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Week 10 notes

by: Jasmine Sandozz

Week 10 notes PSYC 218 - 01

Jasmine Sandozz
GPA 3.4
Adolescent Psychology
Lara Barbir

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About this Document

Week 10 notes!
Adolescent Psychology
Lara Barbir
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jasmine Sandozz on Sunday November 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 218 - 01 at Radford University taught by Lara Barbir in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Adolescent Psychology in Psychlogy at Radford University.


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Date Created: 11/08/15
Saturday December 26 y Week 10 notes Families 40 of children born to married parents will experience their parents divorce 80 of adolescents have siblings 20 of families go through intense prolonged conflict 2550 of custodial mothers decrease income in comparison to to pre divorce income Step families different types of stepfamilies are based on family structure and relationships Common stepfamily structures stepfather stepmother blended adolescents in step families have more adjustment problems boundary ambiguity the uncertainty in stepfamilies about who is in charge what rules to listen to Working parents one of every 2 US mothers with a child under 5 is in the labor force latchkey adolescents se parents late at night because parents working from early morning to late at night Adoption in early 20th century mostly whites were adopting differences in adoption in early vs later in life Saturday December 26 y Chapter 9 Peers Romantic relationships and lifestyles peers individuals who are about the same age and maturity level Peer context influenced by if parents are around and how parents manage adolescent peer interactions Peer pressure Sociometric status the extent to which an adolescent is liked or disliked by peers 5 type of children 1 Popular frequently nominated to be best friends and not disliked by peers 2 Average receive a average of positive and negative nomination by peers Neglected rarely nominated as best friends by peers but not disliked Rejected rarely nominated as best friends and frequently disliked by peers 91 Controversial frequently nominated as best friends and being disliked by peers Popular children give out reinforcements good listener happy control negative emotions selfconfident without being conceited Social cognitive perspective conglomerate stages use of a combo of techniques Sunday January 24 y Friendship a subset of peers 6 categories of friends 1 Companionship 6 Stimulation 7 Physical Support 8 Ego support 9 Social comparison 10 IntimacyAffection Intimacy and similarity a part of friendship Homophily the tendency to associate with similar others Mixedage friendships Do older individuals influence younger adolescents into deviant behavior LoneHness chronic loneliness can lead to imparted physical and mental health loneliness is interwoven with the passage of life Adolescent groups childhood groups differ childhood groups include neighbors friends opposite sex friends develop in adolescent Cliques small groups 212 average about 56 people 3 Sunday January 24 y Youth organization currently there are more than 400 national youth organizations in the US Gender and Culture gender plays an important role in the peers group Boys are more likely than girls bigger groups Competition conflict ego displays and risk taking to seek dominance Emphasize power and excitement on friendships Girls are more likely to show higher peer attachment engage in collaborative disclosure focus on intimacy Socioeconomic status and ethnicity middle SES often assume leadership role Dating and Relationships 8 functions of dating 1 Recreation 11 A source of status and achievement 12 Part of socialization process 13 Involves learning about intimacy 14 Context for sexual exploration 15 Provide companionship Saturday December 26 y 16 Identity formation and development 17 A means to make sorting and selection Three stages 1 Entry to romantic attraction 11 to 13 triggered by puberty starts to form crushes 18 Exploring romantic relationships 14 to 16 causal dating and dating in group occurs 19 Romantic bounds 1719 strong emotional bonds Sexual minority youth most common sex partner is initial samesex partners sex partner is usually a close friend Romantic love passionate love or orus has string sexual and infatuation components Affectionate love companionate love When individuals desire to have another caring affection for that person Dating scripts cognitive models that adolescents and adults use to guide and evaluate dating interaction Males script is proactive Females script is reactive Saturday December 26 y


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