970519805 0 Modern domestic reformers antiEra think feminism is too radical 0 Rise of Conservatism 0 Changes in family 0 Focus on rights 0 Conservative Women 0 Important in articulating power of conservatism and Republican values 0 Social and scal conservatives D fairness doctrine Fiscal capitalist Free market Workplaceeconomic Proper role for women in homesocia o Desire to protect the traditional role of the woman 0 Crucial that men and women are separate Religious basedsociaD public and private sphere Individual rights scal Organizations Concerned Women for America CWA 0 Social 0 Response to ERA 0 Anti Roe v Wade abortion and right to privacy 0 1978 0 Fight of quotwho can speak for womenquot 0 Counter to NOW 0 Eagle Forum 1972 o Profamily o Scha y 0 National identity 0 Independent Women39s Forum IWF 0 Lynn Cheney 905 D scal Themes of Socially Conservative Women 0 What feminists see as quotopenquot are viewed as quotmoral decayquot Conservative women 0 Antiany different family model than manwoman 0 Feminism as an attack on the family attack on morality if we crumble the family system what do we have Antidivorce and antiabortion Critical of quotme firstquot approach view feminists as narcissistic Feminism attacking the homemakers con ict of status Feminism is antistate39s rights OOOO Tensions Liberals and Conservatives 0 Individual needs and society 0 Freedom of self and splintering families 0 Individual freedom and social compromise Recurring Themes Importance of religion Role of women in family Domestic reformers quotwomen are linked to politics because of biologyquot pro life vs pro choice Phyllis Schla y Who is Phyllis Schla y 0 quotPoster Child of Feminismquot but advocates for everything opposite The Positive Woman 1977 0 Positive woman a woman who accepts and loves her life as wife and homemaker o Dogmas of Feminism Seeing being a woman is the worst thing negative identity Your biology is bad having babies is oppressive There39s no difference between women and man 0 Who is she quotI39m thankful that my husband allowed me to speak to you todayquot Contradiction sarah palin example 0 Superior strength of women Different kind of strength than men Good for society 0 Reactions Like What The Fuck quotmen are philosophical can do government things while women are practical need to take care of kidsquot D excuse me Men can take care of kids too They are human so why the hell not Prochoiceprolife there39s more to feminism than just deciding if you want a baby or not Women39s politics should not be embodied by the ability to have babies or not It s like having men39s politics being embodied by if they are circumcised or not Pls It makes no sense Equal Rights Amendment ERA quotEquality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the US or by any state on the account of sexquot 19721882 written by Alice Paul in 1923 o Equality in theory and practice NOBODY EVER THOUGHT OF CHANGING MAN WHY JESUS LIKE P SURE MAN ISNT THE SAME AS HE WAS A LOOONG TIME AGO Political Actors in ERA Conservative women anti ERA State39s Right don39t want federal government to tell them what to do 0 Excuse me You re acting like a spoiled child Listen to your parent Feminists Themes 0 Rights vs Substance o Equality between men and women 0 Changing women39s roles in society what39s that role ERA Issues quotimmediatequot but not really quotimmediatequot Draft Roe vs Wade Feminist and antifeminist struggle 0 Marriage and special protections ERA Mansbridge argument 0 Why was it so close to pass in the beginning 0 Right vs substance 0 Ideological purity vs political realism o Context changes Supreme court Rise of the Rightculture wars and social issues Today I OREGON PASSES ERA 2008 HOLLAAA Pro quotIf you believe in ERA then get behind it and get it donequot 0 Con quotERA would require taxpayer funding of abortionsquot no no it won39t 0 Con quotERA would allow the courts to legalize samesex marriagequot l where Does it say that SAME SEX MARRIAGE ALL THE WAY YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS Sexualitv Politics Outline Four notions of difference review History of gay rights and feminism Radicaesbians 1970 Audre Lorde 1984 0 Beyond equality questions Four Notions of Gender inequality 1 Woman as other deBeauvoir a White men as the center so women are marginalized 2 Problem with no name Friedan a Malaise of white middle class women 3 Gender as caste system Hayden a Forces people into a binary that they can39t get out of 4 Intersections Notions of Difference Gender difference 0 Singular dichotomy Conservative women F edan Hayden deBeauvou intersectionality 0 multiple forms of oppression new womanhood Davis Mestiza and borderlands Anzaldua Difference as deviance differences as grounds of equality o Lorde Terms Selfdetermination o Determinew ho you are and challenge the status quo Internalization of norms o Actualizing stereotypes Binaries o Whiteblack o Manwoman 0 Others Stonewall Riots 1969 0 Series of violent and spontaneous demonstrations from police who raided gay bars 0 Government sponsored oppression Beginning of gay rights movement Lesbians have different problems than gays 0 Seek allies in feminists but get rejected by most radicals accept them but they were dying out History of sex and Gender 0 19705 0 Homophobia as woman39s issue 0 Friedan cas lesbians as the quotlavender menacequot 0 Rita Mae Brown activist 0 Congress to Unite Women lesbians not invited D lesbians walk down the aisle with quotlavender menacequot shirts on read Rubyrightjunge l NOW endorses lesbian rights 1970s Radicalesbians The Woman Identi ed Woman 1970 o What is a lesbian A woman who doesn39t identify with quottraits of a womanquot Rage of all women concentrated until the point of exploitation The face that we have a word means they aren39t in the quotnormquot 0 Role of sexism Lesbian or quotdikequot used as a label to quotkeep women in linequot with the sexist system Keep women far apart by making them as 39not a woman39 since they are independent outside of a forced gender role 0 Feminine role is both Wife and heterosexual treated as binary 0 Woman identi ed woman Audre Lorde Rede ning Difference 1984 o Binaries o What separates us quotbridging the gapquot they39re forced to explain why they are that way appealing to the center is always draining plus the center can claim the excuse of not knowing not take responsibility 0 Mythical norm Middle class white male that is thin athletic Christian and nancially stable The white middle class wife homemaker 0 Difference is not deviance o Master39s tools will never dismantle the master39s house Blueprint of oppression D have to be aware of your own assumptions Rede ning Difference Beyond binary Difference de ned in language Difference vs deviance Interdependence Make differences strengths Conclusion 0 Three notions of difference 0 Gender difference Single dichotomy o lntersectionality Multiple forms of oppression 0 Feminism and difference Difference as deviance Difference as grounds of equality Sameness does not equal unity


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