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Chapter 9 book notes

by: Emma Notetaker

Chapter 9 book notes CHEM 2410

Marketplace > Tulane University > CHEM 2410 > Chapter 9 book notes
Emma Notetaker
GPA 3.975
Organic Chemistry 1
Carol Zhang

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry 1
Carol Zhang
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Notetaker on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 2410 at Tulane University taught by Carol Zhang in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views.

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Date Created: 11/07/15
r 5 L f I II II L 1 I I 1 ill I I ll l l I I l 39l 1 Y J l I I u39 U I a I I I l h I I W 1 I 1 1 39 l I I i Al I IV V v I I 39 39 l HM Ill 139 I I ll 39 I All I V 39 1 I I I I 39 A 1 I Is I I l j I I I l l 4 I 1 I r I at I II39 1 1 I 39 L x39 i 1 JK aquot U 15 m U MU p a H jm quot395 E39 w W s 39 22 K V i L quot 2 15710 50 ix an I 58 M13 cw ou MC 342 If 339 T mam 3MAWox cw Iquot 1 l a 1 k i f 2 V l I a H r 1Uquot 17 r vquot N fl 1CUJltMLIW HWY elf 7114 I 139L I r 5 klki I 1 i xwi quot4 a M IV A 1 v gt mmw alm oblm mi 839 5xquot a MWMH a 39 4 n MWH CMCVM 1w mm Wm cf t 11W SW W 0 1 5TH H H my qu quot r 1 04 g quotWg mi L amm H m Wm 139 39 h Cdd quot o 7 A Wm quotWM gsm iho39f quot m6 My obsa39uecQ xx W39 x lg 2 CMiM V 5cm W pd 31W m amam OW m MC 11 mamas wi 39 a 39 0P H W m 5 9 01005ng 39 5 W b39l ampquot 939 44A quot5 7 udp w J L 4 7 Qt q 9 193 f E h 5 9 rV wc j in rdj Egg Wm 3gtQgt lwo x a 3 29 rag a O M a E 4 w w 2 t M X 9 hQ C 4 x 9 D 5 3 C a f Q a 22 r 6 05 N r 58 e cOCEX I 7 1 cc 7 oz 33 3 it 33 w 3sz 22gtx E w r xi Q zml kws Lmkg 1 39v39 a R LN 11 Kg39 xV r 24 5 539 Fiat I 53 quot 39 gt W quot2 w 4 V b1 an 3 CJI Jr i H t a l L a if A x 4y w If fjm5 kr fquot x I j 1 N f Ax x 39 v 6 y I W I Wk 139 L p i f C r quot7 2 AIM m1 m l 1 A1 L39 mesmd 0133 1 a V I x E J yr r J in I l quot A gt J x n 7 L lt3 LzL amp 1 I39 x IZW VA 39 391 r K 11 quotQf p 3 V L SWQZ c LWWK quot Ff LMLw a ILUSlt 740 f r LN 39 IV K K i n VA 3 i m a1 vat My 43 k L m T I 39l 11 0 J 39 I K N i I 2 114 2 VJ rm f r iquot 39quot q 0 4 w i m ddlh m QM r r gg addih m of Z o 3 1 up mm 401 Wdbrpak 7T WAS um wealc wax lt22 weak u e w vs Ehm muh m HMny W qyg mw6ampmUaWWWO39 r mm lt9 5w MW n n0fL gt1Ao f quot39 memgampWWwwwww WWMwwm sw1ampmwmwiiaaaxgi3ii wi WWW Nv d 39 aim10W bvoj ampamp gm 4 cmmLE mm agquKN WW 0 XL WLS placed 03 M mom wasan f y i x 208mm 4 I 39 Iquotquot j 107 IW39CEXNMHM qu bl iudoa 1 H it w WES1 quotfquotquot 39Z r quot quot1 a 6 q l l x 3E3 H i I mm Cgr wMW e mm mm 8 him my1MquotfmwwwA f OWW N 7 F39 if cc WVme Pa sw e Emc ii i a W WWWWJAg gm4w 60 mm OHM fuw NGTQOWQ k f imi 76 MimiNS i quot L AW 1f mm Qditn oxwo j nquot f 3 WLiCif CW 39 y W V E 263 g g 4 u v MAM 5 m 39 i s A iv 4 i Z L U m v HZV


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