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Psych 105 Emotions

by: Madison Notetaker

Psych 105 Emotions Psych 105

Madison Notetaker
Intro to psychology
Arig Aboulenein

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About this Document

These notes cover the basics of emotions, emotional intelligence, evolution of emotions, and the neuroscience of emotions.
Intro to psychology
Arig Aboulenein
Class Notes
psych, emotions, emotional intelligence, darwin, Ekman
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Notetaker on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 105 at Washington State University taught by Arig Aboulenein in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Intro to psychology in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 11/07/15
Psych 105 Emotions Six Basic emotions happiness surprise anger fear sadness disgust There are limited number of basic emotions people experience a blend of emotions quotmixed emotions Emotion vs Mood o Emotion a psychological state that involves subjective experience a physiological response and a behavioral or expressive response 0 Mood a milderemotional state that is more general tied to one s personality 0 Point of Emotions Early psychologist thought emotions were disruptive Currently emotions moves us to act and set goals 0 Emotional Intelligence involves the ability to manage and understand also emotions of others ex did the situation make you happy mad excited etc 0 Evolution and emotions emotions have helped with adaptation to issues with survival and reproduction ex fearlj ee from attacker ex angerlj ght rival 0 Today emotions help with solving adaptive problems Valence the degree of the emotion pleasant or unpleasant Areusal the intensity of emotion Ex John is sad So sad he starts to cry SadValence CryingArousal 0 Men and women tend to view women are more emotional Both do not differ in selfrating of experience of emotions Both differ in expression of emotion Neuroscience of emotion emotions are associated with distinct patters of responses by sympathetic nervous system and in the brain different emotionsdifferent responses Fear decrease in skin temp Anger increase in skin temp Microexpressions discovered by Paul Ekamn eeting facial expressions that indicate deceit deception associated with nonverbal cues they last for about 125 of a second Expression of emotion Darwin 1872 human emotion expressions are innate Ekman 1980 the human face can express more than 7000 diff emotions o Ekman 1982 showed photos of facial expressions to people in 21 different countries cultural norms in uence emotional expression Polygraphs it measures physiological changes associated with emotions Problems no unique physiological arousal for lying innocent people may be anxious when asked questions Amygdala and Fear part of the limbic system activates when something is threatening damaged amygdalaljlcannot feel fear reckless behavior quotpsychic blindnessquot inability to recognize fear in facial expression 0 EmotionLocation each emotion involves distinct brain neural circuits JamesLange Theory of Emotion 1 Stimulus is perceived 2 Physiological and behavior changes 3 Changes experienced as an emotion 0 According to William James we are afraid because we tremble and run Suppo basic emotions produce a distinct pattern of brain activity facia feedback hypothesis expressing the emotionsubject will experience the emotion Cognitive Appraisal Theory of Emotion it is possible to intentionalyunintentionay to change your emotion o Emotion Regulation activey controlling physiological reaction Ex deep breaths slowing down the heart rate 0 Cognitive Reappraisal you reevaluate an event so that a different emotion results focusing on the positive of a situation 0 Expressive Suppression deiberatey concealing emotions Facial expression Tone of voice Nonverbal cues posture


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