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Week 10 Introduction to International Politics

by: Caroline Jok

Week 10 Introduction to International Politics PSC 1003

Marketplace > George Washington University > Political Science > PSC 1003 > Week 10 Introduction to International Politics
Caroline Jok
GPA 3.8
Introduction to International Politics
Farrell, H

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About this Document

Global Economic Development GWU Henry Farrell PSC 1003
Introduction to International Politics
Farrell, H
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caroline Jok on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 1003 at George Washington University taught by Farrell, H in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 11/07/15
Introduction to International Politics Professor Henry Farrell 03112015 No class on Thursday cont from last week But also with realist implications Aid Needed to secure support from strategically important states 0 Aid during IraqAfghanistan con icts to Central Asian countries with repressive regimes but convenient bases 0 Continued aid to Afghan and Iraqi government some balancing 0 Reduction in leverage for nonsecurity goals Karzai 0 Continued aid to Egypt after authoritarian coup took place Aid Today US aid policy is a mixture of realism and liberalism Some aid obviously intended to help develop markets and quietly shore up democracy as liberals would propose Other aid often in very large amounts aimed to help smooth relations with allies develop their military capacities etc Liberals believe that helping is only good and noble and will help long term security interests but not the only reason we should engage in aid often furthers US foreign policy Controversies over development Current Development Debates liberals think of aid as to help other countries Key disagreements over economic development The role of aid 0 Key path to economic development The role of globalization 0 Another plausible road to development Current Policy options to respond to these questions Easterly Was development aid a waste of time Argues that economists and institutions have been trying to x aid for decades without success If something doesn t work try to add something new 0 Old style focus on big projects 0 Newer focus on Washington Consensus 0 New still focus on governance issues Easterly39s Skepticism Basic claims 0 We don t know why some countries grow while other countries don t despite decades of speculation 0 Economists are not really experts o Aid may worsen democracy bureaucratic quality rule of law and corruption Provides problematic incentives for government and other actors Aid economy 0 No accountability or feed back from the poor Possible Policy Lessons Move away from current cumulative approach keep old wisdom but try to x by adding something new Refrain from efforts to micromanage institutions and transform societies Instead focus on very basic bene ts that everyone might agree on o The best way to help the poor is to just give them money No strings attached Enable experimentalism o Allows individuals that allows individuals to try to take control his circumstances 0 Libertarian tendencies against big organized processes and in favor of individual experimentation Rodrik problems of globalization Debates on globalization have suggested that there s an obvious path to economic development Traditional social democrat Globalization economic openness lower barriers 0 Bene ts of free trade 0 Bene ts of capital mobility 0 Bene ts of limited role for government 0 Bene ts of greater intellectual exchange Globalization should leave states better off Second Generation argument It becomes clear that globalization is not an unalloyed bene t for everyone NOT everyone bene ts 0 Distributional questions 0 Groups that are hurt in advanced industrialized democracies 0 Groups that are hurt in developing world All lead to substantial political opposition to globalization much of it centered in the developed world 0 People who are in the government or protected sector of industry do well with globalization New approach to globalization New proponents recognize these political problems 0 Advocate paying off of the groups that are hurt 0 Social safety net 0 Higher standards Would potentially create new political coalitions Allow globalization and open markets to continue to everyone s bene t Sweden model 0 Economic openness 0 International trade 0 Trade is extremely open 0 Super open economy Rodrik39s rejoinder Bene ts of increased openness are limited 0 Mexico 0 El Salvador vs Vietnam We have probably already gotten most of the bene ts that we could get without politically impossible reforms 0 Deep globalization harmonization of regulation 0 Substantial immigration reform


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