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by: Mawi Sonna

Studysoap-SpanishIII-PvI.pdf Spanish 201

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Mawi Sonna

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About this Document

These notes go over the different uses of preterit and imperfect as well as conjugation and examples of verb conjugations (regular/ stem and spell changing/ irregular)
Intermediate Spanish
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mawi Sonna on Sunday November 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 201 at Kansas State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Intermediate Spanish in Spanish at Kansas State University.


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Date Created: 11/08/15
S panishIII T he D ifference When it is used.………………………. Words that indicate P/I….……………. P reterVt I mperfect Regular verbs…………………………. Stem/ Spell changing verbs …………… Irregular verbs………………………… Before we begin, let’s really try to understand what preterit and imperfect mean. What is preterit? •! It is the expression of the past tense or form What is imperfect? •! It expresses an incomplete/ in progress action that occurs in the past Examples 1: I washed the dishes yesterday. – Preterit I always wash the dishes. – Imperfect (let’s do away with the obvious P/I indicators like “yesterday” and “always”) Example 2: I walked my dog. – Preterit I would walk my dog. – Imperfect What makes these two different? In this case, •! Preterit indicates that you in fact have completed the action, it’s not … 1.! “I am walking my dog” 2.! “I could walk my dog” 3.! “I should walk my dog” Although it doesn’t indicate specifically when (such as yesterday, last week, Monday) the action of walking your dog is complete, therefore it is expressed in the preterit tense •! The imperfect indicates that you did do this action in the past, yet this form has a slightly different connotation- it’s less direct, and has a “I used to do this” kind of feel •! So you “would walk your dog,” GREAT! All I know is you did this, but it doesn’t mean you completed it P reteritV I mperfect P I 1.! Expresses an action that is beginning 1.! Expresses an action in progress and ending •! Although this is in the past, •! The tone basically it means you were doing •! What it conveys through how it’s this action when whatever else expressed was going on •! Think of how certain words convey certain feelings 2.! No emphasis on beginning and ending •! Not clear if you started at this time/ day or ended around this 2.! An action that is beginning or ending •! The action (verb) itself that is time/day beginning or ending 3.! Description of physical or mental 3.! Is a completed action conditions •! Something has come to an end, •! Physical features, characteristi cs, things you can visually picture it’s done and over with •! Implies an ongoing condition (in 4.! A change in condition or emotion the past) •! You felt this way when something happened in that 4.! Habitual action moment •! Something you did regularly 5.! NACER is in preterit a lot of times 5.! Other descriptions: Time, date, age •! Means “to be born” •! It’s an action that has a Cuando ERA una nina beginning, and end- You KNOW this for a fact ERAN las cinco de la manana ERA 2014 y tenia diez anos. It’sProbably_______if…. In order to be certain that something is preterit or imperfect, consider the follow… 1.! Can it be put on a calendar? * 2.! Is the action finished? * If you can say YES to both then it’s most likely preterit, but if you can say only YES to one, then it’s imperfect ExamplesofWordsthatIndicate Preterit Imperfect Ayer- yesterday Siempre- always Anteayer- the day before yesterday A veces- sometimes Anoche- last night Cada año- every year La semana pasada- last week Cada mes- every month El mes pasado- last month Tantas veces- so many times Ayer por la mañana- yesterday morning Todo el tiempo- all the time El año pasado- last year Nunca- never Ayer por la tarde – yesterday afternoon Con frecuencia- frequently L V os erbos: Regular Verbs (-ir/er) Preterit “-ir/-er/” verbs •! In the “yo” and “el/ ella/ usted,” the last letter has an accent •! For regular verbs, -ir/ er endings basically follow the same conjugation, if you can remember these you can pretty much conjugate any regular –ir/ er verb Volver Escribir Yo: Volví Yo: Escribí Tu: Volviste Tu: Escribiste Ella: Volvió Ella: Escribió Nos: Volvimos Nos: Escribimos Ellos: Volvieron Ellos: Escribieron Ejemplos de otros verbos: Vender- to sell Subir- to go up/ rise Comer- to eat Reír- to laugh Correr- to run Asistir- attend Comprender- to understand Abrir- to open Barrer- to sweep Existir- to exist Beber- to drink Invadir- to invade Aprender- to learn Cubrir- to cover Deber- to owe, ought to Decidir- to decide Meter- to insert, to put in Inscribir- to inscribe (-ar) verbs •! For regular verbs, the “yo” always ends with an “é” and the el/ ella/ usted ends with an “o” Hablar Yo: Hable Tu: Hablaste Ella: Habló Nos: Hablamos Ellos: Hablaron Ejemplos de otros verbos: Comprar- to buy Caminar- to walk Estudiar- to study Cantar- to sing Bailar- to dance Trabajar- to work Tratar- to try/ treat Llamar- to call Escuchar- to listen Usar- to use Stem/ Spell Changing Verbs in Preterit *Accent marks still apply in the “yo” and “el/ ella/ Usted” (depending on the verb) Buscar Empezar Reír Yo: busque Yo: empecé Yo: reí Tu: buscaste Tu: empezaste Tu: reíste Ella: buscó Ella: empezó Ella: rio Nos: buscamos Nos: empezamos Nos: reímos Ellos: buscaron Ellos: empezaron Ellos: rieron Oír Yo: oí Tu: oíste To hear Then there’s a couple with accent Ella: oyó marks in the “yo,” “ella,” “nos,” Nos: oímos Ellos: oyeron Leer Yo: Leí Tu: Leíste To read Notice that in the Ellos form, the Ella: Leyó “i” becomes a “y” Nos: Leímos Ellos: Leyeron Creer Yo: Creí Tu: Creíste To believe The most significant change is the Ella: Creyó “ella/ el/ Ud.” Nos: Creímos Ellos: Creyeron Andar- to walk Dar- to give Yo: anduve Yo: di Examples of Tu: anduviste Tu: diste Irregular Verbs Ella: anduvo Ella: dio Nos: anduvimos Nos: dimos Ellos: anduvieron Ellos: dieron Estar- to be Caber- to fit Yo: estuve Yo: cupe Tu: estuviste Tu: cupiste Ella: estuvo Ella: cupo Nos: estuvimos Nos: cupimos Ellos: estuvieron Ellos: cupieron Decir- to say Hacer- to do, to make Yo: dije Yo: hice Tu: dijiste Tu: hiciste Ella: dijo Ella: hizo Nos: dijimos Nos: hicimos Ellos: dijeron Ellos: hicieron Ir- to go Poder- to be able to Yo: fui Yo: pude Tu: fuiste Tu: pudiste Ella: fue Ella: pudo Nos: fuimos Nos: pudimos Ellos: fueron Ellos: pudieron Poner- to put Querer-to want Yo: puse Yo: quise Tu: pusiste Tu: quisiste Ella: puso Ella: quiso Nos: pusimos Nos: quisimos Ellos: pusieron Ellos: quisieron Saber- to know Ser- to be Yo: supe Yo: fui Tu: supiste Tu: fuiste Ella: supo Ella: fue Nos: supimos Nos: fuimos Ellos: supieron Ellos: fueron Traer- to bring Tener-to have Yo: traje Yo: tuve Tu: trajiste Tu: tuviste Ella: trajo Ella: tuvo Nos: trajimos Nos: tuvimos Ellos: trajeron Ellos: tuvieron


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