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Chapter 9 - Financial Accounting Notes

by: Evan Stallone

Chapter 9 - Financial Accounting Notes MGA 201LR

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > Business, management > MGA 201LR > Chapter 9 Financial Accounting Notes
Evan Stallone
GPA 3.82

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About this Document

This set of notes is based off the entire ninth chapter. The notes highlight all the key terms necessary for this chapter, along with basic concepts and examples used throughout the text. I hope yo...
Intro To Financial Accounting
Anderson, M T
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evan Stallone on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGA 201LR at University at Buffalo taught by Anderson, M T in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 124 views. For similar materials see Intro To Financial Accounting in Business, management at University at Buffalo.

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Date Created: 11/07/15
LoVl~-- liveJ M ef$- 7\esOu(ceroUJMd Io~CL ~; -r« -f4arenabj.fiiopro.duceie« 8dQ£;/Lar ~e..rvl'ce:1bett£)l-Sol1 o,<JNJ!W£ -~e...-OS..s:€f(JJnoHor ( ~~dLl.u;vl O$SetS. Ine-IucksLcJic4maCh~~(j I\;Cllpff£o/r-'l(',:owlc0 r; iumi~/c&1d ~ V '€ -~ .~ w-e 3f'o(..(p~ • ~ r Pj~ {-W 1 0C-;l/lYlL±- OLL-fW13~~ -~ -t ~ ~ Cpu CC¥1(~/fo""dl\ - ~ Q,,[~Ctlfconrt~ed .-flxedASSefJ.-lfe.eC Q ~ ~ afWl -J.:w.ffi-p-lu e - ho.vesreclo-\ (~W=s bu.;t no ph~sS:lCo.l~Iu..nce ----'-----+_, __ D US UQ '!J on,!} ieJdicafed y~ 1 bjh.CM.- _ ~ If)ll{cle:]3r-Clf2Cl0Jn.e(:ircaifmorKit~ j r~bt~. _ __ _ ~ > '-.,-. _ • • l j N G JB LE know ~ COmrnOfl -IrvIgllble CXJJ'ef'[ •• ~ Lo»;1.IEt'U.i(YN.Ib,u.;el,~ /C{ fc-r0b;e-s- ~ l~ CO'n(Yl()(l1M Lu.cle.0<, ~d I/'prov'tr1t-r - Ls,'ru»JKS,O-V-eJne'1100000,(Ji!f€nd'r(I19hh'I¥ '()I)c)SpriMIf.f'f'J'~)we. adcu::d +0 fiYlptOv'B ~ W7eJQl(~ (Jf lOJ)ct 7 -tvu.IWlcJisCt&S'Lvneto kJt fpf€v,-if' o/(Ynstrvl-Cio'o.:';em.~- -the.. 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IF f.roUf( Coa.rW uASpwClr)osed ~ cd-nvv~fo.J'f<. for 25 \'Y);\\iO,-fv\€Xf41S{'S -fOr 4rcnS'(JQf1b.f>'0/\ ~ oSSffY\b l09f would !De 'I ~~(lJco(J) V' • <To ( fled 11 +qjF--"---;:;c-:-;------:;;-:--:-;-:-- Debit- Cred.N- , E<{ulpVlWlt 25',750 0 0 CaSh ~04€~,,"IolQ. - -.J:orvqfked o-s<;;.e.;/1V~9 LOw (cot- CA/'no tCC1f~ CM d tJ.Jr:~ c<S exp~&'.es 4- (iKeS'mi;.<S''1ffl/d -jI1SW'CV\<:e00 -{;,xRoI. ~S'-ef- - i/f-(r-eS7On / piNehvsefVJl ttJl:e}- -r-ep""i\!lJI'Y'IIo.Mfll.l: • � o CCe.u ,\~-{(e~.:nlij-t~if\l/lCi;[9£apw/W ~s rOOcLiPu;q,r<2 uc: ai"S~+ ~ fi4(N < ~ -lLl~lt<-cJ-.---'-ffia p rOV:ij/rlcw~. (b.m~I<?+-e.recondd1'I'I!JiQ/ld mr;'or rfP/C<cf/YlRIC!rJCLL'a::JP(QJL~ - - . : - - - - - 1 - -/h iS I ('prove&' OL&i ~ i: infvy.,~ i~ ~ w n j d - ~ ~ - - I as~a2/ t-aI ~f.fflct;fwfS~C1LKj Ir'veoiQJ'..f-QCcoJJ01J;. T h rK .iollo{\ - - - . ~ - - - ~ ~(,~Q 1::Lon 17,telAt'ld'C," g o o ert.-LLLP~ arf re eo/Jed eV~_f-er"'od - We o.r€ (Art+-({ .fVt's .D:.e 'L!Llca (ffiqJ'.. 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